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Double chin

Treating Double chin by liposuction

The double chin problem is a problem that occurs as a result of poor diet and increased local obesity and arises as a result of fat agglomeration in the neck area, which results in doubling the size of the chin. The liposuction process is the best plastic surgery in treating this problem through modern medical techniques such as G-plasma or laser liposuction.

What is the liposuction process?

Double chin
Double chin
  1. A large number of individuals who suffer from jowls and jowls need liposuction procedures that help them permanently get rid of the problem of a double chin, and jowl liposuction is a procedure to remove sagging skin and excess fat in the neck and chin area.
  2. The goal of liposuction is to remove the double chin by absorbing excess fat from under the skin and tightening the chin skin, in addition to tightening the neck and being more comprehensive than chin lift.
  3. This process has become one of the most requested cosmetic operations in recent times, especially by people who suffer from facial obesity in particular.

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Causes of the appearance of the glottis or double chin

There are a number of reasons that contribute to the appearance of sluggishness in some people. Aging or losing weight may give the chin and neck a saggy, loose and wrinkled appearance. Some people may also inherit the appearance of sagging skin around the chin and neck. We will discuss these reasons in detail below:

  1. High percentage of body fat, which may cause the appearance of a double chin in the neck area. Some people have the center of fat in the face, which causes most of the body fat to accumulate in the face, chin and neck area.
  2. Aging, one of the most important reasons that lead to the appearance of the wattle is age, as the skin begins to lose its elasticity, which helps the appearance of the double chin and sagging.
  3. Wrong head position, some people practice wrong patterns, including bending the neck when using a computer and mobile phone or when reading, resulting in the long-term so-called wattle
  4. The shape of the face, there are some face shapes that cause the double chin to appear very pronounced.
  5. Heredity, the lacuna or double chin may be inherited from the parents. When one of the parents has a problem with the double chin, this problem can largely be in the children, but there are no genes related to the appearance of the chin.

 Medical solutions in the treatment of double chin

Most people with obesity have stubborn areas of fat that are difficult to get rid of, including the fat under the chin, also known as the “double chin.” It is a specific area that seems impossible to target except through exercises to move the neck that take long periods, as fat tends to collect in this area.

There are many medical solutions that help to treat a double chin, and these cosmetic medical solutions include the following:

Double chin laser removal

Double chin
Double chin

Laser liposuction is an ideal and popular treatment for neck fat removal. Laser liposuction is used under local anesthesia to remove a double chin. This technique contributes to reducing and liposuction and sculpting the area under the chin.

Laser double chin removal is the preferred method for tightening the neck area because it helps target the small area and effectively reduce unnecessary accumulated fat. The laser heat shrinks the skin and increases collagen levels. The result will be a smoother, thicker, and fat-free neck.

 Double chin treatment with plasma

The G-plasma device is one of the most powerful, best and latest devices that are now used by cosmetic doctors, which helps to tighten the skin sagging effectively and clearly and get rid of skin wrinkles in various areas of the body. Plasma is an incredibly effective treatment to rejuvenate the chin and neck area, one session will work to tighten the chin sagging neck immediately and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

G-plasma is a new treatment specifically designed to dramatically improve appearance without cutting, burning or removing excess skin or fat. This technology is a great alternative to conventional surgical and injection treatments.

Neck Tightening with Vaser Technique

Vaser liposuction is a modern liposuction technique. The ultrasound emitted from the vaser device is precisely tuned to break up stubborn fat cells in the chin and neck. Vaser liposuction is especially useful in neck areas, where fat deposits may be thin and difficult to define. Vaser technique on liposuction, patients can also enjoy the benefits of skin tightening.

The vibrations emitted by the vaser stimulate the production of collagen in the skin as it reduces the targeted fat, and the result is a 53% reduction of saggy skin in the chin and neck area.

The specialist doctor can choose the appropriate medical solution for each disease condition, and sometimes more than one treatment technique can be combined.

 Stages of the double chin removal process

Double chin
Double chin

The process of removing the clog or double chin goes through several stages, which are:

Preparations for the operation

Before undergoing the liposuction procedure, the patient will meet with a plastic surgeon and discuss the patient’s goals, medical history including health conditions, allergies, and previous surgeries, as well as a discussion about any medications the patient is taking, including vitamins and over-the-counter medications.

The surgeon will also examine and measure the area of ​​the face and neck and mark on the area with a marker, in addition to taking pictures of the face and neck. Before the operation, the doctor will also order a complete blood picture test as well as a comprehensive physical examination of the patient to ensure that there are no health problems, after identifying the problem, he will The doctor determines the appropriate treatment option.

Medical procedure

The doctor will determine the ideal treatment option for the patient’s condition, whether plasma, vaser or laser technology, and most of the neck lift and liposuction operations are performed in the surgery clinic.

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