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thread Facelift

My experience with thread Facelift

thread Facelift are a modern technology that appeared to treat skin sagging without the need for surgical intervention. These threads work to tighten the face and give a more youthful aesthetic appearance to the face and neck. This technique aroused curiosity with its distinctive results, as it is performed in a non-surgical way and costs less than other methods, so here are the most important details the procedure related to the operation, the recovery period, its results, as well as the most important instructions to be taken into account after the operation.

What are thread Facelift?

thread Facelift
thread Facelift

thread Facelift are a cosmetic method aimed at lifting and tightening the sagging of the face and neck that appear with age or weight loss, and they are threads with a thickness of not more than 0.1 consisting of gold, and are inserted into the skin through the use of very small needles to implant and tighten the threads in order to bring the tissues closer from each other.

It is an ideal procedure in the late thirties to mid-fifties provided that the condition is in good health, it is the best solution to hide the signs of aging and aging, and it is ideal for those people who want a face lift without surgical intervention.

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Facelift with golden threads

Golden threads are a type of thread used in face-lifting, their use helps to produce fibers and boost collagen production in the skin that restores freshness and vitality to the skin and helps build new tissues that increase the thickness of the skin. expressiveness.

Surgery terms

The process of facelift with golden threads does not require conditions or restrictions other than the enjoyment of the condition in good health. As for the people who are suitable for the process, they are men and women who want to get rid of facial wrinkles and symptoms of early aging, including:

  • Relaxation and sagging of the face.
  • sagging eyebrows;
  • Neck sagging.
  • Lift the area under the chin (the wattle).

It is an ideal procedure that gently lifts the face and achieves immediate results without causing scars or bruises in the skin. As for the target group, it is from 35 to 55 years old, who have started to show signs of aging.


thread Facelift
thread Facelift

Thread lift procedures can vary depending on the area to be treated and the basic technique is often the same. In general, we will explain the most important steps of the process:

  • The first step, the doctor will ask the patient to relax in the operating room until the operation site is sterilized and the local anesthetic is injected into the skin in preparation for the surgery.
  • The plastic surgeon will insert a very fine needle or cannula to insert the threads under the skin through it, and this takes about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • After the doctor has finished inserting all the threads, the needles will be removed and you can feel tightness or pressure under the skin.
  • Once the doctor has removed all the needles, the operation will be over and you can leave the hospital immediately.


The process of facelift with golden threads achieves very natural results in treating the sagging skin of the face and neck and showing the person at a younger age, which increases self-confidence and renews the spirit of youth and vitality of the skin in the least possible treatment period.

One of the most important advantages of this operation is that it does not leave scars or marks indicating the operation.

Much faster recovery than other facelift surgeries.

It is worth noting that the results of face-lift operations are permanent, but the successful effect of the operation lasts for a period of one to three years, and its survival depends on the nature of the skin and the extent of adherence to the doctor’s instructions.

Recovery time from the operation

Recovery from a facelift with threads takes place within a very short period compared to other methods of facelift, during the first period after the operation, it is noted:

  1. The appearance of some swelling and bruising that gradually disappears within days, and after a few weeks it disappears completely.
  2. After lifting the threads, you can practice your normal activity, but it is recommended after rubbing the face vigorously, while avoiding sleeping on your side during the first weeks after the operation.
  3. For a speedy recovery, it is recommended to apply daily moisturizers as prescribed by the doctor and to sleep with your head propped up to avoid pressure on the newly placed stitches.
  4. After the operation, avoid saunas and exercises that require high effort during the first week of the operation after lifting the threads.

My experience with a thread Facelift

One of the women tells about her experience before undergoing the face-lift with threads, how the shape of her skin changed for the better, when the results of the operation appeared, and how was her condition during the recovery period from the operation.

Before the surgery

The problem I had was the presence of some wrinkles on my face and I wanted to get rid of them, and I tried many masks that I found on the Internet, but it did not work. I seriously thought about searching for the easiest, painless, and faster cosmetic procedures, and I found that the facelift process with threads is the most suitable for me.

After I decided to search for facial plastic surgery clinics in the city of Alexandria, the plastic surgeon recommended some tests and examinations before determining the operation.

After face lift

thread Facelift
thread Facelift

I was very worried about the face-lift with threads, but the exact opposite happened. It was an easy and simple procedure, as it was performed in just an hour under the influence of local anesthetic, and I got out of the operation. I noticed a big difference between her face before and after she entered the operating room.

I suffered from slight swelling for a few days, and after the swelling and redness subsided, the results appeared and the wrinkles and facial lines disappeared completely, the doctor advised her and the doctor advised me to eat healthy and reduce eating full of carbohydrates and relying on a healthy diet.

The most important instructions after a thread Facelift

There are some instructions that the case must follow after the operation to get the best treatment result, including:

  1. Take the medications prescribed by the doctor, as well as pain relievers when needed.
  2. Stop applying cosmetics during the first week of the operation.
  3. Avoid taking liquid medications such as aspirin for at least two weeks.
  4. Avoid pressing or rubbing the face vigorously for a week after the procedure.
  5. Sleep on the back and avoid sleeping on the side as much as possible.
  6. You should stay away from saunas and women’s baths

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