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liposuction devices

Newest liposuction devices |Dr. Ali Gaber

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There are many liposuction devices and body tightening in a remarkable way, and each device differs from the other in terms of advantages, disadvantages, cost, results. Therefore, knowing the right device for your case requires conducting the necessary medical examinations.

It is worth mentioning that liposuction is a cosmetic procedure prior to skin tightening, and both modern cosmetic techniques such as vaser or laser are used in both of them that eliminate the need for surgical intervention.

What is liposuction?

liposuction devices
liposuction devices

The accumulation of fat occurs as a result of obesity resulting from an unhealthy daily routine such as eating unhealthy meals or not exercising constantly, and one of the areas where fat accumulates most is (abdomen – buttocks – arms – sides).

Many women also suffer from fat sagging as a result of pregnancy and cesarean delivery, where the possibility of being overweight is very high for pregnant women, in addition to the many risks of obesity in pregnancy.

Therefore, many women resort to liposuction, in which fat is removed from specific areas of the body according to the appropriate cosmetic medical procedure.

Modern cosmetic techniques such as Vaser devices and G-plasma devices have facilitated the possibility of dissolving the accumulated fat and expelling it outside the body, in addition to the possibility of redistributing it in different places of the body such as the breast or the buttock.

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Causes of body sagging

There are many reasons that lead to local obesity, which means (accumulation of fat in a specific area of ​​the body while the body remains thin, such as sagging fat or double chin), and these reasons include:

  1. Advanced age
  2. Eating unhealthy fast food rich in carbohydrates.
  3. Pregnancy and childbirth, especially twins.
  4. Losing excess weight  in short periods.
  5. Collagen deficiency.
  6. Not exercising regularly.
  7. Lack of drinking water during the slimming period, which leads to a lack of skin moisture.

Liposuction devices

Liposuction devices is a modern machine pre-programmed with artificial intelligence to carry out certain tasks according to the inputs of the plastic surgeon in the operation, and the aim is to reduce the rate of excess body fat to the normal rate, and these devices include:

Vaser device

liposuction devices
liposuction devices
  • Vaser is a modern device through which the accumulated fat is removed by ultrasound, which works to dissolve fat and break the cover of fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissues.
  • Then a tube is inserted through a small surgical incision to extract and dispose of the fat in order to highlight the layer of muscle underneath, and this is done by local anesthesia only.
  • Vaser device is one of the most effective modern devices in liposuction, as it is an essential step in the process of four-dimensional body sculpting, where fat is redistributed in other places.
  • Through the process of vaser liposuction, it is possible to reach the harmonious body , highlight the muscles, and determine the body shape that the person wants  without pain and in a short period.

LG plasma device

  1. The LG plasma device works on sculpting the body through helium gas and radio waves, as they work to shrink cells and tighten the skin under the influence of local anesthetic.
  2. G-plasma technology works to tighten the skin and get rid of sagging from the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and side, and treat cases of gynecomastia in men.
  3. Using vaser technology and plasma-G technology gives the best results for obtaining prominent muscles and consistent body with tightening the skin and getting rid of sagging through a quick process without pain.

 Sinosure liposuction device with laser technology

  1. The Sinosure device is one of the latest liposuction devices from the abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs, and it works through thermal energy generated by the laser, which works to burn fat without harming other surrounding tissues.
  2. There is no doubt about the role of laser in various operations, as well as in the process of liposuction, as it has proven its efficiency as the best device for burning fat. It is also safe and can be used on the face and neck area without causing any damage.
  3. The laser technology burns fat, but nevertheless, it does not cause swelling or redness, except in a few cases, and it is characterized by the Smart Sense feature, which increases the safety rate.

The difference between fat cracking and fat freezing, and which is better?

The process of breaking fat differs from fat freezing (Cryo) in the advantages and disadvantages and the mechanism of action of each of them, but the result of the two processes is the same, which is the elimination of stubborn local fats that are not lost by eating habits and exercise.

Fat freezing

A technique approved by the Food and Drug Association FDA  done by lowering the temperature of fat and freezing it, which leads to its loss through the liver after a short period of time that does not exceed three weeks.

These fats are used to get rid of stubborn local fats that do not exceed kilograms to obtain a consistent body, but unfortunately the technique is not useful in cases of gynecomastia or old local fats.

The fat freezing technique is characterized by safety, as there is no surgical intervention, as well as the rapid appearance of results, as there is no recovery period or anesthesia complications.

Fat cracking

Fat is broken down and melted by thermal energy, ultrasound, or even radio waves, so the breaking of fat may be done on any part of the body, including the face and chest.

The fat-cracking technique is characterized by its efficiency in removing or dissolving the accumulated fat in a place in the body, which may exceed 5 kg and more, and it is an important step in the process of sculpting the body and obtaining a consistent body.

Features of liposuction devices

liposuction devices
liposuction devices

Many advantages differ according to the type of liposuction devices, but most of the devices share the following:

  • Eliminate stubborn local fat, especially the abdomen or arms area, which is difficult to lose through diet and exercise.
  • Getting a consistent body in short periods compared to the time required for exercise
  • Highlighting the muscles, especially the abdominal muscles, which are the dream of men and women in our time
  • The liposuction devices stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which keeps the skin tight after liposuction
  • Vaser liposuction devices stimulate blood circulation and thus improve skin health
  • Getting rid of cellulite and skin sagging problems
  • Reshaping the texture according to the shape that the person wants, such as getting the curvy body that many girls dream of.

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