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liposuction in Egypt

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Why choose liposuction in Egypt?

Egypt is the ideal country for cosmetic tourism in the Arab world and the Middle East, where it is characterized by the best qualified plastic surgeons, nursing competence, health care, and clinics equipped with an appropriate cost while enjoying the tourist and archaeological sites during your treatment, whether in the capital Cairo or the coastal governorates such as Alexandria. Where the best plastic clinics and surgeons are located.


It is a surgical procedure aimed to remove the excess fat accumulated in specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, cheeks, neck, chin…etc. Liposuction improves the beauty of the body and helps to improve the mood of individuals and increase self-confidence, but it is not a substitute for losing weight in cases of severe obesity. It is a procedure for people who have a higher 30% than the ideal weight & They have fat concentrated in specific places with liposuction. you will feel the beauty of your body which encourages the continuation of exercise and a healthy diet. You should discuss your expectations with the plastic surgeon so that you can know what is right for you and what to expect after getting liposuction in Egypt.

Best plastic surgeon in Egypt

How do you choose the best surgeon for liposuction in Egypt? There are many names of plastic surgeons who specialized in liposuction in Egypt, but in order to choose the best, we have identified a set of criteria that you can rely on during your search. Academic certificates First, scientific certificates. Choosing a scientifically qualified doctor is the basis for health safety.

Academic certificates

, scientific certificates. Choosing a scientifically qualified doctor is the basis for health safety.

Good communication

Is the doctor good at communicating and following up with patients before and after the surgery, whether he or the assistants from his medical team? And you can learn a lot of reviews and the opinions of former patients.

clinic location

Is the clinic easily accessible? Is there more than one branch of clinics? Is there an associate medical team? Does the clinic set appointments accurately? Choosing the location of the clinic is important if you want to explore Egypt and visit tourist sites, hence the importance of liposuction in Egypt specifically.


Experience is what we all want. We always look for recommendations from previous patients on the Internet. Browse several sites, whether searching on Google or social media, we will definitely find reviews.

These are some of the criteria and questions that need a careful answers to determine the best surgeon for liposuction in Egypt


Liposuction price in Egypt

Starting from $800 to $8000 Depending on many factors affecting the price, we limit them to:

  • Plastic surgeon experience.
  • The cost of medicines and medical materials used in surgery.
  • The cost of hospitalization, according to the medical equipment.
  • Techniques used in liposuction using laser, vaser, or traditional methods.

This cost is much lower than the international rates for liposuction operations, as it reaches $30,000

Are you a candidate for liposuction?

Liposuction is precisely by a specialized doctor for specific cases of patients. You should consult a surgeon for liposuction in Egypt first before deciding the type of plastic surgery you want. Find out what is best for you personally, away from the experiences and personal experiences of others. These are the details of the candidates for liposuction.

  • People with elastic and firm skin with good muscle strength.
  • Not suffering from heart disease or diabetes.
  • The weight is approximately 30% more than their ideal weight as a maximum for liposuction.
  • If your body does not respond to diet and exercise.
  • Liposuction from specific areas that are difficult to target with exercises.

Liposuction procedures

1-surgery steps.

The surgeon uses a thin tube that is inserted through small incisions in the skin to start liposuction. The end of the tip contains a special device that emits a laser or ultrasound beam and is connected to a suction device that removes the fat.

2-surgery technique

The technique of liposuction in Egypt is the same as the medical procedures and techniques adopted around the world, where plastic surgeons obtain medical fellowships from European and American universities, and therefore, liposuction in Egypt is medically the same process.

3-After liposuction

After completing the liposuction process, the wearing of a Compressive bandage for a period of one to three months until the full results of the operation appear

The latest types of liposuction & Liposculpture

  1. 4D Liposculpture
  2. High Definition 4D Liposculpture
  3. Vaser liposuction
  4. Laser liposuction

Is it possible to perform liposuction in stages?

Yes, you can, Most patients feel satisfied and accept the results of the operation and enjoy better in their professional, social, and personal lives. but there are cases, in the start, a schedule is set for several liposuctions, one after the other, until the liposuction is complete from the whole body, especially when there is more than one place.

Nowadays, Egypt has become one of the leading countries in liposuction, liposuction in Egypt is completely safe and does not leave a mark and the complication rate is very low. if a certified center is used, equipped with the latest technologies and modern equipment, with an experienced qualified plastic surgeon. Therefore, be careful when choosing the cosmetic center for liposuction in Egypt.

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