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High Definition Body Sculpting

High Definition Body Sculpting Cost in Egypt 2022

High definition body sculpting: A cosmetic procedure to coordinate the body by clarifying and highlighting the muscles with extreme precision, to become as close as possible to the distinctive athletic body.

There are many things that you should consider before undergoing this cosmetic procedure, such as the conditions to be met, the advantages and disadvantages, whether it has risks or possible complications, and what is its cost in Egypt and the Arab countries.

About High Definition Body Sculpting

High Definition Body Sculpting
High Definition Body Sculpting

High definition body sculpting with Vaser is a technique for liposuction and distribution of fat in the body, in which liposuction, sculpting and tightening the muscles of the abdomen, chest and arms are done in a more accurate way than a normal sculptor. A simple procedure that is carried out under local anesthesia and results appear immediately after the session ends.

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What is the difference between regular body sculpting and high definition sculpting?

Ordinary body sculpting is a process in which the accumulated body fat is suctioned in different areas and pulled out of the body. As for high definition body sculpting, liposuction is performed with sculpting and drawing the details and muscles of the body. Besides, fat can be pulled from one area and re-injected in another place to get a body more feminine and attractive.

 Candidates for the operation :

There are some criteria that a person must meet to be able to undergo a high definition body sculpting procedure, such as:

  1. The person must be over 18 years old.
  2. The person’s weight should be as close to ideal as possible, with a mass index of no more than 30.
  3. The operation is suitable for a healthy person who does not suffer from serious diseases.
  4. If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking for a period of not less than two weeks before the operation.
  5. Avoid taking anticoagulation medications before the operation, as well as some medications. Just tell your doctor about the medications you are taking.

High definition body sculpting results

The results of high-definition body sculpting are noticed immediately after the session, and the person notices how his body has changed and become better sculpted. For men, they will find their bodies as close as possible to athletes. As for women, we notice after several sessions that they were able to reach the curvy body, and to maintain these results follow the instructions of your doctor, the most important of which are maintain a stable weight, eat a healthy fat-free diet and exercise.

Possible complications

High Definition Body Sculpting
High Definition Body Sculpting

Fortunately, high-definition body sculpting is one of the very safe operations on the skin, and its risks and complications are low, but we must mention the complications, even if they are rare, including:

  1. infection risks.
  2. Sensitivity to anesthesia.
  3. Bruises and scars.
  4. Sensation of numbness and lack of sensation in the skin.

Recovery period after high definition body sculpting

The recovery period after dynamic high definition body sculpting varies from person to person, ranging from 10 days to two weeks, and the more you follow your doctor’s instructions, the faster you will recover. There are many tips to help you recover easily, including:

  1. Take care of the cleanliness of the operation incisions and make sure to disinfect them and change the dressings periodically.
  2. According to your doctor’s instructions, do not neglect to wear a medical corset throughout the recovery period to avoid fluid accumulation in the operation area and the appearance of the new body shape.
  3. Avoid strenuous physical exertion and strenuous exercise so that the wounds are not affected, just apply the doctor’s instructions and take complete rest.
  4. Make sure to follow a healthy diet that prevents you from gaining excess weight and fat, and exercise immediately after the recovery period is over to maintain your body.

The best body sculpting centers in Egypt

Body sculpting centers are spread in many governorates and offer various services to make it easier for you to get the ideal body that you dream of. Among those governorates that provide cosmetic services:


Mansoura is one of the largest governorates in Egypt and the most famous body sculpting centers are located in it. Mansoura governorate includes the most famous plastic surgeons and a large selection of cosmetic consultants, and it has many cosmetic centers specialized in coordinating textures with the latest technologies such as high-definition dynamic sculpting.


The beauty centers in Alexandria are famous for having the latest cosmetic devices used by the most famous beauty centers in the world.

Thanks to the great technological development in the medical field, high-definition body sculpting is done in a simple and easy way that fulfills your dream of getting a curly and attractive body without risks or complications.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is the largest in terms of population density at all among the governorates of Egypt. Cairo includes a group of beauty centers at the latest level in a way that makes it an international competition between its theory in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, Jordan and Bahrain.

Cairo is characterized by its geographical location, which makes it close to most The provinces, which makes it on top of the most provinces in terms of the number of body sculpting centers and body coordination.

High Definition Body Sculpting Cost 2022

High Definition Body Sculpting
High Definition Body Sculpting

Find out the average prices for high definition body sculpting in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and Bahrain


The average cost of high definition body sculpting in Riyadh ranges from 25,000 to 30,000 Saudi riyals to sculpt the muscles of the abdomen and flanks.

Morocco, West

The cost of high definition body sculpting in Morocco ranges from 10,000 to 45,000 dirhams, determined according to the number of body areas that are sculpted.

High Definition Sculpture Price Bahrain

The average cost of a high definition sculpting process in Bahrain ranges from 1500 to 2000 Bahraini dinars.

The cost of high definition body sculpting in Egypt

The cost of high definition body sculpting 2019 differed from both in 2020 and 2021 and is still increasing this year, as the cost has increased in the last two years as a result of many variables and economic conditions, but with a small difference.

It is worth noting that the cost of high definition sculpting varies from one beauty center to another, depending on many factors, including:

  • The doctor’s fee is body sculpting or plastic surgery.
  • The cost of the treatment center.
  • Anesthesiologist cost.
  • medical care

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