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curvy body

The curvy body is an easy trend by Liposuction.

The shape of the woman’s body is divided according to the distribution of fat and muscle into 6 types, and the curvy body, or what is known as the hourglass body, is one of those forms that many girls nowadays wish to possess.

The curvy body is characterized by the distribution of fat in certain amounts in the middle and butt area, which gives the body a harmonious shape and an attractive appearance that distinguishes it. But how do we get a curvy body? This is what we will get to know.

Define the curvy body

curvy body
curvy body

Curvy body is the most attractive body, as it is characterized by equal distribution of chest and thigh fat with a small waist rotation, which gives the body an hourglass shape.

The definition of the curvilinear body is not limited to these measurements only, but there are other sizes for this body:

  1. The chest measurement is 1.5 percent larger than the waist measurement.
  2. The waist measurement is equivalent to the height measurement in 0.375.
  3. These measurements give the body a curved shape that resembles an hourglass or what is known in English as a curve, which is the reason for calling it this name.

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 How did the curvy body fashion begin?

In the past years, thinness was the fashion for women, and there were many campaigns calling for getting rid of obesity and obtaining a slim body.

With the emergence of many celebrities in the last 5 years who have a curvy body, this fashion has spread and many women have begun to seek this form, whether in sports or plastic surgery.

curvy body specifications

The body varies according to the sizes of the chest, waist, buttocks, and according to these measurements, the shape of the body is determined and the specifications of the curvy body are:

  1. Small waist measurement.
  2. The buttocks measure equal to the chest size.
  3. The chest measurement is larger than the buttocks measurement and is known as the upper curvy body.
  4. Curve texture is characterized by an increase in fat percentage from the normal rate by a small percentage.

You can reach these specifications through cosmetic procedures such as different body sculpting, which gives you access to this body easily and in a shorter time than sports, and you can follow a specific nutrition system and certain exercises to reach this curvy texture.

It is worth noting: If you have a curvy body, pay attention to your diet, exercise regularly, and try to stay away from fatty foods full of calories to maintain the shape of the body.

Curvy fashion in the face of the French body, which wins?

The French body is a fashion that prevailed in previous years, but nowadays, the curvilinear body is the prevailing fashion that women prefer and also men prefer in the woman they are looking for, but who will win?

Women who have a curvy body are characterized by a higher percentage of fat than the normal rate, but the distribution of this fat is in certain places such as the chest and buttocks, which makes the body shape attractive than the French body.

The result is that the fashion for the curvilinear body triumphs over the French body to become the fashion of our current and future eras.

How do I get the curvy body at the lowest cost?

curvy body
curvy body

Aesthetic medicine aims to help women reach the appropriate curvy body at the lowest cost and without suffering from sports and nutrition, which takes a long time to see its effect. There are several cosmetic methods to reach the curvy body, including:

4D body sculpting

Four-dimensional body sculpting is a combination of liposuction and redistribution of these fats so that the shape of the body is formed according to the person’s desire.

The liposuction is done by vaser technique, and then this fat is injected into another area such as the chest or buttocks area and others according to the position the person wants.

The four-dimensional body sculpting technique works on sculpting the body, highlighting muscle areas, and reducing the waist area, and through it, the curvy body can be obtained easily and conveniently.

It is necessary to deal with an experienced doctor because the four-dimensional body sculpting is one of the latest techniques, and it also requires high skill.


The G-plasma device is one of the modern devices that has proven its efficacy in skin tightening, liposuction, and body sculpting through a small opening in the skin using local anesthesia, which makes this technique safe.

The mechanism of the G-plasma device works through helium gas and radio waves, and it works by generating large heat energy that causes fat cells to shrink, thus working on liposuction and tightening the skin at the same time.

Plasma-G is a suitable technique for all people, provided that there are no chronic diseases such as heart, kidney and liver diseases and that the person is a non-smoker.

The G-plasma technology helps to reach the body’s curvy specifications by melting fat from a certain area, and injecting it into areas of the body according to the measurements and criteria of the curvy shape.

Vaser technology

Vaser technology relies on ultrasound to suction stubborn local fat and separate it from the muscle layer below it by breaking the outer covering of fat cells and melting them

Vaser High-Def. technology is the latest development of Vaser technology that works on liposuction, highlighting muscles, body sculpting, and skin tightening, all of this with the utmost precision.

Vaser technique is the best technique to get the six pack muscles, whether for men or women, and to highlight them and does not cause any damage to other tissues surrounding the muscle layer while dissolving fat.

Physical exercises to get a curvy body

We cannot deny the role of sports in making the body harmonious and attractive, but in the case of a curvy body, it takes a lot of patience and a lot of commitment to reach this result.

Exercises should target the waist, chest, buttocks areas and should perform in the right way and warm up well before starting these exercises.

There are many exercises that work to tighten and sculpt the body and help in obtaining the curvilinear body. These exercises include the following:


A famous exercise to slim the waist area and tighten the abdominal muscles, you can do it by pressing your arms and the ends of your feet and making your body straight and tight for a period starting from 20 – 60 seconds.

Squat exercise

curvy body
curvy body
  1. An exercise that works on the buttock area to enlarge it and increase muscle mass, as well as strengthening the muscles of the legs and abdomen.
  2. These exercises work on the movement of the lower body, but you should follow up with a plastic surgeon and nutritionist to reach the curvilinear shape without exaggerating the exercises.

Push up

The push-up exercise is one of the famous exercises that works to strengthen the muscles of the upper part. This exercise works to strengthen the muscles of the hand and tighten the chest area. It is one of the most important exercises of the curvilinear body because it increases the attractiveness of women.

Lateral push-up

  • The side push exercise is one of the important exercises for the buttocks area that works to enlarge it while tightening the body, especially the waist area, and you can do this exercise with Use weights to get better results.
  • There are many exercises, but these exercises are the most popular. Do the exercises in groups of each group 10 times and repeat these groups three times to get the best results.
  • The use of weights in the exercise increases the effectiveness of the exercises and makes them give better and faster results in obtaining a curved curvilinear body resembling an hourglass.

Is the process of the curvy body painful?

No, it is not painful, as body sculpting techniques are very modern, and they are done by anesthetizing the person , whether general or local anesthesia, and the person does not feel any pain during sculpting and defining to reach the appropriate curvature.

Can this process be done in installments?

Yes, most beauty centers in Egypt perform plastic surgery to reach the curvy body in installments, according to certain conditions that are agreed upon in advance before the operation.

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