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Best Plastic Surgeon For Skin Removal Surgery

Best Plastic Surgeon For Skin Removal Surgery

Many people nowadays are searching for the best plastic surgeon for skin removal surgery, this type of procedure has recently brightened in the field of plastic surgery.

Skin removal procedure despite coming under the banner of plastic surgeries, is also performed for reconstructive issues.

Between the lines of this article, Dr. Ali Gaber will discuss skin removal surgery’s various types, and other additional useful information that clarifies all you need to know regarding this innovative procedure.

What is skin removal surgery?

Excess skin removal procedure is a group of various plastic surgical procedures that aim to remove excess skin from different body parts to reshape this area in the body. The best plastic surgeon for skin removal surgery, Dr. Ali Gaber illustrates that this aesthetic procedure can be performed on the stomach, abdomen, face, arms, or breasts.

Why might someone need to remove excess skin?

Many people  wish in some cases to remove excess skin and to reshape their bodies, below, the best plastic surgeon  for the surgery, Dr. Ali Gaber enumerates the reasons for the demand for this type of surgery as the following:

People choose to undergo this surgery for personal reasons. For example, those who are unsatisfied with their appearance following massive or rapid weight loss, since losing large amounts of weight results in flaps of drooping skin in many areas of the body. Commonly affected areas are the arms, tights, abdomen, and buttocks.

Skin removal surgery can also boost women’s body confidence following pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Who are the best candidates for skin removal surgery?

The best plastic surgeon for skin removal states that a person is considered a good candidate for the surgery if he possesses the following criteria:

  • He has maintained his goal weight for at least 6 months before the surgery.
  • He is in good overall health.
  • He understands that this procedure may result in scarring and will not create an ideal body.

Types of skin removal surgery

As the best plastic surgeon mentioned before, this procedure can be performed on various body areas. The most common areas include:


This is commonly known as a tummy tuck and involves removing excess skin from the area of the abdomen and strengthening the abdominal muscles as well.

Underneath the belly button

This is commonly known as panniculectomy, as the best plastic surgeon for skin removal surgery, Dr. Ali Gaber, states. This procedure might not be considered a cosmetic procedure in some cases, and it differs from a tummy tuck procedure in that it removes a large amount of excess skin that extends over the stomach, genitals, and thighs in some cases.


This is commonly known as an arm lift. It targets the excess skin from the upper arm,  tightening and smoothing the tissues in this area to enhance the arm’s contour.


Many people refer to this procedure as breast reduction, however, removing excess skin from the breasts is different from breast reduction surgery which involves removing excess skin, fats, and breast tissue as well.

The best plastic surgeon removes excess skin from saggy and droopy breasts, your plastic surgeon may also need to change the positions of the nipple during this procedure to achieve a more natural look.

Face and neck

More commonly known among the public as a facelift, this procedure aims to remove excess skin from the neck area to give the face and neck a more youthful impression.

Lower back and the sides

This procedure removes excess skin from the sides and the back area for lower body lift.


The thigh lift procedure removes excess skin from the inner thigh area.

Best Plastic Surgeon For Skin Removal Surgery
Best Plastic Surgeon For Skin Removal Surgery

How do you prepare for skin removal surgery?

Dr. Ali Gaber advises what you need to do to prepare for your skin removal surgery.

The preparation phase may involve:

  • Perform some examinations and blood tests.
  • Quit smoking for at least six weeks before and after the procedure.
  • Stopping some medications including aspirin, anti-inflammatory, and certain herbs and vitamins.
  • It’s better to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible before this procedure.

What to expect during skin removal surgery?

You should expect to receive in almost all skin removal surgeries general anesthesia, and

In some cases, you may need to remain overnight in a hospital or the doctor’s clinic following your procedure. Dr. Ali Gaber clarifies that in most cases, an excess skin removal procedure is an outpatient procedure and you can usually return home on the same day.

Skin removal surgery Recovery

The recovery time following this procedure depends on the area where skin removal is applied, as Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon states. Recovery for some people may require a few weeks, while others may just require a few days.

Your surgeon may place some temporary tubes in the treated area to drain excess fluid, and In some cases, compression garments or surgical support may be necessary to be applied. You have to reduce your physical activity for at least a week or so after the procedure.

Following some skin removal procedures such as abdominal lifts, you may not be able to stand upright for a few days.


The best plastic surgeon illustrates that all skin removal procedures achieve the same results, which are toned, tight skin, better contour to the treated area, and a slim youthful appearance. However, they might differ in how long these results last, which highly depends on the procedure and the treated area. In some procedures, the results may be permanent, while in other procedures, such as a facelift, the results are not permanent.

Dr. Ali Gaber the best plastic surgeon for skin removal surgery

Amazing results expected to be achieved by the best plastic surgeon mainly depend on the plastic surgeon’s skills. Since the amount of skin to be removed, how to apply the incisions to leave less noticeable scars, as well as, how to avoid dangerous risks and complications, all these and more depend on the surgeon’s experiences and art sense.

Dr. Ali Gaber possesses a high level of experience as a result of the number of successful procedures he performed. In addition to his integrated plastic clinics that provide the highest level of infection control, patient care, and follow-up. In addition to the positive feedback from his previous clients. All these strengths make Dr. Ali Gaber the best plastic surgeon for this surgery.

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