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ear plastic surgeries

The 5 most famous ear plastic surgeries

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ear plastic surgeries is a very important type of plastic surgery at the present time and is performed for people who suffer from ear deformities. During this process, the plastic surgeon adjusts the shape and size of the ears and adjusts their position with the shape of the head.

In this article, we will talk about the 5 most famous ear plastic surgeries, the most important features and conditions of operations, and we will explain all the information you need to know before performing the operation.

What is ear plastic surgery?

ear plastic surgeries
ear plastic surgeries

Otoplasty is a process that aims to modify the defects in the ear in terms of size and shape to match the shape and size of the head. It is a surgery that takes between one to 3 hours, and varies according to the patient’s condition. The operation is performed under local anesthesia in addition to giving the patient some sedatives, and in cases Young children are done under general anesthetic.

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Protruding ear surgery

The prominent ear plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which cases that suffer from the large size of the ear and its distance from the head are treated. On the normal shape of the ear.

In the event of problems during this stage of development, such as the cartilage becoming incomplete, the problem of the prominent ear occurs.

Prominent ear operation steps:

  • The patient is given general anesthesia.
  • The plastic surgeon makes an incision behind the ear to facilitate access to the cartilage.
  • The doctor works on reshaping the cartilage according to the new shape of the ear and fixing it well.
  • After the operation is completed, the doctor closes the incision with a cosmetic stitch and medical dressings are placed.
  • This process takes one to three hours, depending on the condition of the ear.

Cut ear surgery

Excision of the ear is one of the most famous plastic surgeries that are performed to reconstruct the outer structure of the ear. This operation is often done with surgery that treats deformed ears (congenital defects), or those that have been traumatized.

Before the operation:

  1. The doctor learns the family medical history and orders the patient a thorough examination in addition to hearing tests.
  2. The doctor will determine the course of the operation, such as whether he will use ear cartilage or skin to beautify the ear and rebuild it, or if he needs to insert some prosthetics.
  3. Ear resection surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which puts the patient into a deep sleep during the procedure.
  4. In some cases, the operation is performed under local anesthesia, which allows the patient to remain in a state of alertness during the operation, but is under the influence of sedatives to keep him in a relaxed state.
  5. The doctor performs the necessary procedure according to the case through a delicate surgical incision and it is closed cosmetically.
  6. It is very necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation and to consult a doctor in case you feel abnormal symptoms.

 Closed ear plastic surgery

ear plastic surgeries
ear plastic surgeries

Some suffer from the problem of a closed ear as a result of the lack of development of the auditory canal in whole or in part, and this is often associated with a closure in the eardrum, so we find that children who face this problem suffer from deafness due to the inability of sounds to reach the middle ear, and often The cochlea is normal and does not have any problems.

Closed ear plastic surgery treats this problem by surgically opening the ear canal to build the eardrum. In addition, the doctor restores the natural path of sounds from the middle ear to the inner ear to improve the hearing process,

In some cases, the doctor uses some hearing devices to treat ear atresia, as these devices work to deliver sounds to the inner ear by causing specific vibrations in the bones of the skull.

Bat ear aesthetics

Bat ear or bat ear includes cases that have problems in the formation and anatomy of the outer ear, and more precisely, we notice this case when the ear elongates and protrudes outward and is far from the head very noticeably, with a protrusion or a pointed end at the top of the ear sometimes, resulting in a feeling of embarrassment and lack of confidence Self-esteem, especially since the figure is striking, especially in cases of children who are prone to bullying.

Bat ear plastic surgery helps to adjust the shape of the ear and make it more suitable for the shape of the face and more close to the head, which enhances self-confidence and appears very naturally through simple and precise surgery.

Auricle augmentation surgery

Otoplasty surgeries are widespread, especially the ear flap because it is an exposed and unprotected area and is more prone to injuries and trauma. The ear flap is made of cartilage that does not contain blood vessels, and with the spread of cosmetic surgeries, treatment has become easier.

The ear flap plastic surgery is very important for children to treat the problem as early as seven years of age, and the operation can be performed starting from the age of four years, and the operation can be performed for adults.

Candidates for Otoplasty

A large group of teenagers and young adults can perform ear plastic surgery, including cases who suffer from:

  • Two big ears.
  • Two prominent ears.
  • Small or incompletely formed ear.
  • Cracks and wrinkles in the ear flap.
  • Folded ear (a cup-shaped ear with the upper and lower ends folded inward).
  • cochlear ear;
  • Skin tags in front of the ear opening.

The most important advantages of ear plastic surgery

ear plastic surgeries
ear plastic surgeries

Ear plastic surgery brings many advantages to patients, the most important of which are:

  • Get the perfect shape of the ear and get rid of all annoying problems.
  • Boost your self-confidence after getting a natural ear.
  • The surgery is done through a tiny incision behind the ear and does not result in any visible scars or marks from the surgery.
  • The perfect solution for treating ear malformations and birth defects.
  • Recovery from the operation is fast but it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully.
  • There are many techniques for beautifying the ear (with French threads, laser, regular surgery) from which the appropriate doctor chooses.

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