Plastic Surgery


Otoplasty is mostly performed on people who suffer from naturally caused deformities or have had an accident that caused them to become deformed. The operation aims to restore the ear to its natural shape, and this process has many successful experience


The nose is one of the most important aesthetic features of the face and its disproportion with the face sometimes causes embarrassment, especially if the nose is long or very wide, so in such cases a rhinoplasty is performed.



Blepharoplasty helps to permanently get rid of the sagging eyelids that occur as a result of age, and the patient is subjected to a set of accurate medical examinations before performing it.


Body contouring surgeries


Local obesity causes the emergence of certain areas in the body inconsistent with its appearance and it is called “sagging” and often the area (breast – buttocks – abdomen – chin) appears and liposuction of
all kinds such as laser liposuction or vaser liposuction helps to sculpt the body and reach the body Ideal and get rid of all the flabbiness of the body.

Abdominal tightening

Abdominoplasty is one of the most important plastic surgeries that aims to get rid of the accumulated fat in the abdominal area and tighten its muscle mass to reach a tight and harmonious abdomen with the body. The abdomen is tightened from
under the breasts to the pubic area, and it is also performed for people with umbilical hernia.

Arm sagging

The arm lift procedure helps to remove the excess skin and dissolve the sagging fat in the arm area. This procedure is performed by the latest G-plasma technology in the field of plastic surgery, where it works to
dissolve the accumulated fat and get rid of it permanently. 

Breast surgeries

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation: A cosmetic surgery that is performed in more than one way by placing implants under the breast tissue to increase its size. It is performed for people who suffer from atrophy in the breasts as a result of weight loss or after pregnancy and lactation, or their size is smaller than the normal rate.


breast reduction

Some women suffer from a difference in the size of the right breast from the smaller one, or the presence of flabbiness in their breasts, or the size of the breast is larger than the normal rate, in a way that causes them pain, so in this case they are subjected to a breast reduction surgery, some undergoing a set of medical tests.


breast lift

Breast lift surgery: It is one of the cosmetic breast surgeries that works to achieve tight and harmonious breasts with the appearance of the body. It is mostly performed on movie stars who want beautiful and attractive breasts. 


Injections and skin care

fat injection

Autologous fat injection: fat is taken from the patient’s body by a specific medical technique and injected into the desired place. Fat injection is used in many plastic surgeries. 


cosmetic injection

Cosmetic injections have become a common issue, thanks to modern medical cosmetic techniques, and it is only required to agree between the doctor and the patient on the area to be beautified and then perform the operation.


Hair and skin care

Skin rejuvenation and peeling sessions
Treatment of scars and facial pits Treatment
of hair spaces and hair transplantation

Other plastic surgeries

Gynecomastia treatment for men

Gynecomastia means breast growth and an increase in size from the normal rate due to hormonal reasons or due to the accumulation of fat in the chest area. Vaser or laser liposuction is performed to completely eliminate gynecomastia in men. 


Treatment of burns and post-burn deformities

Burns do not only cause physical pain, but also psychological pain, and treating burns in the current era has become easy with modern techniques in plastic surgery, so that plastic surgeons can treat burns permanently and the consequences thereof. 


dynamic body sculpting

4D body sculpting is a modern cosmetic technique that aims to sculpt and show the muscles of the body, and it is the ideal solution for women who want a tight and harmonious curvy body.