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Bat ear

Bat ear solution without surgery

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The bat ear is a taut ear with a size that does not resemble the usual size of the natural shape, so that it resembles in its appearance the bat’s ear at first glance, so it was called this, and a child is born with it for many reasons and factors.

But with the advancement of cosmetic medicine, it has become possible to treat this genetic problem through bat ear surgery without surgery (Otoplasty), and a problem with prominent or bat ear, like many diseases, which improve better when starting to treat it through various cosmetic techniques at an early stage.

As the methods of bat ear aesthetics vary, it can be treated by surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and the type of operation depends on the age, condition of the patient and the treating doctor.

What is a bat ear?

Bat ear
Bat ear

The bat ear is known as the abnormal protrusion of the ear from the face, and it occurs as a result of a defect in the growth of the cartilage responsible for the shape of the ear, making it closer to the anatomical shape of the bat’s ear, and therefore it is known as the bat ear.

Fortunately, the bat ear does not affect hearing and does not affect the internal structures of the ear, but it is a problem in the anatomy and shape of the outer ear only.

Often the size of the outer ear is larger than normal, the ear may be asymmetric, the ear may be prominent, and the other ear is normal, so asymmetry occurs in the two ears, which leads to a clear defect in the ear that negatively affects the patient’s life.

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Causes of bat ear

The bat ear is one of the birth defects that appears from birth and occurs as a result of:

  • A defect in the cartilage that makes up the ear lobe to the shape of the outer ear and the increase in the size of the cartilage than normal make the ear more prominent.
  • A defect in the ear, on the other hand, is known as the antihelix. When a defect occurs in the growth of this part of the ear, it affects the external shape and makes the ear more prominent.
  • The two factors together may cause the ear to protrude into a bumpy ear.

How is bat ear plastic surgery?

Bat ear plastic surgery is one of the plastic surgeries with a long history, as it began in the fifth century AD in India by Doctor Sushruta and was known as ear restoration, then it was developed by Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach and then reached the peak of development in the current century, where it became possible to beautify the ear without surgery .

Bat ear is treated by traditional surgery or by modern techniques such as laser or golden threads, and the doctor determines the best method for your case according to the extent of the protrusion and the age of the patient.

Bat ear surgery steps

Bat ear
Bat ear

The patient is given either local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s age. Most of the time, children are given general anesthesia, while local anesthesia is more appropriate for the elderly.

  • The doctor sterilizes the ear area to avoid infection
  • Making a surgical incision behind the ear so that the doctor can access the cartilage that makes up the ear
  • The doctor then takes the necessary measures to reduce the protrusion of the ear, such as tightening or compressing the cartilage, or removing part of it, according to the doctor’s experience and the patient’s condition.
  • The wound is stitched and a medical spare part is placed
  • It is possible to perform this surgery by laser, which is characterized by faster healing than the traditional method of surgery and also reduces the chances of infection and complications after Surgery.

Can bat ear be treated without surgery?

Bat ear can be treated without surgery and is an effective method, especially in children and newborns, and this is done in several ways, including:

  1. Golden threads.
  2. by laser technology.
  3. Medical stickers.
  4. struts
  5. Make a splint to fit the size of the ear.
  6. metal rings.

Treatment of bat ear without surgery does not work in the case of the elderly, as the cartilage that makes up the ear becomes hard and cannot be affected in these ways, unlike children aged 0-5 years, the cartilage is flexible and soft and can be easily fixed in one of these ways.

 Results and expectations

The results of bat ear plastic surgery appear as soon as the operation is completed, as the shape of the outer ear improves clearly and the consistency between the ears appears. These results are expected to last for life if the doctor’s instructions are followed and post-operative complications are avoided.

Possible complications

Despite the ease of bat ear plastic surgery, it is like any surgical intervention. Negligence and failure to follow the doctor’s instructions may cause complications, which include the following:

  1. bleeding occurs
  2. bacterial infection
  3. wound swelling
  4. Failure to coordinate the ears
  5. Complications from anesthesia
  6. Complications of surgery such as infection, fever and severe fatigue

Always remember that these complications are rare and uncommon and that following the doctor’s instructions and paying attention after the operation avoids all of these complications.

After bat ear plastic surgery

Bat ear
Bat ear

After the operation, you will find bandages and medical gauze covering the area of ​​​​the wound and the ear. In most cases, the patient leaves the hospital when he recovers from the effect of the anesthesia and does not need to stay in the hospital except sometimes, which makes the doctor order to observe the patient for a day or more, and often not for long.

Recovery and recovery period after ear plastic surgery

The recovery period varies according to the patient’s condition and age. As is well known, the recovery period for young people is faster and better than that of the elderly, but in all cases it does not take more than two weeks.

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The doctor sets a date to remove the surgical stitches to examine the patient and his ears well to ensure the patient’s safety and the success of the operation.