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Body Contouring Results

Body Contouring Results

More than a million Body Contouring procedures are performed every year all over the world, and this number continues to rise in the next few years. Here you just wonder, what made this procedure at the top of cosmetic procedures in the world? Why is this method of body reshaping so popular? What are the results of this procedure? And what are the latest techniques preferred by plastic surgeons?

Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert and the plastic surgeon will briefly discuss in the following lines the latest technologies of Body Contouring results and advantages.

What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to get rid of stubborn accumulated fat in a selected body area that does not respond to weight loss methods.

This procedure, as Dr. Ali Gaber confirms, is not a tool to lose weight or a substitute for healthy diets or regular exercise in getting rid of obesity. Rather, people who suffer from excessive obesity or whose body weight is far from ideal can only lose more weight by following healthy diets, exercising, or performing the appropriate type of bariatric surgeries, and they would not benefit from Body sculpting.

What made Body Contouring worth it?

While Body Contouring is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, but it is still a surgical procedure,  that’s why many people have doubts about whether they should resort to such a radical method to sculpt certain areas. Are there alternative solutions that give the same immediate effect, and finally, is this procedure worth it?

Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon, confirms that two main reasons make Body sculpting unique.

Body Contouring works when diet and exercise don’t help

No one advises you to give up a balanced diet and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes the effect of diet and exercise reaches its maximum and does not affect the accumulated fat in a specific area of ​​the body.

Genetics and fat distribution explain why some people cannot get rid of fat in a specific area of ​​​​the body, despite exhausting themselves by following a strict diet and exercising in the gym.

Here comes the role of body sculpting, as this minor surgical procedure helps achieve the desired results by targeting fats accumulated in a specific area in the body leading to living the toned and proportioned body that many dream of and maintaining the motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle and maintain the body in ideal condition.

Body Contouring is the best option for those satisfied with their weight but not with their shape

Many people, especially women, do not mind gaining weight as long as it is in the right place. They believe that accumulating fat in the abdominal area or thighs is unacceptable while increasing the size and fullness of the breasts and buttocks and improving their roundness is acceptable and desirable and enhances their feminine appearance.

Here, comes the role of Body sculpting not as a tool for getting rid of excess targeted fat, but rather as a means of reshaping the look of your body.

Body Contouring Results
Body Contouring Results

A new era of body contouring

Previously, fat deposit removal was only achieved through a painful surgical procedure under general anesthesia that required a long recovery period. But nowadays, plastic surgery has significantly developed and is still developing, until body sculpting is done with less invasive, more effective, safer, fewer complications procedures, and a shorter recovery period.

Body Contouring Results

Whatever the technique of body sculpting you choose  to improve your appearance, you would gain the following benefits:

 Short recovery

All body contouring new techniques require no extended downtime or long recovery period since all depend on either only small incisure ions or none at all, and almost all these procedures are performed under local anesthesia, so,

you can expect to resume your regular activities quickly.

No risks of scarring

With the noninvasive nature of many new body sculpting techniques, you don’t have to worry about the risk of scarring. Even with the invasive techniques, they are only performed through small incisions that are usually performed within the natural skin folds and the scars left are unnoticeable and will fade over time.

Enjoy results in many places

With body contouring new technology, you can treat more than one area within the same procedure. Through a customized treatment plan, you can get rid of excess unwanted fat from more than one area and reinject these fats to enhance and highlight the feminine and the beauty of another area.

Enjoy permanent results

The destructed or removed fat can’t grow back again, so ensure your results are permanent as long as you eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Enhance your overall look

Available body contouring techniques are not limited to getting rid of unwanted fats and enhancing specific area contours, but they can reshape and improve the overall appearance.

Body contouring could also enhance the firmness of a targeted area and make the skin look smoother and younger, in addition to the fat transfer technology which helps to eliminate wrinkles and lines from another area to regain its youthful appearance.

Body contouring experiences

Some patients who have undergone fat removal using High Definition Body Sculpting Cost in Egypt 2022body sculpting modern techniques say that if they had known how quickly and easily these techniques were performed, they would have decided to perform it sooner and would not have hesitated for a single moment. According to their experiences, it is clear that the body sculpting process via modern methods is “worth the effort”. Become more confident, feel younger, wear the things you love freely, and gain a motivating step that helps you to follow a healthier lifestyle and become in better physical condition, all these are benefits you will obtain from body contouring.

Dr. Ali Gaber the best plastic surgeon for body contouring

Dr. Ali Gaber is one of the best plastic surgeons for body contouring in Egypt in addition to many plastic surgeries like breast augmentation and breast reduction.

As a member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the International Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Ali Gaber performed a great number of successful cosmetic procedures, in addition to being a landmark in the field of dynamic four-dimensional body sculpting in Egypt and the Arab world.

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