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Liposuction in Cairo Egypt: Advantages and disadvantages

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt: Scientific research is always working on finding the best ways to make the patient lose a lot of weight without feeling pain and without any risks or side effects, and liposuction operations in Egypt have witnessed many developments, where they are now done with very modern devices, some of which use local anesthetic, and some It does not require a general anesthetic, and there are two ways in which Liposuction in Cairo Egypt:

  • Laser liposuction.
  • Vaser liposuction.
  • Liposuction using chemical injections.
  • Cold suction.

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt
Liposuction in Cairo Egypt

Vaser liposuction: The latest technology can eliminate local fat and tighten the skin and give local obesity owners a tight and harmonious body. You can get results by up to 98%, and these results can be obtained from one session.

Laser Liposuction in Cairo Egypt is performed using a local anesthetic. We want to liposuction small hole is made about 2 cm, and the fat is dissolved by laser technology and suctioned through this tiny hole. Laser Liposuction in Egypt achieves good results, and more than 6 liters can be suctioned in one place.

Body Liposuction in Cairo Egypt

The currently available liposuction devices are characterized by their ability to remove sagging fat from multiple areas of the body, as it can be used on many areas of the body, including:

  • Lug liposuction: Or, as it is said, the fat between the neck and the chin, where both vaser and laser can eliminate neck and chin fat together, and enjoy the distinctive channel of Nefertiti.
  • Buttock liposuction: It is one of the areas that many women suffer from, as it causes them problems when wearing their distinctive clothes.
  • Abdominal liposuction: You can now get rid of the abdomen, whether it is due to obesity or postpartum belly, as liposuction devices can eliminate it.
  • Breast liposuction: The breast is one of the areas that many women and men care about, so it is now possible to get harmonious breasts without fat with Vaser, as it can eliminate the problem of gynecomastia for men and get a prominent breast muscle without fat.


Liposuction in Egypt has many benefits that make you accept it without hesitation, and the most important of these benefits are:

  • Its ability to eliminate local obesity
  • It tightens the skin and breaks down fat together
  • The muscle of the place on which the session is performed stands out
  • It helps you maintain a lean and toned physique.
  • You do not need to perform more than one session

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt experiences

There are many experiments with Liposuction in Cairo Egypt, especially by using laser and laser techniques to eliminate all fat in the body. Hence, we find many local obesity owners who resort to conducting laser sessions to get rid of the accumulated fat in several parts, and among these cases:

Shaima, who was suffering from local obesity in the abdominal area, especially after the birth of her three children, where she became suffering from a flabby and large abdomen, so she chose the Vaser liposuction procedure, which gave her a tight and harmonious core, and performed a vaser session inside the Sobky Center for Obesity and Plastic Surgery.

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt prices

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt
Liposuction in Cairo Egypt

Liposuction is one of the most well-known operations in Egypt today due to the many questions about it and everyone’s desire to have a perfect and harmonious body. Its price is suitable for many people with local obesity to perform it now without hesitation.

As for the actual cost of liposuction procedures, their value is determined according to the type of technique used, the treating doctor, and the place where the session is conducted. All these factors are the basis for determining the price, knowing that the cost of liposuction is much lower than in any other country.

Advantages of laser Liposuction in Cairo Egypt

  • The patient gets an instant, and excellent result after the Liposuction in Cairo Egypt session ends.
  • There are no hazards or adverse effects.
  • The patient does not undergo general anesthesia, only local anesthesia.
  • The saggy skin that results from liposuction can be tightened with laser simultaneously.


There are no complications or risks for laser liposuction, but it is only suitable for patients with local obesity who have lost a lot of weight except for specific areas. Here, laser liposuction achieves excellent results, but it is not suitable to rely on it for liposuction of a lot of fat and slimming in general. Be a cosmetic process.

Liposuction in Cairo Egypt using chemical injections

It is performed in the same way as laser liposuction. It injects the area to be liposuction with chemicals, which can practically dissolve the fat, waiting for 15 minutes until the chemicals react. A small hole is made through which the liposuction is performed, achieving liposuction Fat using chemical injections, great results, as 10 to 15 liters of fat can be suctioned.

Advantages of liposuction using chemical injections

The patient loses weight in one session, making him feel a tangible result and a significant improvement.

There are no side effects, and it does not cause complications.

Any loose skin can be tightened during the procedure.

The patient’s health condition depends on whether he is given a general anesthetic or a local anesthetic.

The patient leaves the hospital on the same day and goes about his everyday life within two days.

Disadvantages of liposuction using chemical injections

There are no drawbacks; it is safe and does not cause any complications.

Is it possible to get liposuction in more than one area in one session?

This depends on the patient’s health in general, and the doctor is the one who determines based on the available analyses that the patient conducts before liposuction, as there is always a balance between the patient’s public health, health condition and age, and the body’s ability to lose fat.

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