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body contouring

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Body contouring, Some are exposed to sagging skin and the accumulation of annoying fat as a result of following wrong diets or for genetic and hormonal reasons. These people find it difficult to get a lean body once they follow a healthy diet and exercise. Some fatty accumulations need a strong diet and continuous exercises to get rid of them.

But with the development of aesthetic medicine, cosmetic techniques emerged that helped in sculpting the body and drawing it in an ideal way by making the entire body contour or for certain areas that show the beauty and grace of the body.

What is body contouring?

body contouring
body contouring

Body contouring is the use of a group of non-surgical techniques to reshape the body and show areas of beauty and femininity in the body by getting rid of excess fat and tightening the skin in a safe way to achieve a harmonious appearance.

The body is drawn and defined in a non-surgical cosmetic way through the latest technologies such as laser, vaser, and G-plasma, each of which has its own method and results.

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Candidates that could do the operation

If you are one of the people who want to perform a full body contouring or a specific part of the body, it is necessary to know who the appropriate person for the operation is:

  1. The person must be an adult until the final body shape is clear.
  2. Not to be a smoker or a drinker of alcohol.
  3. The person is close to the ideal weight but suffers from local obesity.
  4. The person does not suffer from serious diseases that affect the results of the operation or recover from it.
  5. The person must have the desire to improve his life for the better and be willing to maintain the results of the operation by following a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly.
  6. The operation is not performed for obese cases until after the excess weight is removed.

Body contour details

Body contour details include good preparation for the operation to avoid risks or complications after the operation, and these preparations include:

  • Medical examinations
  • Physical examination.
  • CBC blood analysis
  • Pregnancy test for women.
  • X-ray.

Medical procedure

Full body contouring using modern technologies is minimally invasive through the following steps:

  1. The first step is to anesthetize the patient according to the type of anesthesia agreed upon with the doctor.
  2. The second step is to make a small incision that allows the liposuction needle to be inserted.
  3. Deep fat cells have been targeted and converted from solid to liquid for easy removal from the body.
  4. This fat can be re-injected into other areas that need it to support and show areas of femininity such as the buttocks or breasts.
  5. The incision is closed and medical dressings are placed.

Body contouring results

body contouring
body contouring

The patient notices that the results appear immediately after the completion of the operation, and the results improve better within three months of the operation, as the results of the operation are followed up with the doctor. In most cases, the percentages of satisfaction with the results of body contouring are similar to the expectations of many patients, and their bodies change to a better, distinctive and natural appearance.

Contouring operations to draw and sculpt the body

Body contouring operations include drawing and sculpting the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the face and nose, other than the abdomen and sides, and some details can be identified about them.

Face contouring with fillers

The filler is used to improve and define the features of the face and make it more harmonious. The treatment includes the use of hyaluronic acid as a micro-filler for the skin. The steps for contouring the face with the filler include the following:

  • The face is numbed with local anesthetic to reduce pain.
  • The skin is injected with a transparent gel containing hyaluronic acid.
  • Very small needles are used where the filler is placed under the skin precisely in the areas that need fillers.
  • This procedure takes 45 minutes per session (this time includes the application of the anesthesia, the injection, and the taking of pictures before and after the injection).

Nose contour

  • It is a cosmetic surgery to reshape the nose in terms of size and shape for cosmetic purposes or for therapeutic purposes such as treating problems of injury or disease.
  • Laser rhinoplasty can be performed as a basic alternative to surgical cosmetic surgery, and one of the most important advantages of laser is the accuracy of its results and that it does not cause bleeding, and the incidence of any complications or risks for the condition after its use is reduced compared to surgical cosmetic surgery.

360 degree belt tension surgery

It is a plastic surgery in which body sagging is tightened and sculpted from the front and back angle at an angle of 360 degrees for cases that suffer from severe sagging that spoil the body shape, especially after losing large amounts of weight, and this process is more accurate and more comprehensive than other liposuction procedures as it targets very large amounts of fat And flabby skin with very good results.

The 360-band tightening procedure takes from 2 to 6 hours, which varies from case to case and the number of areas treated.

Body sculpting

Body sculpting can be done using a range of different techniques, which are differentiated after conducting a clinical examination and identifying the needs of your body, and more than one technique can be combined to obtain the desired result.

Among the most important body sculpting techniques:

  • 4D body sculpting.
  • Laser body sculpting.
  • Sculpting the ionic body by G-plasma.

Features of body contouring

body contouring
body contouring

Many people who underwent full body contouring have had the advantages of the operation, which are:

  1. Achieving a harmonious and perfect overall body appearance.
  2. The skin became tight and smooth.
  3. Body areas become more defined and defined.
  4. Fast results.
  5. Small recovery period.

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