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Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction in Alexandria

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Laser liposuction, Local obesity is a common problem among a large number of people, some try hard to follow diets and others resort to sports, and because it is stubborn fat, it is difficult to treat it in these ways, and liposuction is one of the most important and best treatment solutions to this problem

so we will talk in more detail about Laser liposuction in Alexandria, about the most important features of treatment in Alexandria from other governorates, and also about the advantages and disadvantages of laser liposuction.

Medical tourism in Alexandria

Laser liposuction
Laser liposuction

Alexandria is considered the second most important governorate after Cairo. It is one of the most important coastal governorates that people visit for the purpose of recreation and reviving the cultural and artistic aspect that this governorate is famous for. In addition, we find a large spread of beauty centers that provide many services as a kind of promotion for medical tourism in Alexandria.

Indeed, laser liposuction in Alexandria has been very popular, as the laser technology was able to prove its efficiency in getting rid of the problem of stubborn fat accumulated in the body permanently, regardless of its quantity, without surgery or pain, which is what the traditional methods of treatment failed.

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Definition of laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that targets fat cells and works to transform fat from solid state to liquid state to facilitate the process of suctioning it and expelling it outside the body, where the patient can see the results immediately with minimal swelling and bruising and less recovery period than surgical methods of liposuction.

Laser liposuction is an ideal procedure for treating the accumulated fat in the face, neck, abdomen, and thighs, and one of its most important features is to tighten the sagging skin, as the cold energy helps to shrink the skin and stimulate collagen production in the treatment area, which improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

The difference between laser liposuction in Alexandria and body sculpting

First of all, you should know that there is a difference between liposuction and body sculpting:


It is a procedure in which excess fat is removed from the areas of its accumulation in the body, where the laser energy targets the deposits of fat in the body, and work to reduce fat cells. To dissolve fat and liposuction outside the body.

 body sculpting

As for body sculpting, it is an advanced stage of liposuction, after the doctor performs liposuction using laser or vaser technique, the next step comes, which is body sculpting, which works on drawing the curves of the body, highlighting the muscles and some areas such as the waist, and working on precise areas that normal liposuction cannot reach.

Advantages of laser liposuction in Alexandria

Laser liposuction
Laser liposuction

Because of Cairo’s congestion and its non-moderate atmosphere, many people prefer to go to Alexandria for the purpose of medical tourism, especially laser liposuction in Alexandria, and there are many advantages to performing the operation in Alexandria:

  1. The spread of many specialized centers.
  2. Competitive prices for plastic surgery.
  3. Using the latest therapeutic techniques in liposuction, such as vaser and laser.
  4. Providing distinguished services to patients within the treatment centers according to the financial condition of each person.
  5. Follow-up of the patient after the operation well after the operation until full recovery.

Disadvantages of laser fat removal

Performing laser liposuction in Alexandria or any other place may result in some defects or side effects that are likely to occur, albeit in a small percentage, among those symptoms:

  1. bruising
  2. Bacterial infection.
  3. Swelling in the treated area.
  4. The operation wound did not heal quickly.
  5. Fluid accumulation and retention throughout the body.
  6. sagging occurs
  7. Loss of sensation in the skin in the liposuction area.
  8. Bleeding risks.
  9. Damage to internal body organs, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.

Suitable cases for laser liposuction

The list of suitable people for laser liposuction includes a set of criteria that the person must meet to ensure the smoothness of the process and avoid potential risks and complications, among these criteria :

  • Enjoying good health and not suffering from chronic diseases such as (heart, pressure, diabetes, and some immune diseases).
  • The person has good skin elasticity.
  • The operation is not suitable for obese cases, but best for people who are close to the ideal weight.
  • Liposuction is not performed for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • This operation is not suitable for smokers, and at least two weeks before the operation, it is required to stop smoking.
  • Laser liposuction can be performed in Alexandria, starting from the age of 18 to 60.

The best beauty center in Alexandria to perform the operation

If you are interested in plastic surgery and are looking for the best beauty center in Alexandria to perform the operation, we can offer you the most important criteria  to choose the best treatment center, among those criteria:

  1. Choose the center that guarantees doctors with great experience in the field of plastic surgery, which is qualified to deal with all emergency cases and perform operations with great success rates.
  2. Choose the center that includes the latest equipment and relies on modern cosmetic techniques that reduce risks and increase the safety of the operation.
  3. The new treatment center provides good services and provides a high level of safety, whether in operation tools, sterilization, and equipping operating rooms with the highest level of accuracy.
  4. Good cosmetic centers are interested in providing continuous support and counseling to patients, whether before or after the operation, as well as providing the patient with the most important information he needs.
  5. There are many laser liposuction centers in Alexandria that provide services at the highest level, and they can be easily known by searching on the Internet or asking people who have gone through liposuction experiences before.

The cost of laser liposuction in Alexandria

Laser liposuction
Laser liposuction

Determining the cost of liposuction in Alexandria depends on a number of factors and variables, the most important of which are:

  1. The wages of a plastic surgeon, and the more experience and fame the doctor has, the higher the cost.
  2. The cost of the hospital or treatment center and its cost is determined according to the treatment services it provides.
  3. The cost of the operation tools and the cost of anesthesia.
  4. The cost of medications that a person needs after the operation.
  5. The type of technique used in liposuction, the amount of fat and the number of areas being treated.
  6. Cost of follow-up and consultancy.
  7. On this basis, the cost varies from person to person, and the actual cost of your case can be determined only by visiting your treating doctor and getting to know all the details of the process.

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