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Difference Between Smart Lipo and Liposuction?

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Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and it is ideal for people with specific areas of unwanted fat who cannot treat it through traditional diet or exercise, and now modern liposuction techniques are more advanced than in their initial beginnings, allowing Patients have great, defined results that they will enjoy for years to come.

Dr. Ali Gaber implements this advanced technology, also called Smart Lipo. While both Smart Lipo and traditional liposuction are effective in removing stubborn fat, there are some key differences. Learn more about Smart Lipo vs. Liposuction in this article.

What is Smart Lipo?

  • In 2006, Smart Lipo was approved by the FDA as a method for removing fat and has been in widespread use ever since.
  • Smart Lipo may be a less invasive type of liposuction that uses laser energy to melt the fat before suctioning it and as a result, the fat removal is easier and less traumatic to the surrounding area.
  • In addition to removing fat, Smart Lipo also stimulates collagen production to tighten skin and increase its elasticity.
  • During the consultation process, Dr. Ali Gaber will discuss each patient’s goals and expectations before creating a customized surgical plan.
  • The ideal Smart Lipo candidate wants to reduce sebum in certain areas but does not have excessively loose skin.

Steps to make smart lipo

  • On the day of the procedure, patients are sedated to make the treatment areas numb, and then Dr. Ali Gaber will make a small incision and insert the laser fibers.
  • The laser works using different wavelengths to focus on the fat cell membranes and liquefy them.
  • Usually, certain wavelengths achieve the desired skin tightening effect.
  • Once this is done, we then gently liposuction using a small cannula.
  • The entire procedure takes only two hours or less and the plastic surgery staff will then provide helpful instructions for recovery.

The recovery period after liposuction

  • While recovering from liposuction is easier with Smart Lipo, patients still have to expect some side effects after the procedure such as pain or numbness.
  • You will want to spend time away from work if these effects prevent you from doing your job in a safe or comfortable manner.
  • Patients usually return to their normal routine within one week or less.
  • It is important to obtain permission from Dr. Ali Gaber before participating in strenuous activity or exercise to stop further infections or complications.
  • Since Smart Lipo may be a skin tightening procedure that permanently removes fat cells, the results will last as long as the patient maintains a stable weight.
  • It is important to exercise regularly and continue to eat a healthy diet to stay fit and maintain a toned body.

Smart Lipo vs. Liposuction

Smart Lipo works similarly to liposuction in that this fat is suctioned outside the body for a slimmer appearance. However, one of the main advantages of choosing Smart Lipo is that it is also a skin-tightening procedure, and since traditional liposuction only removes fat, patients may find themselves experiencing Vacuum or loose areas.

The incision is very small in Smart Lipo because the laser fiber used is only 1 mm, compared to the liposuction that uses the three – 5 mm cannula.

Experts agree that because the incision site is smaller and so the fat is liquefied rather than being constricted by the cannula, recovery is much easier for patients and this method results in less pain, discomfort, swelling, and bruising.

Another major difference is the areas that Smart Lipo treats. Because the laser fibers are so small, Smart Lipo is great for smaller areas of the body like the upper arms and for larger areas like the thighs or for multiple parts of the body, we usually recommend traditional liposuction so patients can see The simplest results.


How are the procedures different between traditional liposuction and smart lipo?

  • One of the most significant differences between liposuction and Smart Lipo is the way the procedure is performed.
  • Traditional liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. A special inflated fluid containing a mixture of saline, adrenaline, lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the treatment area to facilitate breaking down of the fat cells. Then a thin hollow tube called a cannula removes the unwanted fat cells through suction.
  • Smart Lipo is performed under local anesthesia, so you may be awake during the procedure. Laser energy is used to melt and liquefy the fat, making it easier to remove using a cannula. This process is gentler than the standard blowing technique, and usually results in less bruising. In addition, often Smart Lipo is performed using a smaller incision and this may help reduce scarring.
  • Traditional liposuction is associated with an extended healing process and there is more bruising and swelling after the surgery you must also wear a compression garment for approximately six to eight weeks after the procedure.
  • Dr. Ali usually recommends one to two weeks of rest, and you should refrain from strenuous exercise for at least six weeks in traditional liposuction.

Skin tightening benefits in Smart Lipo

Another important difference between these techniques includes the flexibility to offer the benefits of skin tightening. Traditional liposuction is not able to tighten the skin and as a result, you may experience sagging skin in the treatment area, especially if you suffer from poor skin elasticity.

The laser energy used with Smart Lipo not only facilitates fat removal but also provides skin-tightening benefits. During the procedure, the warmth applied to the deeper layers of your skin stimulates an even complexion. It contains collagen and elastin and this can help provide a smoother appearance within the treatment area.

What technology is right for me?

Dr. Ali Gaber prefers the Smart Lipo technique to many of his patients due to its skin tightening benefits, gentle procedures, and shorter recovery. However, there are some instances in which he may recommend traditional liposuction.

This usually happens when you undergo multiple procedures without delay, such as postpartum cosmetic surgeries. In addition, if you wish to remain alert during the procedure, traditional liposuction is also a better option for you.

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