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The best plastic surgery specialist and body sculpting in Egypt and the Middle East

Dr. Ali Gaber is one of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world. He has performed many successful liposuction operations, breast augmentation, plastic surgery, and breast reduction. He was known for his efforts and medical research in treating gynecomastia in men. He is considered one of the most successful doctors in Egypt in the field of dynamic four-dimensional body sculpting. A balance of successful experiences makes him on the list of the best plastic surgeons in Alexandria and Cairo. Dr. Ali Gaber’s clinics are an integrated medical edifice in providing all cosmetic medical services.

Plastic surgery specialist, Alexandria University

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Alexandria University

Master’s degree in plastic surgery, Alexandria University

Member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgeons ESPRS

Member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons ISAPS

Why Dr. Ali Gaber clinics for body sculpting and body contouring

Our successful operations come from our experience and our passion for the art of plastic surgery

Dr. Ali Gaber is considered a specialist in plastic medicine and  an expert  in hand surgeries and congenital defects. He is one of the most skilled and most efficient plastic surgeons, due to the skill and experience he has acquired as a result of the long journey in treating and beautifying many cases. He is one of the doctors who enjoy a skilled and experienced hand. It is large enough to handle the most difficult situations. Dr. Ali Jaber has a history full of different success stories that changed the lives of many for the better

Professional successes

Dr. Ali Gaber performed more than 1500 plastic surgeries over the course of his career, which made him possess a long history of experience, skill and accuracy required in a plastic surgeon.



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