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autologous fat injection

What you need to know before autologous fat injection.

All women want to reach a harmonious curvy body full of vitality and beauty, some get it and others find it difficult to get this shape with sports and diets, but with the advent of the technique of self-fat injection, it became simple and easy where you can get a slim curvy body in a simple step Just without effort or hassle.

What is autologous fat injection?

autologous fat injection
autologous fat injection

The process of autologous fat injection depends on transferring the fat accumulated in some areas of the body to other areas that need fat, such as the breasts, cheeks, face, buttocks, and thighs. Type of surgeries were satisfied with the results.

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Fat injection techniques

Fat is transferred from the body using specially designed needles for the transfer process from places that contain a large amount of fat. We may need to repeat the fat injection process to give the desired result. Various techniques can be used for liposuction, such as:

  1. Vaser technology.
  2. G-plasma technology.

Candidates for fat injection

The main goal of performing the autologous fat injection process is to increase the areas that lack fat to improve their shape, therefore you must have areas where fat accumulates in order to be used to replace other places, and it is very important that the patient does not suffer from any problems related to blood circulation, as for Candidates understand:

  1. People with wrinkled skin and some sunken places.
  2. People who want to improve body shape and fill in physical depressions.
  3. People who want to appear more youthful and energetic.
  4. Everyone needs breast augmentation, or buttock augmentation and enjoys good health.
  5. The operation is not suitable for smokers and alcoholics.


During your first visit to the doctor, you can discuss all the details related to the process of autologous fat injection and what shape you dream of reaching, and in general, we will learn about the most important stages and steps of the process in detail.

Liposuction stage

The areas from which the fat will be taken are determined and injected with local anesthetic, then the plastic surgeon makes a precise incision to insert the needle to extract the fat, and then he inserts a bottle to suction all the excess fat.

The stage of purification and transportation

After withdrawing the amount of fat that the doctor needs from the donor areas, it will immediately be treated and prepared to the areas of the body that need it.

Fat injection stage

The place of fat injection is sterilized and through specialized needles the injection is done as much as the patient desires.

  • The operation takes from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the case.
  • Excess fat can be frozen and re-injected at a later time in just three months.


Before undergoing autologous fat transfer, the doctor will know your health condition by asking you some questions, the most important of which are:

  1. Do you have an allergy to some drugs or anesthetics?
  2. Have you had any cosmetic or surgical procedures before?
  3. Are you a smoker or take alcohol and drugs?
  4. Sick family history?

What are the results after the operation?

autologous fat injection
autologous fat injection

Then the doctor asks to perform some tests, the most important of which are:

  • Blood coagulation test.
  • Complete blood picture.
  • Anesthesia sensitivity test.
  • Ensure that the patient does not suffer from liver and heart diseases.

Preparing for the surgeries

During the preparation period for the operation, the doctor will take a picture of the situation before the operation and give you some visualizations of your new body shape, and ask you to prepare for the operation by:

  1. Stop smoking long enough before the operation, as well as drinking alcohol.
  2. Avoid taking aspirin and blood-anticoagulant medications.
  3. Moisturizing the skin is very important before and after the procedure to achieve a quick recovery.
  4. Your health and mental health will be evaluated to identify risk factors.
  5. During this time, you can discuss your concerns and questions with your doctor to get satisfactory answers.
  6. The doctor will also inform you about the possible outcomes, including the risks and complications.
  7. The appropriate type of anesthesia will be determined for you.

Surgery Duration

The time taken to perform the autologous fat injection process ranges from half an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the amount of fat that is withdrawn and re-injected into the body.

Recovery after fat injection

The stage of recovery differs from one person to another, but in general the recovery stage passes as follows:

  • During the first week you will not be able to go to work or social interviews.
  • Gradually the swelling will disappear during the second and third week.
  • During the ten days there will be a noticeable improvement in the shape of the body, but not to the extent that allows you to go out in public places.
  • By the end of the third week, your body will look more beautiful and fresh, and the results of the operation can be clearly seen, but some swelling and bruising will continue.
  • Once the swelling is gone, you will notice better results stabilization and you can go about your life as normal.

Autologous fat injection results

The results will be noticeably visible in the areas to which the fat has been transferred, and they will become more youthful and smooth, giving you a perfect and rejuvenated look.

How long these results will last depends on the experience and competence of the attending plastic surgeon, how he was able to successfully purify and inject the fat, and how well you follow the doctor’s instructions that he set for you.

Fat injection sites

autologous fat injection
autologous fat injection

The process of autologous fat injection targets the areas that need renewal and rejuvenation. It also aims to adjust the shape of the body and make it more feminine and beautiful by focusing on the areas of femininity in the body, among those areas:


Butt augmentation with self-fat injection is the most common and many celebrities have undergone it, especially as it makes this area more rounded and fuller, and here comes the role of fat that works to raise this area and make it more youthful.

Breast area

Autologous fat injection is a very suitable procedure for every woman who desires a modest increase in the size of the breast, and it is required that the woman be in good health and not suffer from sagging breasts or weak skin.

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