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Texas surgery

Texas jaw and face surgery

Texas surgery changes the shape of the lower part of the face so that a defined chin and lower jaw can be obtained in proportion to the rest of the face by injecting Texas.

The Texas surgery is performed by changing the bones of the lower jaw and chin area to make it sharper and more prominent. The operation is known as V line in English, meaning making the chin area similar to the letter V.

In many cultures, a thin and prominent chin is considered a sign of facial beauty, but the Texas technique is a surgical procedure to repair facial defects as well, and its role is not limited to being a cosmetic procedure only.

What is Texas surgery?

Texas surgery
Texas surgery

Previously known as the Texas Technique, it was a surgical technique in which the chin and lower jaw were reshaped by removing portions of the mandible and chin bones and required a full team of plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Currently, with the development of aesthetic medicine, the lower part of the chin and jaw is reshaped so that it becomes more prominent and the jaw becomes more wide through only Texas injections.

Texas injections are used to obtain a sharp, prominent chin and a defined and wide jaw without resorting to surgery and anesthesia, and the Texas operation takes only a few hours.

Texas technology differs from other cosmetic methods that work on face-lifting and removing wrinkles and facial lines.

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Texas surgery Advantages

Texas injections are characterized by:

  • Safe operation without surgical intervention and its complications
  • Avoid anesthesia and its complications
  • The progress of the process according to the person’s desire, the injection steps are done in front of the person
  • It is considered one of the low price operations
  • The recovery period after the injection is almost negligible and the person can return to his normal life on the same day
  • The results of the operation last for a relatively long period of 4-5 months
  • There is no objection to repeating the process, all the results are still
  • Texas operation is suitable for men and women of all ages, especially young people
  • Fast effective results
  • Texas injection does not conflict with other cosmetic techniques such as the Nefertiti technique
  • Post-operative complications are almost non-existent

Despite all these advantages, it is very important that you look for an experienced doctor to avoid complications that may occur as a result of infection.

When is the Texas surgery?

Texas surgery is performed for the purpose of plastic surgery, but there are some cases that require it to get rid of jaw problems, such as:

  1. When there is a problem in the shape of the jaw, make it whether the jaw is circular or square
  2. double chin
  3. Many women undergo the operation because their chin area is similar to the chin of men
  4. Cheek problems
  5. The presence of jaw, chin or cheek problems requires the Texas operation to solve and coordinate the shape of the lower part of the face to match the rest of the face, as the operation is commonly performed for cosmetic purpose only.

If the person is a non-smoker, enjoys a healthy life and does not suffer from blood diseases such as bleeding, this will make him have the best results.

Details of Texas facial surgery for jaw surgery

Texas surgery
Texas surgery

Texas operation is a simple plastic surgery that is characterized by its ease and short duration compared to other cosmetic operations, but there are some details that you should know to get better results.

Required examinations before the operation

The doctor may order some medical tests before the operation to make sure that you are in good health and there is nothing to prevent the operation, such as:

  1. complete blood picture
  2. clotting time and speed

These medical examinations are important to find out if the person suffers from blood diseases or not, especially bleeding or anemia, as they are considered obstacles to the operation.

Your doctor may ask you to stop smoking, alcohol, and other liquid medications at least a week before the injection.

Filler injection

The person is injected with local anesthetic first, waiting for half an hour to make sure that the person does not feel the pain of the injection in the area.

When making sure that the local anesthetic is working, the doctor places some marks on the corners of the jaw and chin area to guide him about the correct place for the injection.

Then the filler is injected in the places that the doctor has identified and he injects it in a tilted way to reduce pain and bleeding.


The Texas operation lasts only a few hours and takes 2-3 months until the results are visible. These results are as follows:

  • Exposing and challenging the angles of the lower jaw
  • Prominence and lengthening of the chin area and making the chin angle narrow to give the chin a sharp appearance
  • The period during which the results appear varies according to the doctor’s experience and the nature of the person. In some cases, it may require repeating the injection process several times to reach these results.

Chin filler before and after

The results of the chin filler appear clearly two months after the injection process, and the vast differences in the shape of the chin before and after become very clear.

Before the filler

In most cases, the lower jaw takes a circular or oval shape and is not defined, especially at the side corners, in addition to the fact that the chin is wide and not prominent, and in some cases a person may suffer from the presence of a double chin

After filler

The oval shape of the lower jaw is eliminated, the side angles are made wide, and the chin is made longer and more prominent, which gives the face consistency with the shape of the face and gives it a character of beauty.

Successful Experiences of Celebrities with Texas surgery

Recently, many celebrities have accepted the Texas facial operation, whether on the Arab or Western level, including the artist Angelina Jolie, Tamer Hosni, Tom Cruise, Ahmed Saad and others, and this was evident in the change in the shape of the chin and lower jaw for them from before.

What are the disadvantages of the Texas surgery?

Texas surgery
Texas surgery

Some damage may occur as a result of the Texas operation, but in small proportions due to several reasons, including:

  • The doctor’s mistake and insufficient experience, which may lead to the seventh nerve, but in rare cases
  • Allergy to the filler is one of the damages that cause the failure of the filler, so it is necessary to know the injection material and make sure that you are not allergic to it
  • The filler may fail due to an error in the labels that make the injection inconsistent on both sides
  • Swelling and cyanosis due to the injection site
  • Skin inflammation and redness

Cost of Texas surgery in Egypt

 The cost and price of Texas surgery in Egypt varies from one doctor to another and from one cosmetic center to another according to many variables, such as the scientific degree of the doctor performing the operation, his experience and his successes in the field of plastic surgery. Cheapest and best.

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