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best plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction

Best plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction

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Double chin liposuction is a popular type of liposuction that aims to get rid of what is known as the submental fat, which refers to the fat beneath the chin area where exercise and weight loss tools rarely affect it.

The face and neck are sensitive areas in the body, however, the chin area is one of the easiest areas to perform liposuction with amazing results. The permanent gracefully, snatched look is easily obtained with a minimally invasive procedure and under local anesthesia.

In the following few lines, Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert, and the best plastic surgeon, will illustrate to us all we need to know about double chin liposuction, its results, and its risks.

What are the factors that lead to the appearance of a double chin?

Many people believe that excessive weight is the only factor that leads to a double chin appearance. But, increased weight is not the only reason for excess submental fat accumulation, rather, some people might suffer from a double chin while their body weight is ideal or near ideal. In addition to excess body weight, the double chin appearance may result from genetic factors.

How could you get rid of a double chin?

Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon, illustrates that double chin liposuction is the best way to get rid of the double chin, however, it’s not the only solution, many cosmetic technique options that Dr. Ali Gaber would discuss all aim to get rid of excess submental fat in the neck and chin with unbelievable natural and stunning results.

Double chin liposuction

Double chin Liposuction removes excess fat underneath the skin in the chin and neck area. Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert and the best plastic surgeon, discusses this procedure is applied by performing a small incision under the skin, and a small tube is inserted to suck out the excess fat to sculpt the chin and neck contour.

Most experts consider the chin and neck as the easiest areas to perform liposuction if compared with the rest of the body areas, it requires local anesthetic just to numb the area and is performed in the doctor’s clinic with no need for hospital admission and relatively no recovery time.


During this procedure, your best plastic surgeon removes excess fat and loose, saggy skin from the chin and neck and tightens the remaining skin. The facelift procedure is considered highly effective in getting rid of the double chin appearance and is performed under general anesthesia.


Neck-lift is a group of different types of procedures all sharing the same purpose but with different techniques, which is removing extra skin and fats together with tightening the neck muscles to improve both neck and chin contours. In most cases, the best plastic surgeons combine a facelift with a neck lift for better results.

Non-Surgical procedures for Double Chin Removal

less invasive options are available to get rid of the double chin with acceptable results as Dr. Ali Gaber ensured.

Nonsurgical double chin removal includes injecting a chemical substance to dissolve the fat and then the body would get rid of it later.

The substance used in this procedure is Deoxycholic acid, which is a natural substance produced in the body to dissolve dietary fat. This substance could be injected locally into the skin to dissolve the fat located under the skin in the chin area.

best plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction
best plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction

Reasons for increasing demand for double chin surgery

Many reasons behind the increased demand for double chin liposuction, these factors encourage many to think about both surgical or non-surgical removal for their double chin appearance. Dr. Ali Gaber illustrates these reasons as the following:

Nothing could be done regarding double chin

Neither a restricted diet nor routine exercise would improve your chin appearance if you have excess submental fat accumulation. Rather, the only effective solution is double chin removal procedures.

Neck and chin resembles one of the most noticeable features of your look

Everyone might be unsatisfied with a cosmetic problem on their body that they would like to improve, but when this sign is found on the face, they would be more motivated to improve, since the face is noticeable to everyone, and improving it would lead to a significant difference.

Almost all double chin procedures are minimally invasive

Double chin liposuction is compared to other more invasive liposuction procedures. Double chin liposuction as well as all double chin surgeries are minimally invasive procedures requiring only a few small incisions, under local anesthesia, and a short recovery period.

Double chin surgeries decrease signs of aging on the skin

Excess fat accumulation under the skin stretches the skin, so, as you age, the skin stretches beyond its normal limit, which leads to sagging and loose skin. Liposuction eliminates excess fat which helps the skin to retract back and reduce lax skin as you age.

The results you would obtain are permanent

Liposuction results are permanent, and the fat removed via this procedure would not grow back.

Who are good candidates for double chin lipo?

Double chin procedures are elective procedures that there is no medical need to perform in most cases, which means you have sufficient time to decide whether you are a candidate or not.

Dr. Ali Gaber illustrates good candidates for facial liposuction should possess the following:

  • Good general health.
  • Acceptable skin elasticity.
  • Have excess fat deposits under the skin in the neck and chin area that are disproportionate to the rest of your body.

What would you expect from double chin lipo?

Expected double chin procedure outcomes include a permanent slim facial profile, a youthful rejuvenated look, and tightened skin, in addition,  incisions are barely noticeable and fade over time.

Could chin lipo be combined with another procedure?

Liposuction is often combined with other procedures like skin tightening, saggy skin removal, and tightening muscle and connective tissue.

Chin lipo could be combined with other procedures such as chin augmentation, cheekbone volume augmentation, neck lift, fat grafting, or lips dermal filler.

Older or those who lose massive and/or rapid weight loss might need to remove loose skin in addition to facial liposuction.

Generally, according to your goals, the look you dreamed of achieving and the expected results your best plastic surgeon would tailor the best technique fits you.

Dr. Ali Gaber the best plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction

Plastic surgeries are elective procedures, so take your time to search for the best plastic surgeon specialized in the cosmetic surgery type you need to undergo.

Dr. Ali Gaber performed an incredible number of successful cosmetic procedures in many fields, in addition to the good feedback from his previous clients.

All these factors built up strong skills and experiences in the field of cosmetic procedures put Dr. Ali Gaber, at the top of the list of experts and the best plastic surgeons in Egypt.

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