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Is body contouring safe?

Is Body Contouring Safe?

Body contouring is the most effective way that improves the appearance of skin and tissue and shapes the body after massive weight loss.

This procedure carries some risks and side effects however, it’s an almost safe procedure. The thousands of successful surgeries that have been performed together with the general level of patient satisfaction reflect highly skilled professionals who succeed to minimize all possible risks and avoid side effects. 

 We shall disclose to you in that article possible risks and side effects associated with either surgical or nonsurgical body contouring and special requirements taken by your surgeon to avoid or minimize.

What can body contouring do?

Body contouring procedures can get rid of the stubborn subcutaneous fat layers that are resistant or minimally responsive to diet and exercise and also it can tighten loose skin following massive weight loss.

Is body contouring a replacement for diet and exercise?

Body contouring is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise, however, both are complementary to each other since each one of them targets different types of fat.

Body contouring vs diet and exercise

Traditional weight loss methods which are achieved through a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise, and bariatric surgeries for those with significant weight difficulties target visceral fats all over the body, while body contouring targets unwanted subcutaneous fats in a selected body area.

 Contouring your body does not only mean not only getting rid of subconscious fats but also means tightening the loose skin and firming the tissue in a selected body area.

Subcutaneous fat vs visceral fat loss

Subcutaneous fats are those accumulated underneath the skin and their deposition highly affects the appearance, while visceral fats are those stored around the internal organs and their accumulation is associated with serious health conditions such as diabetes.

And that explains why obtaining the maximum outcomes from Body contouring is when it’s performed on a stable weight.

Possible risks associated with body contouring

Non Surgical body sculpting is a completely safe procedure with almost no risks and few side effects, however invasive procedures for contouring the body are surgical processes that carry the possible risks associated with major surgeries in addition to other risks that we will list soon, and recommendations taken to minimize as well.

Non Surgical body sculpting

Possible side effects associated with noninvasive procedures don’t exceed pain, discomfort, redness, swelling, and bruising, and all recover within a few days after the session.

Is body contouring safe?
Is body contouring safe?

Additional benefits of noninvasive Body Sculpting

Nonsurgical techniques carrying also the following advantages;

  • It requires no anesthesia
  • It includes no incisions and leaves no scars.
  • It requires little or no recovery period.
  • The results are permanent as long as you conserve your ideal body weight.
  • It is completely safe with no risks.

Does that mean that it's the best for me?

Just because it’s completely safe doesn’t mean it’s the best procedure for contouring, body sculpting has the following disadvantages;


With less dramatic effect, body sculpting results in the loss of not more than 25 percent of fats in the selected body area, so not suitable for those who need to get rid of large amounts of fats.

Time to notice the outcomes

Gradual results are obtained, so not suitable for those who need immediate action.

Number of procedures

Multiple procedures are needed, and you require several sessions to obtain the desired outcomes.

Body areas targeted

Only limited body areas are targeted, most devices are designed to treat specific body areas.

Surgical body contouring

Achieving a contoured shape invasively might carry more risks, however, it’s associated with more dramatic, immediate, and permanent results.

Possible associated side effects and how are avoided

All side effects associated with Surgical body contouring can be avoided or at least minimized, these risks include;


The most common side effects associated with body contouring procedure. However, surgeons can limit the visibility of these scars by hiding them along the folds like the bikini line, under the breasts, or under the armpit.

Excess fluid

These fluids are those that previously had more flesh to flow through, this is the simplest condition to treat through a drain. A tube that is used to drain excess fluids and left in the body for a week after the procedure. 


Another possible risk associated with any surgical procedure, not only body contouring is the risk of wound healing failure.

Factors that might increase the occurrence of that risk are;

  • Large amounts of fats are to be removed at one time.
  • Patients with a history of skin conditions.

Adequate patient history collection, adequate sutures, and a series of multiple incisions performed around the area can avoid the risk of wound healing failure.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a possible risk associated with any procedure. Excess blood is treated like an excess fluid. It’s also drained by drainage, but It’s very important to find the possible source of bleeding. Since It may require additional surgery.


 infection is one of the most common risks associated with any surgical procedure, so choosing facilities following a proper infection control guide to minimize the chance of infection together with proper antibiotic coverage minimizes that risk.

The recovery period

One of the common risks that affect the success of the procedure is not following the physician’s recommendations regarding the recovery period. The most common example is resuming usual tasks or returning to strenuous activities before it’s allowed since you feel much lighter. This might lead to suture tearing and wound healing failure.

Is body contouring safe?

All possible side effects associated with this procedure are no riskier than those associated with any other procedure making this procedure safe with almost managed risks.

It’s important to follow the doctor’s orders,  to be clear regarding your medical history, and to stay healthy to avoid these risks.


Contouring the body is an excellent solution to get an ideal body shape not only following massive weight loss but also it’s an ideal way for those who do not need to lose weight but suffer from sagging skin, cellulite, wrinkles, and other factors associated with age.

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