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best plastic surgeon in egypt

How to choose the best plastic surgeon in Egypt?

Facial and body surgery has now become one of all the procedures required to treat many problems that affect the shape and general health, including the issue of local obesity, sagging skin, and breasts, facial wrinkles, skin spots, a gynecomastia in men and others whose treatment requires undergoing cosmetic procedures by an experienced and skilled surgeon great during this type of operation.

So, in this article, we will learn about the best plastic surgeon in Egypt and how to choose the simplest plastic surgeon in Egypt? What services are provided by the most effective plastic surgeons in Egypt?

How to choose the most effective surgeon in Egypt?

The success of any operation depends mainly on choosing a distinguished doctor, especially in cosmetic operations that require great professionalism and skill from the surgeon during the operation, and the greater the experience and skill becomes, the higher and better the results of the operation.

a set of criteria

There is no doubt that choosing the best plastic surgeon in Egypt can be a bit tricky; Especially with so many big names, but you will depend on a set of criteria that may facilitate your selection of the most effective surgeon in Egypt, namely:

  1. The doctor’s experience during this type of operation.
  2. The supportive medical staff and therefore the speedy response to customer inquiries.
  3. An outstanding level in the hospital through which the doctor provides his services.
  4. Find out more about the doctor’s experiences and degrees (you can use the web to search for this).
  5. Know the basic specialty of the surgeon, the more accurate his specialization, the more skill he has.
  6. Make sure that the doctor has no previous bad experiences or unsatisfactory results with previous cases.
  7. The doctor must have credibility and abide by medical conventions (maybe the patient wants to try to do something that does not suit him or causes harm) here shows his credibility in advice and guidance.
  8. Learn about the results of previous operations through social networking sites.

Relying on these criteria will enable you to choose the best plastic surgeon in Egypt; And remember that the examination of the doctor’s experience is the basis for the success of the operation.

best plastic surgeon
best plastic surgeon

The use of modern methods and techniques in plastic surgery

Choosing the best plastic surgeon in Egypt depends on modern tools and techniques that guarantee the best results, and prevent the patient from suffering any complications during or after the operation.

One of the simplest techniques used by Dr. Ali Gaber is the Vaser body sculpting technique, which may be a technique that helps get rid of localized fat and reshape the body through ultrasound.

Vaser body sculpting is a non-surgical process that relies on making small incisions that do not exceed half a centimeter and hide within the folds of the skin in the targeted area for liposuction or sculpting, and a Vaser tube is inserted to suction fat from inside the body. Fat again in butt augmentation and breast augmentation operations, and re-sculpting the body naturally.

Performing various cosmetic surgeries

The fact that the most effective plastic surgeons in Egypt focus on performing certain cosmetic procedures may be a good thing. In addition, plastic surgeons are ready to perform various types of plastic surgeries, in order to fulfill all the client’s desires to obtain the most effective appearance, and thus the aesthetic look that he has always dreamed of.

best plastic surgeon in egypt-dr-ali-gaber
best plastic surgeon in egypt-dr-ali-gaber
Among the plastic surgeries performed by Dr. Ali Jaber, the best plastic surgeon in egypt is the following:

1-Butt augmentation surgery.

It is the process that many women want to have a beautiful feminine appearance. This operation relies on implanting silicone implants or injecting autologous fat into the tissues of the buttocks to enlarge them, making their shape naturally until now.

2-Tighten the flabby tummy:

This process contributes to getting rid of local fat and tightening the sagging skin inside the abdomen, especially after sudden weight loss, or after repeated births because the skin of the abdomen becomes flabby due to its exposure to stretching.

3-Breast augmentation:

 This operation is one of the operations that many women are looking for due to the small size of the breasts, and it is known that the breast is one of the essential female manifestations. This process also relies on silicone or autologous fat implants to obtain colossal breast sizes.

4-Laser breast lift surgery (meaning Vaser):

Many women suffer from sagging breasts or uneven breasts because one breast is larger than the other.

5-For other cosmetic procedures such as:

plasma injections, hair transplantation, filler injections, Botox injections, and fractional laser sessions.

Discuss the patient well before deciding to undergo the operation

Some patients have unrealistic expectations regarding the results of the operation, and few doctors who do not enjoy honesty and professionalism may benefit from it for the purpose of financial gain only, but the role of the simplest plastic surgeons in Egypt should be otherwise, as he explains to the patient all the small details of the process, starting with of the equipment used in it, the costs of the process and thus the initial checks, and informs him of the special expectations of the process.

In addition, the role of the best plastic surgeon in Egypt is to clarify whether the operation is suitable for the patient in the first place, or whether there is an operation or procedure that achieves the specified goal at a lower cost.

Dealing with an impressive medical staff

The success of plastic surgery does not depend on the role of the specialist doctor alone, but also on the most effective cosmetic professional staff in Egypt, and their role in preparing the patient for the operation, and assisting the doctor during the procedure. Therefore, the required medical assistance must be provided to the patient after the operation.

There are some procedures that require a specific diet after the operation, so the surgeon must cooperate with specialized dieticians who have sufficient ability and skill to provide the simplest diets that suit patients during the postoperative and non-surgical recovery period.

dr ali gaber
dr ali gaber

Who is the best plastic surgeon in Egypt?

Dr. Ali Gaber is considered a specialist in plastic medicine and an expert in hand surgeries and congenital defects. He is one of the most skilled and most efficient plastic surgeons, due to the skill and experience he has acquired as a result of the long journey in treating and beautifying many cases. He is one of the doctors who enjoy a skilled and experienced hand. It is large enough to handle the most difficult situations. Dr. Ali Jaber has a history full of different success stories that changed the lives of many for the better

For academic degrees:
  • Plastic surgery specialist, Alexandria University.
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Alexandria University.
  • Master’s degree in plastic surgery, Alexandria University.
  • Member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgeons ESPRS.
  • Member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons ISAPS
For practical experience:

Dr. Ali Gaber performed more than 1500 plastic surgeries over the course of his career, which made him possess a long history of experience, skill and accuracy required in a plastic surgeon.

Services offered by the best plastic surgeon in Egypt

Dr. Ali Gaber, the most effective surgeon in Egypt, offers his services in such as:

  • Sculpting and coordinating textures.
  • 4D body sculpting enhancement process.
  • Hydrafacial skincare devices.
  • Liposuction and liposuction without surgery.
  • Body sculpting and tightening of the body, face, and neck without surgery.
  • Tummy tuck after pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Treatment of obesity and thinness.
  • Beautification of the face, neck, and hands.
  • Facial wrinkle treatment, face-lift, and collagen-stimulating techniques.
  • Rhinoplasty and lip surgery.
  • Filler injections and Botox injections.
  • Hand beautification.
  • Face and neck lift.
  • Gynecomastia treatment for men
Gynecomastia treatment for men
Gynecomastia treatment for men

Gynecomastia treatment for men

Gynecomastia is swelling in the breast area in men that occurs abnormally due to hormonal changes in some age stages, as it may begin in adolescence, or in later life stages.

There are many methods of treatment, and they differ according to what the doctor decides, as he uses several methods that differ in each individual case. These treatment methods range from:

  • Drug treatment: Doctors resort to treatment with drugs that help restore hormonal balance within the body, and thus reduce swelling and enlargement in the breast area.
  • Surgical intervention: Doctors resort to surgical intervention to treat gynecomastia in men if all previous treatment methods such as liposuction of fatty tissues fail.
  • The process of getting rid of the breast, where the surgeon removes the breast completely, whether it is with fatty or glandular tissue, and therefore the surgeon resorts to it in difficult cases that suffer from severe pain.
  • Liposuction and surgery may be a combination of successful gynecomastia removal.

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