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tummy tuck in egypt

Tummy tuck surgery in Egypt | Terms | Cost | Results

Tummy tuck Egypt surgery, Are you bothered by the flabbiness of the abdomen or the accumulation of fat at the bottom? Are you thinking of a permanent solution to get rid of these sagging?

Abdominoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries, which has witnessed a remarkable development in recent years. It is a surgical procedure that aims to get rid of the accumulated and annoying belly fat that does not respond to exercise or harsh diets.

The tummy tuck operation works on flattening the abdomen by removing the sagging abdomen, tightening the excess abdominal tissue after significant weight loss, or after repeated pregnancy and childbirth, to obtain a tight, proportional abdomen, and beautify the appearance of the skin.

About tummy tuck Egypt

A tummy tuck operation is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia and works to aesthetically reshape the abdomen by removing sagging abdominal fat, tightening the abdominal wall, and tightening the abdominal muscles as well.

This operation is one of the most important operations that obese patients resort to after losing weight significantly, but it cannot be considered as an alternative to obesity surgeries, such as liposuction, or as a means to lose weight. It is also a complementary surgery to liposuction, and both operations can be performed together. Egypt has many accredited medical centers and qualified plastic surgeons to perform tummy tuck surgery in Egypt easily and safely

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Abdominoplasty includes two types

tummy tuck egypt
Tummy tuck

Total tummy tuck

The surgeon makes one large incision in the abdomen, which allows full view and access to the abdominal fat and underlying muscle, to remove all fat deposits and loose skin from the abdomen.

Partial tummy tuck

A partial tummy tuck involves a small incision, sometimes several small incisions, and a lower tissue excision. It is also used to remove skin and fat accumulated in the lower abdomen area only.

Medical procedure

Before the tummy tuck operation, you need to do some medical tests, so that the doctor can reassure you of your health.

The tummy tuck procedure may take from one to five hours, depending on the patient’s condition and the procedure taken for the case, whether it is a full or partial tummy tuck.

The surgeon gives the patient complete anesthesia so that he sleeps during the operation, then the plastic surgeon makes a large incision at the bikini line directly above the pubic, and the length of this line depends on the amount of skin to be removed, and makes another incision around the navel, in order to free the tissues in case A total tummy tuck, then inserting drainage tubes after surgery.

In the case of a partial tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon makes several small incisions and does not make an incision around the navel, and this process takes from one to two hours, and the surgeon connects drainage tubes after surgery, as is the case in the process of a total tummy tuck, and removes them After few days.

After getting rid of excess fat and skin, the surgeon will sew up and bandage the wound, and he may then be required to wear an elastic surgical bandage.

Candidate cases for surgery

Among the cases that are candidates for a tummy tuck procedure are the following:

  • Women or men in good general health.
  • People who have a fixed weight.
  • Non-smokers.
  • People who do not suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes are more likely to have complications.
  • Ladies or men who want to have a tighter, more beautiful belly.
  • Women who suffer from relaxation in the abdominal muscles after repeated pregnancy.
  • Women who do not plan to become pregnant or give birth.

Abdominoplasty conditions

tummy tuck in egypt
Tummy tuck

The following conditions must be met in order for the tummy tuck process to achieve success and ideal and permanent results:

  • This operation must be performed after the final weight loss and weight stabilization. If you are thinking of losing weight after the operation, this may affect the operation results and lead to the appearance of flabbiness again.
  • If you are a woman planning pregnancy and childbirth, the tummy tuck procedure should be postponed so that the tightened abdominal muscles do not separate again.
  • That the patient does not suffer from any chronic diseases.
  • If the patient is a smoker, he must stop smoking before the operation, to avoid complications and speed up the healing process.

Abdominoplasty risks

Abdominoplasty involves many risks and complications, including:

  1. Pain may persist for several weeks but can be overcome with painkillers.
  2. Abdominal swelling and bruising.
  3. Fatigue and general fatigue.
  4. Tingling and numbness in the abdominal area.
  5. Infection – bleeding.
  6. Difficulty in wound healing.
  7. visible scars.
  8. Fluid buildup.
  9. Change in the color of the skin in the abdominal area.

If you experience severe unbearable pain, pus, fever, chills, or any of the above complications, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Before and after tummy tuck

After the tummy tuck operation, you will get a tight and harmonious abdomen, the skin is not flabby, and the results of the operation are effective and can be maintained until they are permanent, by following a healthy diet, and maintaining a stable weight.

The cost of a tummy tuck in Egypt depends on several different factors, including:

  • Medical tests and examinations before the operation.
  • Medications before and after the operation.
  • The medical center where the operation is performed.
  • Plastic surgeon costs.
  • Anesthesia fee.
  • Techniques used in the procedure.

Common Questions about Tummy Tuck Egypt

tummy tuck egypt
Tummy tuck

Learn about all the questions about tummy tuck, such as when the results will appear and how long they will last, is the process painful and how long does it take to recover from it: –

Is there any pain in the navel after the operation?

It is normal after the tummy tuck operation to feel pain in the abdominal area in general, but not acute pain. It can be overcome with the painkillers prescribed by the doctor, but the pain disappears permanently after recovery.

When will the results of a tummy tuck operation appear?

The results of the tummy tuck operation appear within two weeks, after removing the surgical tape, and the scar completely disappears within one year of the surgery.

What is the appropriate BMI for the operation?

The body mass index of the person undergoing a tummy tuck should not be more than 30.

How do choose the best plastic surgeons for a tummy tuck in Egypt?

You can easily browse the Internet and search for the Best certified plastic surgeon, then follow the review of previous patients and their success rate in that surgery.

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