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arm lift

Arm lift | Terms, results and cost

Arm lift is a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove saggy skin from the arm resulting from losing large amounts of weight, or aging, and it is also possible during this process to get rid of accumulated fat, which is a simple surgical procedure that restores the arm area its youth and makes it more consistent with the body .

In this article, we will learn about arm lift surgery, conditions, results, and cost, and we will also explain some experiences that help those considering the procedure to make their decision easily.

What is an arm lift?

arm lift
arm lift


The arms are tightened through a surgical operation under the influence of anesthesia in which the sagging skin is removed and the arm is made the appropriate size for the body shape. Some cases require liposuction first and then the arm lift, and it is a completely safe procedure that thousands of people undergo annually, especially those who lost very large amounts of Weigh them with high satisfaction rates with the results of the operation.

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Aesthetic techniques for tightening the arms

There are many ways in which arm sagging is treated, and surgery is not the only option, but there are other non-surgical techniques that treat cases of simple and moderate sagging, and cases of severe sagging are only suitable for arm lift surgery because it helps to get rid of large amounts of excess skin as well as fat.

Among the most important modern techniques for arm lift:

Laser arm lift

Laser technology is one of the important medical techniques that help in tightening the arms, and it is an ideal procedure for minor sagging cases, where the hot laser energy is shed, which stimulates the production of natural collagen and gets rid of all the excess fat, and thanks to the cold energy, the skin intervenes and shrinks.

Arm lift with vaser

The Vaser device is used to perform arm lift without surgery based on ultrasound that works to tighten sagging skin after getting rid of local fat without surgery or pain and with very good treatment results. This type of operation is suitable for cases that suffer from fat in the arm area and sagging basic.

Arm lift with plasma injection

When plasma is injected into the body, it helps to produce natural collagen in the body, which gives the body freshness and vitality and improves the general appearance of the skin. With time, the skin, especially the area of ​​the arms, regains its youth and becomes naturally tight. Of course, this requires undergoing a number of sessions, the number of which is determined according to the patient’s condition.

Conditions and suitable persons for the operation

arm lift
arm lift

Suffering from sagging skin that does not respond to exercise is really something that deserves to be treated by other, more effective methods such as arm lift because its results are excellent and you can consider undergoing if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You have an ideal weight but suffer from flabby arms that spoil your body shape.
  2. If you are one of the obese patients who have lost weight and become flabby like bat wings.
  3. She is over the age of eighteen and is in good health.
  4. The procedure is not suitable for you if you are a smoker.
  5. An arm lift operation is an ideal procedure to treat sagging in people who are ready to follow a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle in general.
  6. The operation is not suitable for you if you suffer from rapid and severe fluctuations in weight before your weight stabilizes to maintain the results of the operation.

Operation details

Arm lift is an uncomplicated surgical procedure and has specific procedures and steps that the doctor must perform before starting the operation, the most important of which is to check on the patient’s health through medical examinations.

Examinations before the operation

  1. Pre-operative examinations:
  2. Complete blood test.
  3. Heart drawing.
  4. Examination of the condition of the lung and kidneys.
  5. Blood chemistry examination.

Medical procedure

The first steps of the arm lift operation begin with the plastic surgeon identifying the amount of excess skin from the armpit to the elbow in clear marks, along with determining the location of the surgical incision according to the type of technique used in the operation.

  • The patient is subjected to local or general anesthesia according to the doctor’s vision.
  • The plastic surgeon makes the necessary incisions for liposuction and gets rid of excess skin according to its density.
  • After the operation and getting rid of all the fat and excess skin, the doctor closes the surgical incisions in a cosmetic way in the lower arms.
  • If a laser or vaser arm lift is performed, the surgical incisions are very small compared to the surgical tightening.
  • The doctor puts bandages on the wounds and a compression brace is worn.
  • The operation takes one to three hours in the operating room, which is determined according to the degree of sagging skin and the treatment technique itself


After the arm lift procedure, the shape of your arm will improve greatly and you can wear whatever you like without being ashamed of the shape of the arm, and of course you will feel more confident in yourself, you will need a few weeks to recover from the operation and you can take a leave from work for two weeks after which you can practice your life normally.

Arm lift surgery before and after

arm lift
arm lift

Before the operation: Many people get frustrated and embarrassed by the shape of their flabby, bat-winged arms, especially after failing in many therapeutic experiments, whether using natural recipes or exercising, but some decide to perform an arm lift as a kind of change.

After the operation: The success rates of arm lift surgery are very high, as it achieves therapeutic results that cannot be achieved by other traditional methods, and you will be able to get rid of the problem of accumulated fat and flabby skin forever. Fluctuations that lead to the appearance of flabbiness again.

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