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Vaser surgery

Vaser surgery | Terms, Features and Successful Experiences

The Vaser surgery works on liposuction and body sculpting together and is currently used commonly as an alternative to surgical methods to get rid of sagging fat in different areas of the body such as the sides, abdomen, breasts or buttocks.

Vaser technique is suitable for both men and women, and it is one of the most used techniques in non-surgical plastic surgery, and its results are effective and quick to appear.

What is a Vaser device?

Vaser surgery
Vaser surgery

The Vaser device has been in use for more than 15 years and its mission is to break up the fat , melt it and then suck it out of the body easily.

This device works by using high-frequency ultrasound vibrations that are directed at the fat site and break the bonds between the fat cells and each other.

The vaser technique separates the superficial fat layer from the muscle layer underneath, which leads to highlighting these muscles and sculpting the body.

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Cases who use vaser  liposuction

Vaser liposuction gives the best results if these conditions are met:

  1. Overweight was around 15 pounds
  2. If your BMI is 30
  3. That the person is in good health
  4. If you suffer from localized fat that has exceeded its ability in your diet and sports, do not hesitate to undergo Vaser liposuction.

What is the use of vaser technology in the body?

Vaser technique is one of the common techniques in the United States, where it was performed nearly 250,000 times in 2018, and the technique is used in liposuction in addition to body sculpting, showing muscles and getting rid of localized fat accumulations.

Vaser technique for liposuction targets several areas of the body , such as:-

  • the chin.
  • arm.
  • abdomen.
  • buttocks
  • upper and lower back.
  • lower abdomen.

Vaser operation is also used today as a way to achieve a sculpted, proportioned body and prominent muscles for men and to reach the fashion of the curvy body for women.

Advantages of the vaser surgery

Vaser surgery
Vaser surgery
  • The vaser procedure helps in liposuction of localized fat and highlighting the muscles in a short period compared to surgical methods.
  • The vaser technique works on sculpting the body where the melted fat can be reused in other areas such as the chest and the buttocks .
  • It is considered better than surgical methods, as it is safer and less painful, as well as a shorter recovery period, all of which benefit the health and life of the individual.
  • The VASER Hi-Def technology is also considered a way to sculpt the body and liposuction in a less painful way, where the muscles are visible in less than two weeks.

Vaser surgery experiments

Ms. A.M. says that I was suffering from local obesity in the lower abdomen area, and my friends advised me to follow diet and exercise, and I have continued on the diet already, but the results were very slow until I got to know about Vaser liposuction and found that the results are wonderful. I got the six pack in Less than two weeks without any bruising

Another woman (A.D.) who suffers from a double chin problem says: I have always dreamed of improving the shape of my chin, especially since I have never suffered from obesity . But double chin was losing my self-confidence and preventing me from taking pictures. One day, I decided to perform a vaser liposuction, and the result was really Wonderful, I did not feel any pain and got rid of it completely.

A negative experience told by the lady (M.M) that after performing the liposuction procedure, fluid accumulated in her abdomen and made her have to go to the doctor more than once to withdraw these fluids from her body.

Before vaser operation

Before performing the vaser operation, the doctor performs the necessary medical examinations and obtains sufficient information about the upcoming operation:

  1. Does the person suffer from hypertension or diabetes?
  2. Has the patient had surgery before?
  3. Does he take medications for certain diseases, such as anti-inflammatory drugs ?
  4. Has the patient had liposuction before?
  5. Is he a smoker or taking any kind of drug?

The plastic surgeon will ask you to perform some medical tests to ensure your health, such as a complete blood picture and other analysis, you must be clear with your doctor to be able to reach the best results.

The person must also be in good health and not suffer from chronic diseases or blooflow problems, , and he should not take drugs that increase blood flow so as not to cause bleeding during the operation.

After the vaser surgery

After the operation, the doctor advises the person to rest completely for several days until his health  improves, and then the person can carry out daily activities easily.

Some swelling may occur at the site of the operation and it takes some time to disappear, but the period does not exceed two weeks, like other operations.

It is normal to feel slight pain after the operation, and the doctor may prescribe some painkillers to help you overcome it, especially after two weeks of the operation.

After the recovery period ends completely, the person begins to notice the results. For men, they will notice the final elimination of sagging and the emergence of muscles, and for women, the results will be noticed in the place of the operation by getting rid of local obesity once and for all in the place of the operation.

Vaser surgery for buttocks and thighs

Vaser surgery
Vaser surgery

The buttocks are one of the places where localized fat accumulates, especially in women, because buttocks fat is stubborn fat and it takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of it, so the solution is vaser.

The buttocks are injected with local anesthesia and the vaser device is directed to melt the existing fat, then this fat is suctioned with a medical suction. The process of liposuction of the buttocks and slimming the thighs is characterized by its ease and the recovery period is short, as it is possible to leave the hospital immediately after the operation, and the recovery period does not exceed a week.

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