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360 full abdomen sculpture

360 full abdomen sculpture

360 full abdomen sculpture is a term given to liposuction procedures that include the entire body from the front and back in 360 degrees, meaning that it is more intense and precise than regular liposuction, this procedure is more comprehensive to get rid of fat in different areas to better define the body.

The 360 ​​sculpting process eliminates large amounts of fat with a short recovery period, so it is one of the best body sculpting techniques and is your first way to get the body shape you dream of obtaining.

Who does Operation 360 fit with?

360 full abdomen sculpture
360 full abdomen sculpture


If you are considering a 360 body sculpting procedure, we can explain to you if you are a suitable person for this process or not. The most important criteria for the process are:

  1. Being as close as possible to an ideal weight but suffering from stubborn fat accumulations that do not respond to conventional treatments.
  2. The person is in good health, and to make sure of that, the doctor will ask you to undergo some medical tests.
  3. People who suffer from the concentration of fat in different areas of the body (such as the abdomen) and want to improve their appearance and get rid of them.
  4. Anyone wishing to obtain a more defined body and contour of the muscles, can discuss with their doctor the available medical options.

360 full abdomen sculpture details

Before performing the operation, patients must discuss all the details of the operation and their expectations regarding the results. On this basis, the doctor will determine whether the operation is suitable for them or not and respond to all inquiries about the operation.

Preparations of 360 full abdomen sculpture

Body sculpting 360 preparations include:

  • Conducting a clinical examination to determine the areas of the body to be sculpted and the amount of fat to be removed.
  • A comprehensive blood test and coagulation test are performed.
  • A pregnancy test is performed on women.
  • Complete blood count test is done
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is stopped before the operation.
  • It is not necessary to take antidepressants or any other drugs without the knowledge of the attending physician.

Medical procedure

  1. The operation is performed under general or partial anesthesia, depending on the patient’s Condition.
  2. The plastic surgeon makes a small incision in the skin.
  3. The doctor inserts an instrument called a cannula (a thin, hollow, needle-like tube) that targets the fat and fat cells.
  4. All the fat in the middle part of the body is suctioned, then the doctor highlights the natural curves of the body with the help of specialized techniques, so the results are very natural and perfect.
  5. Body Sculpting 360 takes from 2 to 4 hours, which varies from patient to patient, depending on the number of areas being treated.

Recovery period

  1. The recovery period from body sculpting 360 is often not long, and like any other surgical procedure, the patient needs complete rest during the first days, then normal activity can be resumed.
  2. After the operation, swelling and bruising is normal. Do not worry, these symptoms will gradually disappear within a few weeks.
  3. It is important to be careful in the first days after the operation, as patients are not allowed to engage in strenuous activities or vigorous exercise until they have fully recovered.
  4. The recovery period varies from one  to another, but it is not long unless the patient suffers from complications of the operation.

360 full abdomen sculpture results

360 full abdomen sculpture
360 full abdomen sculpture

360 body sculpting gives you more accurate treatment results than any other technique, and the shape of the body will completely change and become more harmonious and beautiful, and the initial results can be noticed immediately after the completion of the session and when the swelling disappears, the final results will appear, but it is recommended to wear the compression corset to support the new body shape for a period determined by the attending physician, And to maintain the results of the operation, you must adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

The advantages of 360 full abdomen sculpture

There are many advantages to the process of body sculpting 360 over other techniques, the most important of which are:

  • The operation is performed with minimal surgical intervention.
  • It can be performed under general or partial anaesthesia.
  • No scars or marks left after the operation.
  • Recovery from the operation is fast.
  • The patient can lead his normal life a few days after the operation.
  • The patient can leave the hospital a few hours after the operation.
  • Treatment results are very impressive for most cases and appear immediately after the session.
  • Far fewer complications and risks than other methods of body sculpting.

Possible risks and complications

The continuous development of body sculpting operations has reduced the incidence of complications and risks for the operation, especially if it was done by a doctor with great experience in the field of plastic surgery, but in general, the complications of the operation include the following:

  • Numbnes
  • Chest pain or shortness of breath (a symptom that needs immediate medical attention).
  • Accumulation of fluid under the skin.
  • Permanent bruising or scarring.
  • Skin asymmetry.

Most of those who underwent body sculpting 360 did not suffer from serious complications, and to avoid any health problems follow the aftercare instructions specified by your treating doctor.

Belt tightening before and after

360 full abdomen sculpture
360 full abdomen sculpture

Before the operation, the body shape is completely inconsistent and fat accumulates in different areas of the body, which spoils the general shape of the body. Therefore, body sculpting 360 was an ideal procedure to restore the beauty of the body by getting rid of fat deposits, whatever their quantity, in a way that allows the body to appear completely different.

After the operation, the person changes completely as if he is another person with a balanced and harmonious body, as close as possible to the ideal shape that everyone has always dreamed of.

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