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Jett plasma

Jett plasma for skin tightening

Jett plasma, skin sagging and wrinkling is one of the most common symptoms of aging, and it is a very annoying sign for many women who try to hide it, but with time the skin loses a lot of collagen and minor sagging develops into sagging in different areas of the face such as the neck, eyelid, and the lower part of the jaw. Jet plasma is the best medical solution for tightening the skin and sagging in a short period of time.

About Jett Plasma

Jett plasma
Jett plasma

Plasma is generally known as the fourth state of matter other than the solid, liquid, and gaseous state in which the particles are in the ionized form. As for the Jet Plasma device, it is a low-energy medical device used to tighten loose skin from the face, neck and eyelids. Well-known plasma that treats skin sagging and stimulates collagen production in the skin.

The mechanism of action of the Jet Plasma device depends on the use of local anesthesia and moving the device  on the skin. It stimulates the flow of emitted plasma energy to promote the production of new collagen that improves the condition of the skin, rejuvenation and freshness.

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Jett plasma uses

Most areas of the body can be treated with Jet Plasma technology, as it is the ideal alternative to surgical tightening with a very excellent treatment outcome.

Among the most famous uses of the Jet Plasma device:

Face lift with Jett plasma

Plasma Jett is used to beautify the face by eliminating fine lines, tightening wrinkles even in the most sensitive areas such as the eyelids, around the mouth, as well as the double chin , in addition to treating scars, skin pigmentation.

During this session, the doctor injects the patient with local anesthetic to avoid pain, then a small incision is created that helps to insert the device that tightens the skin and treats flabbiness immediately, regardless of the degree of sagging. And she became more beautiful and fresh.

Jett plasma to tighten the abdomen

Jett plasma
Jett plasma

G-plasma technology treats the annoying sagging of the abdomen in just one session, as the patient immediately after the session will be able to notice the results, and within several months the results begin to stabilize, during this period collagen is formed in the body and the appearance of the skin improves.

Abdominoplasty steps

  1. The doctor uses a local anesthetic before starting the session, and then makes a small incision.
  2. The doctor inserts the device into the area to be treated and begins to emit helium gas accompanied by radio waves.
  3. Heat energy of 80 degrees Celsius is emitted, and then helium gas comes into play, which instantly cools the area, causing the skin to shrink.
  4. The doctor closes the incision with a cosmetic stitch.

Plasma Jett for eyelid tightening

  • Jett plasma technology is used to tighten the upper and lower eyelids without surgery or pain, in addition to treating the problem of eye puffiness and fine wrinkles.
  • The session is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, then the doctor uses a small instrument with a blunt tip that approaches the skin without touching it, emitting an electric arc that resembles a flash.
  • This results in the evaporation of the excess skin around the eye and eyelid, and the problem of sagging skin and wrinkles is treated without causing bruises, scars or compromising the internal tissues.
  • The duration of the session is approximately 10 to 15 minutes and does not require entering the operating room, as it is a simple procedure.
  • The results appear within a week of the session, after which the patient can see the freshness and vitality on the eye area.

Tighten the accumulated sagging in a specific area of ​​the body

Jet plasma technology is one of the most important and latest cosmetic technologies that have emerged as an effective treatment for the problem of sagging skin and combating skin laxity, in addition to giving the skin flexibility and remarkable beauty without the need for surgical interventions.

Jet plasma technology uses helium gas radiofrequency to tighten skin sagging. When the plasma energy comes into contact with the skin, oxygen is removed from the surface of the skin without being subjected to melting or vaporization of the skin. As for helium gas, it helps to shrink and tighten the skin.

Face wrinkle tightening

Doctors use the Jett Plasma device to tighten the face and get rid of fine lines on a superficial level under the skin, whose function is to tighten the skin and renew the cells that have been destroyed in order to obtain a vibrant, attractive and youthful appearance without resorting to surgery or pain. Cold on the skin, which causes tissue contractions and tightening of the skin directly during the session

What are the advantages of j-plasma

Jett plasma
Jett plasma

J-plasma technology has a set of unique features that made it the perfect solution to the problem of sagging skin, the most important of which are:

  • A very safe and precise non-surgical technique.
  • It does not require major surgical intervention, only very small incisions.
  • Remove signs of aging from the skin, and effectively treat sagging and puffiness around the eyes.
  • It gives the patient natural results.
  • It can be used on more than one area of ​​the body, such as “the face, neck, abdomen, and most parts of the body.”
  • Immediate results, quick recovery.
  • A completely safe procedure on the skin and has no complications or risks.
  • It boosts collagen production in the skin, which makes it more vibrant and youthful.

What are the side effects of Jett plasma?

Jett plasma is one of the safe techniques on the skin, but some cases may experience minor side effects or damage, such as:

  1. Skin redness or swelling that lasts two to three days and then goes away.
  2. There are some minor crusts that fall off naturally during the first week.
  3. To avoid swelling or crust formation, do not expose yourself to the sun for long periods of time.
  4. The appearance of pigmentation in the skin, or the appearance of darkening on the skin.
  5. In order to avoid any problems after using the Jet Plasma technique, be sure to follow up with your treating doctor during the recovery period.

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