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best rhinoplasty docter

The best rhinoplasty docter in egypt

best rhinoplasty docter where Rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic procedures that have spread recently and attracted the attention of many women and men of all ages, which prompted many to search for the best rhinoplasty doctor in Egypt and other Arab countries.

Many women suffer from lack of self-confidence or complete satisfaction with the shape of the nose, especially if the cause is a congenital defect since birth or as a result of an accident in the nose that caused a change in the shape of the nose.

Cosmetic surgery is not limited to repairing defects in the shape only, but also correcting defects that cause breathing problems, such as deviated nasal septum, where rhinoplasty is the solution to the breathing problem.

What is cosmetic rhinoplasty?

best rhinoplasty docter
best rhinoplasty docter

best rhinoplasty docter is a surgical procedure to repair defects in the nose, including congenital defects, size and shape problems, and problems that affect breathing such as a deviated septum.

During the cosmetic rhinoplasty operation, the attending physician determines the location of the changes that will be made, whether in the bones that make up the upper part or the cartilage that makes up the lower part of the nose, or make changes in both of them.

The attending physician should be chosen on the basis of experience. Rhinoplasty operations require a lot of skill and precision because it is the primary airway and an unintentional medical error may lead to many breathing problems.

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When is rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty is performed in these cases:

  1. Congenital defects that cause a change in the external shape of the nose
  2. Internal nasal defects that affect breathing.
  3. Change the size of the nose, whether it is reduced or enlarged.
  4. Deformation in the shape of the nose as a result of fractures and cracks.
  5. crooked nose
  6. Reduce or enlarge the nostrils
  7. Flat nose

The need for surgical intervention in this case is determined by the plastic surgeon, and the higher the capabilities and experience of the doctor, the success rate of the operation without complications increases, and the harmonious shape of the nose that the patient desires is achieved.

Criteria for choosing the best rhinoplasty doctor in Egypt

There are some criteria that help you choose the right plastic surgeon for your condition and that increase your confidence in the doctor, including:


The plastic surgeon must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery and then a doctorate or master’s degree in the specialty of plastic surgery. The doctor’s obtaining a bachelor’s degree only or being a general practitioner does not make him competent to work in plastic surgery, especially since plastic surgery is one of the very complex surgeries.

In light of the modern medical system in Egypt, the doctor’s obtaining a fellowship in health in plastic surgery makes him trustworthy for patients, and there are some major specialized organizations that some doctors obtain as an alternative to a doctorate and a master’s and make the doctor trustworthy, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery certification.

Successful experiences

best rhinoplasty docter
best rhinoplasty docter

The opinions of patients and clients who performed their operations with the doctor are the truest evidence of the doctor’s experience and knowledge of his true capabilities. His experiences are the measure of his success or failure.

Many successful experiences of the doctor make him the most skilled in performing his work, especially since the specialty of plastic surgery requires accuracy and focus.

Patient evaluations after the operation and the pictures taken by the therapist before and after the operation, including the time at which these pictures were taken, are one of the best ways to assess the doctor’s experience and skill.

Aftercare after the operation

A good doctor should not neglect the recovery period and take care of patients after the operation, as the period following the operation is important for the success of the plastic surgery and contributes greatly to obtaining good permanent results.

The doctor should provide great care to the patient to speed up the recovery period, make sure to follow up the patient well and respond to his inquiries, and make sure that the patient obtains normal results, while hiding the post-operative scars and traces of wounds and quickly returning to normal life.

What are the questions to ask the rhinoplasty doctor?

Before deciding to perform a rhinoplasty, make sure to inform your doctor of all your medical history for your family, especially the presence of diseases such as chronic diseases such as pressure, diabetes or blood diseases

Ask important questions such as:

  1. How long is the recovery period after the operation?
  2. Does the operation affect the functions of the nose, such as smelling or breathing?
  3. Does rhinoplasty leave scars?
  4. Will you undergo local anesthesia or general anesthesia?
  5. Do you have health problems that interfere with this operation?

Choose a doctor that you can communicate with comfortably and has the experience and patience to answer your various questions in a simple way that helps you make the right decision.

 Rhinoplasty doctor’s instructions during the recovery period

best rhinoplasty docter
best rhinoplasty docter

The skilled doctor is keen to follow up the patient well during the recovery period to reduce its duration and obtain quick and natural results. Among the instructions provided by the best rhinoplasty doctor are the following:

  1. Take antibiotics and pain relievers
  2. Take care of the wound and not expose it to water with a topical antibiotic for the nose
  3. No bruising in the nose area
  4. Not taking any action without consulting the attending physician
  5. The doctor may ask you to put a medical tape or stent to protect the nose after the operation
  6. Do not bloat until two weeks after the operation

Advantages of dealing with the best rhinoplasty doctor

Recently, there are many doctors who have practiced plastic surgery, but dealing with the best rhinoplasty doctor has many advantages such as reaching the desired results quickly, good treatment, taking care of the patient’s interest and reducing the chances of complications, all with a short recovery period and satisfactory results at appropriate costs.

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We cannot say that Dr. Ali Gaber is the best plastic surgeon in Egypt, but the results of his successful operations, the evaluations of his patients and their testimony of the doctor’s good treatment and concern for their health, along with providing the best modern devices to obtain fast and guaranteed results, makes him among the list of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt.