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Face lift surgery

About Face lift surgery

Face lift surgery aims to get rid of the problems of sagging skin and wrinkles and give the face a more youthful appearance. With age, many changes appear on the skin, the most famous of which are wrinkles and sagging skin.

Therefore, the purpose of the operation is to restore the freshness and beauty of the face and rejuvenate the cells that have been destroyed, and in this article we will learn more about facial plastic surgery.

About Face lift surgery

Face lift surgery
Face lift surgery
  • Face lift surgery is performed by reshaping the lower part of the face, getting rid of sagging skin, removing wrinkles that appear around the mouth and nose, and getting rid of excess skin and fat under the neck and chin, and this procedure can be combined with another cosmetic procedure to enhance the cheeks area.
  • And the forehead for a more beautiful and attractive appearance.

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Types of facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery includes many therapeutic techniques. We always find a development in treatment methods that provide comfort and safety for patients during and after the operation. The type of technique appropriate for the case is determined according to the degree of sagging skin, the age of the patient, and some other factors.

Laser facial rejuvenation

In it, laser beams are used that treat the problem of skin wrinkles, get rid of expression lines, and treat skin pigmentation (melasma, freckles), and this technique enhances the production of collagen, which in turn renews cells and improves skin health.

Laser facial reshaping is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, after which the doctor makes a very small surgical incision under the chin, and then sheds laser beams to target the accumulated fat under the chin and tighten the skin to get rid of sagging. The laser technology can be used on more than one area of ​​the face, including

  • Full face lift.
  • the neck.
  • the chin

Facelift without surgery

Face lift surgery
Face lift surgery
  1. There is always improvement in cosmetic procedures, especially facial plastic surgery, which avoids the defects of surgical methods in terms of the method of performing the operation, speed of recovery and results.
  2. The facelift is done without surgery by combining more than one cosmetic procedure with the aim of revitalizing the skin, treating sagging, and showing the skin in a more fresh and younger look by treating the effects of aging, weight loss, and sagging under the eyes.
  3. The operation is performed under local anesthesia through very fine surgical incisions, which allow the introduction of modern techniques and skin renewal, then it is closed in a cosmetic way without leaving a trace.

Face lift with French threads

  • It is one of the non-surgical techniques used in facial plastic surgery, which appeared for the first time in France, so it is called (French threads).
  • Cheeks, eyebrows, chin and around the mouth.
  • It is considered one of the very special operations, the results of which appear immediately, which give women a more youthful and beautiful look than before.

Face lift with plasma

  1. G-plasma technology is one of the latest treatment technologies that has emerged as an alternative to surgical face-lift operations, where the operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia and then the doctor makes very precise incisions in the face that allow the use of the G-plasma device that tightens skin sagging and gets rid of excess fat in one step Just.
  2. One of the most important advantages of this method is that the recovery from it is fast, and it works to tighten the face in a very perfect way without complications or risks.

Reasons for facelift surgery

With age, many changes appear on the skin and skin, most notably the loss of elasticity and the appearance of some wrinkles around the mouth and the lower part of the face, sagging skin of the neck, and the appearance of signs of aging. Therefore, facelift surgery is the best solution and the best option for treatment.

  1. Among the most common reasons for resorting to facial plastic surgery
  2. Desire to get rid of neck wrinkles.
  3. Double chin treatment.
  4. Treating the problem of wrinkles under the eyes and eyelids.
  5. Treatment of the effects of scars and previous burns.
  6. Getting rid of the manifestations of aging, which causes many psychological problems.
  7. Some people feel embarrassed about sagging skin and wrinkled face, wanting to have a fresher, healthier face and regain self-confidence.

Medical examinations before the operation

Face lift surgery
Face lift surgery

Before performing facelift operations, the doctor gets acquainted with the medical history and patients of the condition and previous operations, and requests some medical examinations such as

  • A complete blood test.
  • Blood fluidity check.
  • Anesthesia sensitivity test.

The right age for facelift and plastic surgery

Many people wonder about the appropriate age for facelift surgery, and the fact that undergoing the procedure depends on many factors, the most important of which are

  1. The patient’s health status, and the condition of his skin.
  2. The degree of sagging, wrinkles, and puffiness in the skin.
  3. The patient’s age is usually over 40 years old.

In all cases, the symptoms and the patient’s condition are one of the main factors in determining the appropriateness of the plastic surgical procedure with the case, after the patient undergoes a set of medical examinations and the conditions of the operation apply to him.

Conditions for performing the operation

Face lift surgery does not require complicated conditions, but it is a simple procedure suitable for a large group of people, provided

  1. Enjoy good health, and the patient does not suffer from heart disease, and serious diseases.
  2. The doctor requires you to stop drinking alcohol.
  3. stop smoking.
  4. Stop taking liquidity medications and some antibiotics.

Benefits of Face lift Surgery

Facial plastic surgery has many benefits that have made it widely popular, among the most important of these are

  • It helps get rid of annoying facial wrinkles and gives you a more vibrant and youthful appearance.
  • Eliminates the problem of sagging skin in different areas such as (neck, chin, face).
  • Eliminates scars and traces of old burns and treats birth defects.
  • More than one cosmetic procedure can be combined such as facelift, eyelid lift, augmentation, etc.

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