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Benefits of a breast lift

Benefits of a Breast Lift

Breast lift is one of the operations that has attracted the attention of many women in recent times, as high numbers have been recorded that have witnessed a gradual increase since the year 2000. of the skin over the breast to enable its fixation and tightening and thus improve the physical appearance in general, as some women resort to this type of operation to improve the appearance of the breasts and restore part of the lost youthful appearance as a result of their sagging. Weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and genetic factors make some bodies more predisposed than others to sagging breasts and advancing age.

Benefits of a breast lift

1- Breast lift improves the appearance of the areola

  • Some women suffer, in addition to sagging breasts, from nipples pointing downwards and an areola that appears tight and abnormally large.
  • The surgeon can remove the excess tissue from the areola, which leads to the repositioning of the nipples and areola to a higher place, which enhances the aesthetic results of the breast.

2- It removes restrictions on physical activity

  • Some women with saggy breasts find it difficult to do physical activities such as running, playing sports, lifting weights, and doing daily housework because of the extra weight added to their bodies.
  • Thus, women get rid of sagging, thus allowing for greater freedom of movement and easier participation in activities, as simple actions such as jumping or running become much easier.

3- The process allows for a variety of clothes that can be worn

  • Women with sagging breasts find it difficult to wear appropriate clothes and find shopping for clothes frustrating, so they prefer to wear clothes that hide their bodies, such as loose-fitting clothes or oversized shirts.
  • However, one of the benefits of a breast lift is firmer, more beautiful breasts, and they can also find bigger clothing options and new styles that they couldn’t have worn before.

4- Modifying the effects after pregnancy:

  • The shape of the breasts changes dramatically during and after pregnancy and increases in size after breastfeeding, but some women find that their breasts never return to their original shape even after stopping breastfeeding, which leads to sagging breasts.
  • However, after a breast lift operation, it is possible to restore the ideal shape that you had before pregnancy, but plastic surgeon in Egypt advise women when performing a breast lift operation to make sure that there is no intention to become pregnant again.

5- Breast lift enhances self-confidence:

  • One of the most important benefits of breast lift surgery is that it gives women a high level of self-confidence and increases satisfaction during romantic relationships.

6- Breast lift reduces skin irritation

  • Chafing occurs when the breasts sag and lose their skin elasticity, which causes painful itching on movement and, if left untreated, can cause rashes and subsequent skin infections.
  • However, the breast lift process treats these problems. After the operation, many women who suffered from skin irritation felt comfortable, and it also enhanced their ability to clean that area more.
Benefits of a breast lift
Benefits of a breast lift

Examinations and procedures before breast lift surgery

  • Any woman who wishes to undergo a breast lift operation undergoes a series of examinations with Dr. Ali Gaber, as they often including:
  • knowledge of medical history; This includes informing the plastic surgeon of previous operations (if any).
  • Medicines are taken and allergies of all kinds that the lady may suffer from.
  • a physical examination, including the breasts in particular; To know the nature of the skin, the direction of the nipple, and the elasticity of the skin.

Risks of a breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery may involve several risks, including:

  • The appearance of scars indicating a breast lift operation, but they may disappear within a year or two, and the bra may also be able to hide these scars when worn, in some rare cases poor wound healing can lead to the emergence of thick and wide scars that appear later somewhat.
  • Feeling a change like the sensation of the breast and its nipple. Things can return to normal within a few weeks, but some women lose sensation in their breasts permanently. It should be noted that the sensation of excitement through the breasts is not often affected by this process.
  • irregular or symmetrical shape or size of the breasts; Due to exposure to a state of various changes during the recovery period from the operation.
  • Partial or complete loss of the breast areola or nipples, as an error during a breast lift operation, may damage the tissues that nourish the areola or nipples.
  • Difficulty feeding: Some women may have difficulty feeding as a result of their inability to produce enough milk.

Tips that must be followed before a breast lift procedure

  • It is recommended to refrain from smoking for about a week before undergoing breast lift surgery; To raise the chances of wound healing.
  • Avoid some types of medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin to reduce the chances of bleeding that may occur.
  • Attempting to lose weight if the patient suffers from obesity, by following a healthy diet and practicing some sporting activities.

Steps to perform a breast lift

Breast lift operation includes the following main steps:

  • Complete anesthesia of the patient.
  • Make an incision in the following areas:
  1. From the nipple towards the bottom of the breast.
  2. Horizontally along the breast creases.
  3. Around the nipple.
  • Placement of sutures on the deeper breast tissue to reshape the breast (in some cases where this is required) and possibly to reduce the size of the areola.
  • Remove excess skin and raise the nipples to a higher position.
  • Close the incision with stitches by bringing both sides of the skin that was incised on the breast close together.
  • After the surgery, the patient can leave the hospital or clinic where the breast lift was performed on the same day or as soon as her condition stabilizes after waking up from anesthesia.
  • Some bruising and swelling may appear after the operation for about two weeks. All of this may be associated with some pain for a few days after the operation as a result of the anesthesia’s fading, so the doctor may prescribe some painkillers, or you may be able to get some painkillers without a prescription such as an acetaminophen.
  • It is recommended to wear a sports bra or a pressure bandage to support the breasts, and if tubes were placed to drain the accumulated fluid and blood around the breast, it will be necessary to return to the plastic surgeon once again to remove these tubes and close the wound completely and leave it to heal.

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