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Waist and abdomen sculpting

 Waist and abdomen sculpting in Egypt

Waist and abdomen sculpting . Who among us does not dream of having a flat stomach and a sculpted waist like celebrities and stars, but what really hinders this is the accumulation of fat in the body that is difficult to treat, no matter how different ways to get rid of them are,and in the recent period many modern technologies have appeared that have helped to sculpt the waist and abdomen in a non-surgical way And it achieved very good results, according to the opinion of those who conducted it.

There are many details that you should know about abdominal sculpting operations, what are their types, advantages, disadvantages, and the most prominent results that they achieve, this is what we will learn about in detail.

What is waist sculpting?

 Waist and abdomen sculpting
Waist and abdomen sculpting

Waist sculpting is a cosmetic process in which the waist area is reshaped and tightened to give it a more perfect and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal procedure for those who have lost large amounts of weight and suffer from sagging and fat. It works to tighten the skin in addition to getting rid of stubborn fat cells to make the waist area more proportional with the rest of the body shape.

The techniques used in sculpting the waist differ, each of these techniques has a way of applying them. Some of them are done in a session system, and some are done in one session only, and due to their differences we will talk about them in detail in the next paragraph.

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Is it possible to sculpt the waist in a week?

In the old days and by traditional methods, waist sculpting needed a lot of time, but with the medical development, many quick and safe techniques have appeared that help you get a curvy and attractive body in less than a week, and among the best modern body sculpting methods:

  1. Laser body sculpting.
  2. Vaser sculpting of the waist
  3. Infrared body sculpting.
  4. Ionic body sculpting.

Each technique has its own way  and a comparison is made between them with your treating doctor to choose the best treatment solutions for your case according to the body shape and the result you dream of reaching.

Waist sculpting cosmetic methods?

 Waist and abdomen sculpting
Waist and abdomen sculpting

Aesthetic waist sculpting methods include many very special techniques, all of which are gentle on the skin and tissues so as not to harm them and their results are very accurate, among the most important techniques used in this:

Laser technology

Laser technology is one of the techniques that achieve very fast results in drawing and sculpting the waist and abdomen area within a very short period of time in a non-surgical manner, so the recovery from it is very fast, and there are three types of laser devices used to sculpt the abdomen and waist:

  • Smart lipo device.
  • Cool lipo device.
  • Souf lipo device.

These devices differ from each other in the strength of the laser beams emitted from each device and the degree of their depth and penetration into the skin. The laser treatment is carried out in a system of sessions whose number and frequency are determined with the attending physician after examining the case. During the session, local anesthesia is used or without it because it does not cause great pain .

Vaser (Ultrasound)

Vaser is one of the latest modern technologies in the field of cosmetics and has become the ideal alternative for many cosmetic surgeries. The vaser device is characterized by very accurate results and low rates of complications or risks after sculpting, and it does not require a large recovery period, but results appear immediately.

The waist is sculpted with Vaser under the influence of local anesthetic, there is no need for total anesthesia, then the doctor makes a small surgical incision that allows the introduction of the Vaser needle, and the fat cells are targeted and fragmented, and through ultrasound, they are dissolved and transformed into a liquid state to facilitate the suction process, whatever the quantity, then the incision is closed With surgery, the waist is sculpted in just one session and the results are visible immediately.

Ionic sculpting (G-plasma)

The ionic sculpting technique, or what is medically known as (G-plasma), is one of the latest technologies that has recently become famous in the field of cosmetics with its amazing results. Necessary to repair and renew cell damage to give the skin a more perfect shape and completely get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

The waist and abdomen are sculpted with the G-plasma technique through local anesthesia, which enables the doctor to make a precise surgical incision to insert the G-plasma device, then the helium energy is passed over the part of the body to be sculpted several times until the skin shrinks and is tightened to the required extent.

Quadrilateral Sculpture 4d

Four-dimensional body sculpting differs from ordinary body sculpting in that it is more accurate in drawing and sculpting the abdominal and waist muscles, and this is done in two steps:

  1. The first step is to get rid of the accumulated fat on the abdominal muscles in a very accurate way (pure fat that can be reused) and the abdominal muscles are drawn and sculpted to make a sportive form for men, and to show the areas of femininity in women.
  2. The second step is to re-inject the suctioned fat into the areas of the body that need it, such as the breasts, buttocks in women, to get a curvy and attractive body.

Is waist sculpting suitable for obese people?

Waist sculpting is not a way to lose excess weight and therefore it is not suitable for severe obesity cases until after getting rid of obesity, the best for these cases is to undergo a weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass, and then after the success of those operations, waist sculpting is performed using one of the previously mentioned techniques .

Candidates for waist and abdomen sculpting surgery

 Waist and abdomen sculpting
Waist and abdomen sculpting

There are some criteria that must be met by a person undergoing sculpting the waist and abdomen, most notably:

  • Enjoy good health.
  • Non-smoker (or stop 8 weeks before sculpting).
  • Have good muscle strength.
  • He does not suffer from chronic diseases.
  • Good skin elasticity.
  • He does not suffer from anemia or bleeding.
  • He has a positive outlook.

What are the advantages of waist sculpting?

The use of modern technologies in treatment gives you many advantages, the most important of which are:

  1. Impressive treatment results that appear immediately after the session ends.
  2. Much shorter recovery period than surgical body sculpting.
  3. The person does not experience pain during or after sculpting.
  4. Very safe techniques on the skin and does not cause burning or bruising.
  5. Significantly permanent results.

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