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4D body sculpting

4D body sculpting

4D body sculpting is one of the most important modern methods and techniques for body sculpting without surgery, which doctors resort to at the present time, due to its ability to sculpt and shape muscles, and get rid of stubborn fat, and sagging in small areas.

What is 4d body sculpting?

4D body sculpting
4D body sculpting

The 4D body sculpting technique is one of the modern and very successful cosmetic techniques in our time, as 4D body sculpting aims to highlight the muscles of the body, by reducing the layer of fat surrounding the muscles, giving the body an attractive and athletic appearance.

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How is 4D body sculpting performed?

This procedure is carried out through the VASER technology, which is an abbreviation for amplifying the vibrations of sound energy by resonance, in which ultrasound technology, which is usually gentle on the skin, is used to break up the bonds between fat cells, destroying them and getting rid of them permanently.

Where the location of the sagging is determined by the plastic surgeon and then he inserts the vaser tube by making incisions in the flabby area not exceeding half a centimeter. Ultrasound waves are pumped through this tube, which works to dissolve these fats, then the injection is done by saline solution and the fat is withdrawn permanently, and it is worth mentioning This fat can be reused again.

Surgery preparations

The four-dimensional body sculpting with Vaser is performed within the clinics of plastic surgeons or specialized cosmetic centers, and before starting this procedure, the following should be discussed with your doctor:

  1. The cost of one session.
  2. The expected results.
  3. The number of sessions you need.
  4. Convalescence period.
  5. Session duration

The 4D body sculpting session with Vaser takes approximately 60 minutes, and has no complications or side effects, as the patient can practice his daily activities on the same day.


The 4D Vaser body sculpting technique gives great results, as it helps get rid of annoying localized fats that resist exercise or dieting.

Candidates for 4D body sculpting

You should talk to your doctor before the operation, to see if you are a good candidate for this operation or not, and here are the people who are most suitable for 4D dynamic sculpting and they are:

  • People in good general health.
  • Ladies who are not thinking about getting pregnant soon enough.
  • People who suffer from sagging fat in a certain area.
  • People with double chin problem.
  • People who suffer from local obesity where their body mass index does not exceed 30.

The difference between normal and dynamic body sculpting

Four-dimensional dynamic body sculpting is named after the body’s ability to change, and build muscle after doing it, through exercise and sports activities.

As for the normal body sculpting, which retains its results unchanged for long periods, but if you follow the doctor’s instructions.

The difference between body sculpting and liposuction

4D body sculpting
4D body sculpting

Liposuction is the most common cosmetic procedure, as it breaks down fat cells and gets rid of them permanently, under general anesthesia, but there are limits to the volume of fat that can be safely removed from the body (about 5 liters).

Body sculpting is performed for people who have a stable weight and stubborn local fat that does not respond to any diet or sports activities, and the cost of sculpting is always lower compared to laser liposuction.

The risks associated with liposuction are the most common body sculpting process, and these risks include the following:

  1. Anesthesia problems.
  2. Fluid buildup.
  3. infection.

Is 4D body sculpting suitable for men?

The four-dimensional body sculpting technique is suitable for both men and women, but it cannot be considered a way to lose excess weight. The suitable person on this technique must weigh only 10 to 20 kilos more than the ideal weight, in order for this technique to achieve the desired results.

4D dynamic body sculpting areas

Among the areas of the body targeted by the dynamic 4D body sculpting technique are:

  • Lower back and sides.
  • Abdominal area.
  • Upper back area.
  • The area under the chin (double chin).
  • Thighs and arms area.

What are the advantages of the 4D body sculpting surgery?

Among the advantages of the four-dimensional body sculpting process are:

  • A quick technique that does not take long.
  • You do not need time to recover, you can carry out daily activities on the same day.
  • It gives perfect results that last for a long time.
  • Helps get rid of annoying localized fat.
  • Helps to accentuate the muscles, and enjoy a slim and attractive body.
  • It has no serious complications or side effects.
  • It does not involve surgical risks, such as bleeding, infection, and other risks.

4d body sculpting risks

Four-dimensional body sculpting does not involve any risks or little complications, but it may cause mild pain that quickly disappears automatically within several days.

The best doctor in 4D body sculpting in Alexandria

4D body sculpting
4D body sculpting

How can I choose a smart plastic surgeon? Who is the best doctor to perform a four-dimensional body sculpting process? It is one of the most common questions asked by those coming to this cosmetic procedure.

You can find out the best doctor who specializes in body sculpting through the following:

  1. Knowing the doctor’s experience and competence, and the certificates obtained.
  2. The number of cases for which he performed the operation.
  3. The success rate of these operations.

See photos before and after purifying the body sculpting of people who performed the procedure for them.

4D body sculpting cost

The cost of dynamic body sculpting with Vaser varies from one country to another due to the currency difference between countries, and from one cosmetic center to another according to the medical equipment and the expertise of the medical staff based on the center. Here is the latest price update according to the year 2021:


The cost of a four-dimensional body sculpting in Riyadh ranges between 7000 Saudi riyals and 15,000 riyals, depending on the area to be sculpted in the body.


The cost in Qatar is the highest among all countries In Arabic, the price of vaser sculpting in Qatar ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.


The cost of a four-dimensional body sculpting procedure in Egypt varies from one center to another, according to many variables:

  • The technique used.
  • Devices used.
  • Doctor’s experience.
  • The area to be carved.
  • The number of target areas.
  • Number of sessions.

Are the results of body sculpting immediate and permanent?

Yes, the results of four-dimensional body sculpting are immediate results, as they appear immediately after the operation, and last for long periods, if you follow the doctor’s instructions.

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