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Plastic surgery clinic Egypt and types of plastic surgery

Are you looking for places for a Plastic surgery clinic Egypt? We offer you one of the best Plastic surgery clinics in Egypt. Many people worldwide, mainly Arab and foreign stars, resort to plastic surgery in Egypt to appear with the most beautiful face and the most beautiful image in front of the masses and become more attractive. And there is another category. Many people resort to plastic surgery because they have defects and congenital malformations due to accidents that have disfigured their faces and bodies. Through them, they can treat their problems.

Plastic surgery clinic Egypt

The history of Plastic surgery clinic Egypt is not only in the modern era; plastic surgery has spread in previous eras, but with straightforward tools that are not in the same scientific development in the methods and medical devices used. Solving many problems with laser, such as laser body sculpting and liposuction held within laser liposuction clinics, through which the body and abdomen are tightened to obtain a slim body, unlike the surgeries performed to get a better weight. There is another group of plastic surgeries to solve other problems, Like rhinoplasty some people suffer from.

Types of plastic surgeries clinic Egypt

Types of plastic surgeries clinic Egypt
Types of plastic surgeries clinic Egypt

The Department of Plastic surgery clinic Egypt includes a wide range of operations aimed at repairing body tissues and skin, improving appearance in general, and restoring confidence in people, perhaps the most important of which are:

  • Facial plastic surgery.
  • Lip augmentation operations.
  • Eye plastic surgery.
  • Dental cosmetic surgeries.
  • Butt lift surgery.
  • Penis plastic surgery.
  • Buttocks plastic surgery.
  • Breast augmentation for women.

Enjoy a better appearance through breast Plastic surgery clinic Egypt, the best breast plastic surgeon, and there are other operations inside the Center such as the following:

  1. Lip plastic surgery.
  2. El Hassan character plastic surgery.
  3. Eyelid surgeries.
  4. Acne plastic surgery.
  5. Burn plastic surgery.
  6. Scar plastic surgery.
  7. Varicose removal.
  8. Laser liposuction.

Inside the clinic, enjoy a better appearance by tightening the sagging of the body and the abdomen in one of the best laser liposuction centers in Egypt.

Plastic surgery clinic Egypt 2022

The prices of plastic surgery in Egypt are one of the most critical factors that distinguish them and push many people worldwide to prefer them over other countries. Prices vary according to the type of operation itself.

As well as the Center and the experience of the surgeon who will perform the surgery, and when talking about the best plastic surgeon in Egypt, we must mention the name of Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon in Egypt.

Plastic surgery clinic Egypt

Where the Dr. Ali Gaber  center contains a special section for dermatology and laser, and it has the latest laser technologies inside the Center, which are suitable for many purposes, including:

  • Laser facial rejuvenation.
  • Laser acne treatment.
  • Laser vaginal tightening device.

The Center also has staff specialized in all cosmetic specialties in Egypt, and among the most critical procedures carried a cosmetic consultant in Egypt:

  • Filler injections for the face, eyes, and nose.
  • Botox injections tighten the look without resorting to surgery.
  • Surgical facelift.
  • Neck tightening.
  • Removing the wattle and double chin.
  • Laser for skin rejuvenation and acne.
  • Narrowing the vagina for women.
  • Hair mesotherapy sessions.
  • Hair plaza sessions.
  • Facial rejuvenation injections.
  • Liposuction and body contouring
Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery

When discussing plastic surgery, we can not forget about liposuction and body contouring because it is one of the most general operations of our time. It is possible to obtain a harmonious and graceful body.

This type of operation helps to get rid of the accumulated fat in several body areas, including (liposuction of the chest buttocks, breast reduction for women, liposuction of the buttocks, sides, and abdomen).

Therefore, you are considered one of the most critical procedures that characterize the Center. Many young men and women from the Gulf countries come to Egypt to perform this safe operation with Dr. because he is the best doctor and consultant of plastic surgery and body contouring in Egypt. He has a good reputation in the medical field and excellent skills.

Plastic surgery clinic Egypt problems

In previous periods, many unlicensed cosmetic centers spread, and this is one of the biggest problems of plastic surgery in Egypt, which is dealing with people who do not have high experience, and at the best plastic surgeon in Egypt does not suffer from any problem of Plastic surgery clinic Egypt problems.

Since ancient times, Egypt has been the second civilization to adopt a Plastic surgery clinic Egypt after India. The ancient Egyptians corrected a broken nose.

As for modern history, Egypt occupies second place in plastic surgery in the Arab world after Lebanon in terms of the start date. It was one of the first and most famous plastic surgeries in 1917 AD for the British pilot Walter Yeo, the first skin grafting operation.

But if we talk about its development, Egypt is in regressive centers compared to many cosmetic centers in the Gulf countries, which outweighs them in terms of capabilities and not the experience and skill of doctors.

What are the services provided by beauty centers in Egypt? What are the average prices for these operations? How to choose the best cosmetic Center?

Our next article will answer any other questions through a scout. It also includes all branches of beauty centers in Egypt and their prices, especially the best beauty clinic in Cairo and beauty clinics in Alexandria.

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