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How much does eyelid surgery cost in Egypt

How much does eyelid surgery cost in Egypt

Eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Ali Gaber clinics aims to remove excess skin from the eyelids to improve the appearance of the eyelids, rejuvenate the area surrounding the eyes, and in some cases get rid of serviceable problems resulting from eyelids drooping.

What is Eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery performed to correct eyelids’ defects, deformities, and malformations, and improve droopy eyelids to cosmetically modify the eye region.

What can Eyelid surgery do?

 Blepharoplasty can help:

  • Treat upper eyelids puffiness.
  • Remove Loose skin that sags down from the upper eyelids.
  • Remove excess skin and fine wrinkles from the lower eyelids.
  • Remove puffy bags under the eyes.

How are these results achieved?

This procedure resolves both functional and cosmetic problems in the area surrounding the eyes by the removal of excess tissues, such as skin and fats, smoothing of the underlying eye muscles, and the tightening of the supporting structures, for the correction, modification, or both of the upper and the lower eyelids.

Can droopy eyelids affect vision?

In not all cases droopy eyelids make you look older, sad, or exhausted, in some cases droopy eyelids gradually interfere with your eyesight and limit your field of vision.

Is Blepharoplasty safe?

Eyelid surgeries are typically safe and It carries no more risks than any other surgery, they might be associated with some side effects that last for several days after the procedure, these side effects included bruising, swelling,

temporary double vision, and dry or itchy eyes, most of these correct themselves within 24 hours.


Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery?

Almost all healthy, nonsmokers, without any medical conditions that alter the healing, and without serious eye problems are candidates.

Who are noncandidates for eyelid surgery?

Be careful while giving your medical history to your plastic surgeon, since you are considered noncandidate if you have the following health conditions:

  • retinal detachment, glaucoma, or dry eye.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Thyroid gland deficiency.
How much does eyelid surgery cost in Egypt
How much does eyelid surgery cost in Egypt

How is eyelid surgery performed?

eyelid surgery is performed through several steps, first of all, carefully decide whether or not you need to perform the procedure, on another speaking, ask yourself, if the goal you dream of can be achieved by performing eyelid surgery, another facelift procedure, or a combination of both?

Your plastic surgeon will help you in taking the right decision.

Choose the right surgeon

Do not be influenced by trends, carefully choose highly certified surgeons, who and highly skilled in caring for the structures surrounding and carefully dealing with the detailed anatomy around the eyes.

The right surgeon is the cornerstone to ensure the success of your procedure, but not alone, you have to consider a highly accredited facility and a skilled operating room team.

Preparation for the procedure

In this step, your surgeon will collect your medical history, and your current medication, and decide whether you are a candidate or not.

Your surgeon then will evaluate the excess skin and fats in the area surrounding the eyes, the position of the eyebrows, and the muscles around the eyelids, to set up the best strategy for the procedure.

Finally, the surgeon will disclose to you the technique used, the facility, the type of anesthesia, the cost, and the risks might be involved.


The procedure

Eyelid surgery itself usually takes between one and three hours and can be performed either in the surgeon’s clinic or requiring hospital admission, and usually required one stay or two nights after the procedure.

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and just numbs the eyelid and the surrounding area, while you are sedated but awake during surgery or general anesthesia that keeps you asleep during the entire procedure.

If the upper eyelids are targeted

The incisions will be performed along the natural wrinkles of the upper eyelids that are made with the traditional scalpel or laser. The incisions of the upper eyelid extend from the upper inner corners of the eyelids to the outer corner of the eye.

Through these incisions, excess skin, fat, and muscle as necessary are removed. And finally, the incisions are closed using tiny sutures which dissolve in about one week.

If the lower eyelids are targeted

 The incision in this case is performed along the lash line and natural smile wrinkles and lines of the lower lid, through which excess fat and skin are removed and finally closed in the same way.


After the successful procedure, you will be closely monitored for a few hours, overnight, or for two days.

You might experience bruising, swelling, and pain. Pain is controlled by over-the-counter painkillers.  Keeping your head elevated and cold packs also can be applied to control swelling however bandages are not needed, bruising and swelling should begin to decline after the first few days, but it takes up to a month to fully resolve.

During the first week after the procedure, you might experience a tight, sore, and sometimes dry and irritated eye, sensitive to light and to some extent itchy.

When can I resume my normal life?

Closely follow up on your surgeon’s specific instructions and guidelines regarding the recovery period, and you can resume your normal, non-strenuous activities after a week.

After several weeks, almost all of your swelling and vision problems will disappear. And you can resume all normal activities and exercise, and even wear contact lenses.


When can I notice the final results?

You will notice a refreshed, pretty, and younger-looking around six weeks after the procedure, after all, residual swelling and bruising have disappeared.


Did eyelid surgery results last?

The results you obtain may last a lifetime, but in some cases natural aging slightly affects the results.


Are the scars permanent?

Incisions are usually made along the normal lines in the eyelids which make the scars less noticeable, in addition, these scars fade over time.


The eyes play a great role in facial appearance and expression, and their beauty adds beauty and confidence to the whole face, while droopy saggy eyelids reflect an exhausted, tired, and older look, all that makes eyelid surgery worth it.

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