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Cost of ear plastic surgery in Egypt 2021

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Many people need ear plastic surgery where The prominent or protruding ear is a health problem resulting from genetic or other medical reasons, and this problem causes distress and inconvenience to those who suffer from it

but with the advancement of medical aesthetics and research in this regard, there are many medical techniques capable of treating this problem and adjusting the consistency of the ears with the face.

Therefore, we will look at the medical and traditional solutions to the problem of the big ear, the cost of prominent ear plastic surgery in Egypt for the year 2021, the consequences of it, the potential risks of the operation and its prices in neighboring countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.

What is a protruding ear?

ear plastic surgery
ear plastic surgery

The prominent ear is one of the common problems among children, and it means a change in the shape of the ear that we notice when it is away from the head, or a change in the ear flap, and this problem has a negative impact on the psyche of children, but after performing the prominent ear plastic surgery the situation improves a lot through a simple surgical procedure It works to reshape the ear cartilage in the required size that is consistent with the size of the head.

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Medical causes of prominent ear problem

Plastic surgery for prominent ears is an ideal procedure for treating conditions with:

  • The ears increased in size and protruded from the head.
  • Congenital abnormalities or defects in the shape or size of the ear.
  • Bat ear problem.
  • Change in the size of one ear from the other.
  • An accidental or traumatic injury to the ear that changes its shape.

Medical and traditional solutions to the prominent ear problem

Before proceeding with the treatment of the prominent ear problem and making your decision, you can learn about the different solutions, whether medical or non-medical, and we will show you the best among these methods:

Cosmetic surgery

Prominent or protruding ear plastic surgery aims to change the shape of the ear and the size of the cartilage and make it more balanced and proportional to the features of the face. It is a simple medical procedure that is carried out in more than one way, including:

  • Otoplasty with French threads.
  • Laser ear reshaping.
  • Otoplasty with surgery.

In which the doctor makes a surgical incision to be able to sculpt the ear cartilage and adjust its shape, then close the surgery with a cosmetic stitch without leaving a trace. One of the most important features of ear plastic surgery is that its results are permanent and achieve results that cannot be achieved by traditional methods.

Ear patches

ear plastic surgery
ear plastic surgery

To alleviate the protruding ears, some can use ear patches, which are double adhesive on both sides, the first side sticks behind the ear, and the other side sticks to the head. This can be a method of treatment, but this method needs to be used for long periods of time to achieve a therapeutic result.

Doctors prefer the cosmetic method because it achieves guaranteed and permanent results. As for the plaster method, it is not considered suitable for all cases, and it does not achieve ideal results such as operations.

Although the cost of the prominent ear surgery in Egypt 2021 differs from the cost of the plasters, it is the final and fastest solution to the problems of ear deformation in a very ideal way.

Prominent ear plastic surgery

Prominent ear plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure that aims to change the shape and size of the ears. It is one of the safe surgeries that correct ear deformity with excellent and satisfactory treatment results for a large percentage of patients who underwent the operation.

The operation is performed on children starting from the age of five, and adults who have protruded ears can undergo this operation.

The course of surgery

Before undergoing prominent ear plastic surgery, a preparatory session is held, during which the doctor tells you about the course of the surgery and answers all questions. The advantages and risks associated with the operation are clarified, and the instructions before and after the operation are outlined.

Surgery steps

  • The first step is to sterilize and disinfect the ear area to avoid infection or infections.
  • The patient is subjected to anesthesia, whether local or general anesthesia, as determined by the doctor.
  • The plastic surgeon makes a very small incision in the area behind the ear.
  • Through this incision, the doctor sculpts the ear cartilage.
  • The critical doctor closes with a cosmetic stitch and medical dressings are placed.
  • This process usually takes one to two or three hours, depending on the patient’s condition.

Recovery phase

ear plastic surgery
ear plastic surgery

It is very important that your expectations are positive and realistic for ear plastic surgery, and together we will learn about the most important points you face during the recovery period.

The patient can leave the hospital only hours after the operation.

The doctor wraps the head area with medical bandages that last for a week to keep the wound from becoming contaminated.

The pain that the patient faces after the operation is possible, and it can be eliminated with analgesics.

Two or three days after surgery, there will be redness and swelling, and these symptoms will disappear within a few days.

The surgical stitch behind the ear is discarded one week after the operation.

The patient can lead a normal life hours after the surgery.

One of the most important tips we can give you during the recovery period is not to engage in strenuous activities and avoid direct trauma to the ear.

Do not remove the headband before telling your physician.

Otoplasty results

Otoplasty achieve very impressive results for the treatment of detersive ear conditions and ear abnormalities in general, and the most important results of the operation are:

  • Obtaining the size and shape of the ears is very suitable for the features of the face and the shape of the head.
  • Self-confidence increases after getting rid of the protrusion of the ears, which makes a person vulnerable to ridicule and bullying.
  • Solve the problem of uneven ears once and for all.
  • Getting rid of deformities and congenital ear defects in a simple cosmetic way and without extensive surgery.
  • Otoplasty achieved satisfactory results in 95% of the patients.
  • Permanent results that do not change unlike traditional methods of treatment.

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