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What is 4D body contouring

What is 4D body contouring

Magazine covers, media platforms, and television never cease to highlight the toned and proportioned body shape, where you become surrounded by the ideal shape of the body. But what if you are already training strength to build muscle, accomplishing cardio to burn fat, and eating a healthy, balanced diet yet still lack this attractive and ideal body?

 4d body contouring aims to get rid of excess accumulated stubborn fats, tighten loose skin, and strengthen weak muscles, all in one, being the most effective and shortest way to achieve the ideal shape you dreamed of.

Dr. Ali Gaber discloses between the lines of this article, all you need to know about 4d body contouring.

What is 4D body contouring?

4D body contouring is a cosmetic procedure that combines various advanced techniques aimed to get rid of unwanted fat, show muscle consistency underneath it, and tighten the skin in a specific body area. This procedure features a high-resolution body and muscle highlighting in both static and dynamic states, that’s why it’s called 4d body contouring since it takes into account 4 dimensions in its consideration, which are length, depth, width, and the dynamic dimensions of the muscles.

4D body contouring gives the body a special beauty and accentuates its curves.

What makes 4d body contouring the best option for body sculpting?

While traditional body sculpting can reduce accumulated fat pockets to improve the overall shape, 4D body contouring gets rid of accumulated fats, accentuates muscle tone, and tightens loose skin. This procedure doesn’t create your contour by sculpting your fat, rather, it accentuates the natural muscle tone as well.

The surgeon’s skill is the cornerstone for the success of this procedure. Not every surgeon who carries out traditional liposuction can carry out 4D body contouring and achieve great results since this procedure needs specialized training.

Am I a good candidate for 4D body contouring?

Unlike traditional body contouring, 4D body contouring is considered a highly specialized procedure. Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert and the plastic surgeon states that patients should have the following criteria to enjoy the best results.

The patient should be reasonably fit 

Since 4D body contouring works to accentuate a patient’s musculature, patients should have good muscle tone to enjoy the best results.

The patient should have good skin elasticity

4d body contouring sculpts a selected body area in detail, reduces the fat layer, and strengthens the muscles underneath, so the skin needs to be elastic enough to contract well for optimal results.

Patients should possess  ideal or near-ideal body weight

Since this procedure is not a weight loss tool, in addition,  it will not be effective for obese or overweight patients.

Patients should be non-smokers

Smoking increases the risk of complications during the procedure and delays the healing process.

What is 4D body contouring
What is 4D body contouring

What makes one think about 4D body contouring?

Once you are a good candidate for 4d body sculpting, you should think about undergoing this procedure in the following situations:

  • You are not satisfied with the accumulation of fat in a selected area while you are satisfied with your body weight.
  • You are following a diet and routine exercise for a long period and a certain body area is not affected.
  • You are Satisfied with your weight but not satisfied with your shape.
  • You are suffering from an unproportioned body.

What kind of results should I expect?

While 4d body sculpting will not make you fantastically thinner, however, it will help you look better enjoying more visible and highlighted muscle definition.

Enjoying these unbelievable results depends on having a skilled, highly experienced plastic surgeon perform this procedure. ask to see before and after photos of the procedure of the surgeon’s previous patients so that you can imagine what the surgeon’s work looks like.

Among the extra benefits of the 4D body sculpting process over the traditional body contouring is that you will get the following:

  • A more defined and well-shaped body part.
  • Thinner appearance.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Toned muscle movement.

Are the results easy to maintain?

4D body sculpting results are long-lasting as long as you are maintaining a stable weight, healthy eating habits, and routine exercise. Once you gain weight your sculpted appearance might diminish.

The great thing you have to know about 4D body contouring is that most patients discover that this “quick fix” enables them to stay committed to their long-term healthy lifestyle goals. With these results, they are motivated to stay fit and healthy.

4D body contouring Recovery period

Dr. Ali Gaber ensures that the recovery from this procedure depends on several factors such as the amount of fat needed to be removed, the area needed to be sculpted, the technique used, the general health, and the surgeon’s skills.

For example,  surgical 4D body sculpting techniques take weeks to fully recover, however, non-surgical techniques have much shorter recovery times.

What is Vaser 4D body contouring?

  • Vaser 4D body sculpting is an advanced technique for body sculpting that depends on ultrasound waves to remove fat and reveal the underlying muscle structure in a specific body area to give an athletic and toned appearance.
  • This technique is most popularly used for the abdominal area,  the arms, thighs, and back.
  •  This technique can be followed with fat re-injections to the breasts, buttocks, or other areas since VASER body sculpting is characterized by removing fat more cleanly compared to traditional liposuction techniques.

Dr. Ali Gaber the best plastic surgeon for 4d body contouring

As we mentioned before, this type of body sculpting requires highly skilled plastic surgeons to ensure optimal results. Dr. Ali Gaber, the plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist is one of the best plastic surgeons to carry out 4d body contouring in Egypt and the Arab world.

He has carried out more than 3000 successful liposuction, breast augmentation surgery, and breast reduction surgery, in addition to his scientific efforts in medical research for treating gynecomastia in men.

And for 4d body sculpting, Dr. Ali Gaber is the best plastic surgeon in Egypt in this procedure according to his clients’ reviews. And finally, Dr. Ali Gaber’s integrated clinics provide all cosmetic medical services with the highest level of patient care and follow-up.

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