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Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction 2022 Terms, results and cost.

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Laser liposuction, The accumulated fat in different areas of the body, especially in the area (abdomen – buttocks – arms – breasts) disturbs many women and men.

Fat not only causes a change in the aesthetic appearance of the body but it is also considered a dangerous indicator of the general health of the body.

Therefore, all patients with local obesity want to get rid of it and learn about the prices and conditions of laser liposuction in order to choose the appropriate operation according to the choice of the doctor.

Laser liposuction details

Laser liposuction
Laser liposuction


This medical procedure is also called lipolysis and dissolution and it is an alternative to traditional surgical liposuction. Through this procedure, the doctor uses laser energy to melt fat in the targeted area, whether the abdomen, buttocks or sides.

Not only that, this technique helps stimulate collagen production, which It prevents the skin from sagging after the suction process.

The fat is removed through a cannula or a thin tube that is inserted into a very small hole in the body and after the completion of liposuction the hole is completely closed, laser liposuction requires only local anesthesia, unlike what is required for traditional surgical liposuction techniques that require complete anesthesia, the procedure takes Laser fat removal usually takes from 45 minutes to an hour.

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The laser liposuction technique is considered one of the safest treatment methods that have appeared so far, as it does not cause any side effects in the short or long term.


The price of laser liposuction is very suitable for everyone, and it varies according to the area from which the fat is to be removed, as well as the percentage of fat present.


The results of the laser liposuction technology are guaranteed to a large degree in the final disposal of fat from the abdomen, buttocks, sides, and any area whose beauty is disturbed by the accumulated fat. This technique has proven its effectiveness in the field of obesity and fat disposal.

The conditions

To perform laser liposuction, a set of conditions and necessary tests must be met before the operation, which the doctor and patient must fulfill before performing it, which are as follows: –

The ideal candidate for laser liposuction

Laser liposuction
Laser liposuction
  • A person whose weight is close to normal for their height according to their BMI.
  • People who, despite following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, are unable to lose fat from certain areas of the body.
  • In general, the ideal candidate for laser liposuction is a patient who is of normal weight and slim, who is in good health, and who has isolated areas of removable fat.
  • Contraindications to the operation

Just as there are candidates for laser fat removal technology, there are also people who cannot perform this procedure, and they are as follows:

  1. Obese: People with a BMI greater than 35.
  2. The procedure is not suitable for those who suffer from heart problems and use a pacemaker.
  3. People using blood thinners and medicines that cause photosensitivity.
  4. Not suitable for people who suffer from blood clots continuously.
  5. Those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver, kidney and cancers.
  6. Pregnant and lactating women.

Advantages of laser liposuction

Laser liposuction has many advantages as it is a non-surgical procedure and risks are rare, and the most important advantages are the following:

  • A medical procedure that does not require general anesthesia, but local anesthesia can be sufficient for the area from which the fat is to be removed.
  • The body does not need to lose a lot of blood and fluids to apply the laser to remove fat, and this is unlike many other surgical techniques in which the body loses a lot of blood.
  • There is no return of fat again with this medical procedure if the doctor’s instructions are adhered to.
  • This treatment technique helps in tightening the skin and giving it the vibrant look and smooth texture that many people are looking for.
  • The recovery period after the laser treatment technique to get rid of fat is a maximum of one week only.

Possible risks and side effects of laser liposuction

The results of laser liposuction after the possible side effects and risks are as follows:

  1. The appearance of some bruises on the body.
  2. Feeling pain in the treated area from which the fat was removed.
  3. Rarely, infection or irritation may also occur.
  4. The death of skin tissue in the area of ​​the incision or puncture.
  5. Change in skin color.

Often the appearance of such symptoms is rare and may occur significantly when the laser fat removal technique is performed with the wrong person or on large areas of the body, and in the event that these previously mentioned symptoms persist or worsen, you should immediately go to the doctor for diagnosis, examination and treatment of the problem.

Laser liposuction results

The results appear remarkably direct in the second week of the laser liposuction procedure, and the results are more satisfactory than expected, and the results include:

  • After the initial swelling in the area of ​​fat removal subsides, a person will generally see results right away.
  • People also benefit from skin tightening in the area where laser liposuction was performed.
  • Completely getting rid of sagging skin after liposuction.

Body shape before and after the operation

Laser liposuction
Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction affects the shape and appearance of the body. Before the operation, there were sagging and accumulated fat in a certain area, but after the procedure, the body became smooth and harmonious with an attractive appearance as the following picture shows.

Important medical advice after laser liposuction

  1. Before performing the laser technique to get rid of fat, you must choose a doctor with experience in this field.
  2. Choosing a reputable medical center that has all the licenses to practice the medical profession.
  3. Ensure that all physical examinations are performed before performing the laser technique.
  4. Adhering to the doctor’s instructions before performing the laser liposuction technique, which includes stopping smoking for several days before the operation, as well as stopping taking any vitamins.

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