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Breast problem tingling

Breast problem tingling, pain, ossification, protrusion and heaviness of the breasts

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Many women face many disorders and health problems in the Breast problem tingling and swelling and lumps are among the most common symptoms, and in this post we will address the most common breast problems, especially breast, heartburn, etc….

Breast problem tingling

Breast problem tingling
Breast problem tingling

Breast tingling is known as pain that occurs in the chest area, and there are many reasons that lead to the appearance of tingling in the breasts in women, the most important of which are:

  • Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Breast cyst, including benign cystic tumor.
  • Taking medications that affect hormones, such as contraceptives.
  • The hormonal changes that occur during menstruation are one of the most sensitive periods for the chest area.
  • Dilatation of the milk ducts during lactation.
  • Menopause is caused by a change in the level of estrogen in the body.
  • Breast spurs may be a sign of a heart attack if they are accompanied by other symptoms such as sweating, pain from the chest area to the arm or chin, difficulty breathing, and you should go to the doctor immediately.
  • Enlargement of the breast size, which makes the woman vulnerable to pain due to pressure on the ligaments that hold the breast tissue.
  • The diagnosis of the condition that suffers from breast oozing is made according to the clinical examination, and the doctor can also request a mammogram if the patient’s age exceeds 40 years. As for the younger ages, ultrasound is used in the diagnosis.

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Burning feeling in the left breast

There are many reasons why some women feel a burning sensation in the left breast, and this feeling is often accompanied by hormonal changes that occur in women, as the breast tissue is affected by hormonal changes, so the breast is more sensitive to pain at the time of menstruation and the time of ovulation, and this sensitivity decreases after menopause because then the hormonal changes that stabilize Affect the chest, there are also some other reasons for women to feel burning in the left breast, which are:

Inflammation of the breast, or the presence of a fibroadenoma, which is not evidence of breast cancer.

Shoulder arthritis, or inflammation of one of the ligaments and tendons.

The patient suffers from pain in the armpit area due to the presence of hidradenitis, dermatitis, or the presence of an abscess.

Diagnosis of heartburn in the left breast requires clinical examination. During this examination, the doctor determines the main cause of this burning sensation.

Breast prominence in children

Breast problem tingling
Breast problem tingling

Breast prominence in newborns of both sexes exceeds 70%, and the reason for this is often the rise in femininity hormones that pass through the placenta into the fetal bloodstream.

As for the cases that require medical intervention, they are often after the end of the adolescence stage and the stability of the hormones, then the doctor’s diagnosis of the case begins.

Breast swelling in men

Breast swelling in men may have many causes, the most important of which are:

  1. Puberty due to changing hormones.
  2. Being overweight (obese).
  3. aging
  4. Side effects of some medications.
  5. The presence of a defect or insufficiency of the gonads.
  6. Low testosterone level.
  7. Excessive alcohol intake.
  8. Liver disease.
  9. Thyroid dysfunction.
  10. Kidney failure.

The problem of gynecomastia in men is treated after being diagnosed by a specialist doctor through a breast reduction surgery that ensures the disposal of all the excess fat cells in the breast area, then the chest is tightened and sculpted through the vaser technique that works to highlight the chest muscles.

Breast size difference

The difference in the size of the right breast from the left, or vice versa, is a common breast problem among adolescent girls and adults, and often the difference in the size of one breast from the other is not significantly noticeable, but some women may face a large difference in the size of the breast due to many reasons, most notably:

Breast size can change during ovulation due to water retention and blood flow, and during the menstrual cycle it returns to its normal size.

A difference in the rate of growth of one breast from the other during puberty, as one of them grows faster than the other, and this becomes clear after the girl reaches the age of eighteen or until the formation of the breast has finished, after which she can go to the doctor for diagnosis.

Breast enlargement cases that adult women face, provided that this difference is very large, and in this case, the breast size is corrected and re-adjusted through the breast reduction operation.

Some people follow different methods to re-adjust the size of the breasts, including massage using some recipes, or exercise that works on the chest area, but the best solutions that achieved satisfactory results for the majority of cases were breast augmentation surgeries that rebuild the breast and adjust its size to the extent desired by the condition besides Treating the problem of sagging breasts, if any.

Heaviness in the breast

Breast problem tingling
Breast problem tingling

When women experience any pain or heaviness in the chest area, they fear and worry about breast cancer, and there the symptoms are often mixed, so we must clarify them.

When experiencing heaviness in the breast, secretions in the nipple, and a palpable tumor in both breasts or one of them during menstruation, it is very normal because these symptoms are caused by the difference in hormones during this period, and the heaviness is often caused by fibrocystic disease and soon the previous symptoms end with the end of the menstruation period.

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In the event that the symptoms of heaviness and swelling in the breasts continue beyond the menstrual period, the cause could be inflammation of the cartilage in the rib cage, or the presence of inflammation or an abscess in the breast, but the other reason for the feeling of heaviness is the enlargement of the breast size, which causes a lot of pain for women because the large breast presses on the breasts.