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Best plastic surgeon for buttock liposuction

Best plastic surgeon for buttock liposuction

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While some people wish for full, round buttocks, others strive to reduce the size of their buttocks, but all share the same point of view, that is the buttock is one the most eye-catching feminine parts in the female anatomy, and all women are keen to improve its appearance. Buttock liposuction is one of the buttock plastic surgeries that all share the same aim, which is helping every woman enjoy a feminine attractive, and youthful buttock.  

Buttock liposuction should be performed by a highly skilled and experienced expert who possesses a high art sense since this procedure is tailored according to each individual’s customized aesthetic goals, specific frame, and optimal results she dreamed of.

What is liposuction and How does it work?

Dr. Ali Gaber clarifies that liposuction is an aesthetic procedure for contouring the body not for losing weight aimed at getting rid of stubborn subcutaneous fat accumulated in a specific body area.

During this procedure, the surgeon breaks down the fat into a simpler form using several techniques such as laser, and then an instrument called a cannula is inserted to suction out the molten fat outside the body.

Buttock liposuction

Best plastic surgeons and liposuction experts in Dr. Ali Gaber’s clinics use the latest liposuction techniques to permanently get rid of stubborn fat accumulated in the buttock area.

Under local anesthesia, a thin cannula designed for suctioning the fat is inserted through tiny incisions performed in appropriate places marked priorly according to each case, and then excess unwanted fat is removed where its amount is determined according to the desired contouring results needed, then finally, the surgeon will close these incisions by surgical dressing and a compression garment.

Buttock liposuction vs Brazilian Butt Lift( BBL)

Both procedures share the same aim which is enjoying a full, rounded, lifted, and youthful buttock, however, there are many differences between a BBL and liposuction for the buttock area as the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber illustrates in the following points;

Procedure and Purpose

Both are a type of body sculpting procedure that aims to enhance the appearance of the buttocks.

A BBL involves removing excess saggy skin in addition it is a fat transfer procedure where excess fat is removed from one or more body areas and reinjected into the buttocks to enjoy rounder, lifted, and fuller buttocks.

During Buttocks liposuction, the best plastic surgeon suctions excess unwanted fat away from the buttocks area for better buttocks contour.


Both BBL and Buttocks liposuction resulted in a dramatically new appearance for the lower half of the body, both resulting in more shapely, slenderized, and more subtle buttocks.

Best plastic surgeon for buttock liposuction
Best plastic surgeon for buttock liposuction

How to Prepare for buttock liposuction

If exercise and other weight loss techniques have not helped to reach your goals, of course you will think about Buttocks liposuction, but first of all, you should ask an important question, Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber answers this question and clarifies that good candidates for this procedure include:

  • Non-smokers.
  • Individuals with a stable ideal or near-ideal body weight.
  • Individuals with realistic goals can accomplish a healthy lifestyle to avoid gaining weight including proper nutrition and fitness.
  • Individuals enjoy generally good health and do not suffer from any chronic diseases.

During the first consultation

Preparing for your procedure at The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber’s clinics includes discussing several questions about your health, goals, and lifestyle such as:

  • Why do you want to perform the procedure?
  • What are your expectations, and your expected outcome?
  • Your general health conditions, allergies, and chronic medical treatments including vitamins, and herbal supplements.

Preparation for this procedure in our clinics include also:

  • Evaluating your general health and any pre-existing medical conditions or risk factors.
  • Examine your body, and take photos for the medical record.
  • Discuss liposuction options and clarify the expected outcomes and risks or potential complications.

Buttock liposuction Recovery

Following this procedure, you may feel some mild to moderate discomfort or pain, which can be controlled by painkillers, you may also notice redness, swelling, or bruising that might take a few days to relieve. You should avoid any strenuous exercises and activities, full recovery usually takes four to six weeks as the best plastic surgeon states.

What results can you expect?

The results of liposuction for the buttock area are visible almost immediately, but the final results are noticed after full recovery is achieved. Liposuction reshapes your buttocks creating a round, lifted shape, and helps you to enjoy sleeker, more toned buttocks, and if you follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining weight you will enjoy long-lasting results.

View our liposuction before and after photos to notice results from previous patients.

Is buttock liposuction safe?

All invasive surgical procedures carry some risk and some possible complications, that’s why you should choose the best plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced to ensure the best outcomes and avoid serious side effects or complications.

Possible risks or complications associated with this procedure include:

  • Swelling.
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising.

Dr. Ali Gaber, the Best plastic surgeon for buttock liposuction

Why should you choose us when you decide to perform buttock liposuction? Since when you choose the Best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber

When considering this procedure, you will ensure a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialized training, high skills, art sense, and significant experience, who is affiliated with a highly equipped clinic with the latest technologies in the liposuction field. 

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