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Double chin liposuction in Egypt Cost and results

Double chin liposuction in Egypt: Cost and results

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Double chin liposuction in Egypt is a very common cosmetic procedure that aims to get rid of fat deposits in the neck area and under the jawline to improve the chine contour and highlight the sharp lines of the jawline and the cheekbones that frame the facial features.

Liposuction procedure results especially in such a fine and sensitive area, in addition to the cost of the procedure, are always a question for patients before they have decided to experience this life-changing procedure.

Between the lines of this article, Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert and the plastic surgeon will simply discuss with us factors that determine the Double chin liposuction procedure cost and clarify the expected results of this procedure.

What is a double chin?

Before we discuss the nature of the Double chin liposuction procedure we will discuss what a double chin is. Double chin refers to excess accumulated submental fat, this fat is found beneath the chin and around the jawline. Unfortunately, many people are unsatisfied with the excess fullness appearing beneath their chins and dream of defined jaws and necklines.

Double chin appearance may be due to weight gain, aging, or genetics and family, and according to the root cause, patients may be able to get rid of a double chin with certain exercise and weight, certain injectables, or the method of choice, liposuction.

What is Double chin liposuction in Egypt procedure?

Double chin liposuction is a popular type of liposuction that involves using a special fine cannula to loosen and remove the submental fat gently.

Double chin liposuction is the most effective solution to get rid of fat accumulated beneath the chin and enjoy a graceful, snatched well-defined look.

Double chin liposuction in Egypt cost

There is no cut-off point for the double chin procedure cost, but rather, there is an expected range where the total cost lies.

The cost of your procedure varies significantly depending on several factors, as Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert in double chin procedures states. Below we will go over these factors that affect the total bill for the double chin liposuction in more detail.

The procedure location

The surgical facility where you perform your procedure highly affects the total cost of the procedure. The facility fees include things like services, the degree of quality accreditation that the facility possesses, the qualifications of the medical staff, and equipment, in addition,  there might be location-associated fees, since the geographic regions where the cost of living is higher, the cost of a chin liposuction procedure will be higher too and vice versa.

It is worth noting that the cost of liposuction in Egypt is highly acceptable if compared with other countries since Egypt is a destination for all types of plastic surgeries due to the large number of skilled and experienced experts, the acceptable cost, and high quality as well.

The surgeon’s fees

The surgeon fees play a significant role in determining the final cost of chin liposuction in Egypt. The training, experience, skills, the positive feedback from his previous clients, in addition to his certifications and the accreditation of his facility, all these are strengths that contribute to determining the surgeon fees.

Unfortunately, not all plastic surgeons are skilled enough to perform double chin liposuction in Egypt procedures, since this procedure requires highly skilled and expert surgeons. So, the more skilled and experienced surgeon you choose,  the better results you expect,  and a higher total cost as well.

Double chin liposuction in Egypt Cost and results
Double chin liposuction in Egypt Cost and results

Anesthesiologist fees

In many surgical procedures, the anesthesiologist fees are separate from the rest of the surgical costs. Since the anesthesiologist uses his own monitoring equipment, materials, and services separated from the procedure tools, and this applies to both general and local anesthesia in some cases.

Post-operative cost

Postoperative costs include services you need after successfully performing your procedure such as post-operative compression garments and dressings, pain management, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication, etc.

In addition, after a double chin liposuction in Egypt procedure, you’ll need several designated follow-up appointments, which will usually come with their own charges.


According to your desired goals, and the plastic surgeon’s view as well, double chin liposuction in Egypt procedure might be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as skin tightening, which is known as neck lift surgery, which addresses loose skin tightening in the neck area.

Double chin liposuction in Egypt results

 The double chin appearance is associated with excess fullness, roundness, and covered jaws and necklines. A well-defined jawline is a beauty hallmark and it is considered a strong and attractive facial feature in both men and women.

After about a week of performing chin liposuction in Egypt, you’ll notice a slimmer chin and neck with a more sculpted appearance. In the second and third weeks when you achieve a full recovery and all swelling or bruising completely clears up, the skin around the chin and neck will look more youthful.

How long does double chin liposuction in Egypt results last?

The exact duration where the results of chin lipo last depends on the patient himself, his health, lifestyle choices, aging, and other factors. These factors make results either last or fade faster for some than others.

Generally, chin liposuction results are supposed to last for up to 7 to 10 years.

The best plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction in Egypt

As we mentioned before, choosing a talented and experienced plastic surgeon will ensure a better experience and powerful and long-lasting outcome. That’s why you must think about Dr. Ali Gaber the best plastic surgeon in Egypt when you decide to carry out double chin liposuction in Egypt. Do not hesitate and stop watching and get your first appointment to enjoy highlighted jawlines and attractive facial features with the highest skilled and trained expert in chin liposuction in Egypt and the Arab world.

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