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Recovery Time From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Recovery Time From Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation shortly, of course, you will think about the dramatic changes you would obtain and the eye-catching look you would possess. However, the thing you should not ignore is the recovery period following the procedure, what you should do, what you should not do, and the difference between the few days following the procedure and the full recovery.

Be careful, the recovery period is a very important factor that contributes to the success of your procedure and the robustness of the results, so, here Dr. Ali Gaber, one of the best plastic surgeons in breast augmentation, creates a list of what you should follow, and do not follow, for a smooth recovery.

What should you expect Immediately after surgery?

Breast augmentation is performed under either general or local anesthesia depending on many factors, and takes about 40 minutes, as Dr. Ali Gaber states. Immediately after the procedure, you will be taken into the recovery area to be closely monitored, and then, you will be permitted to return home in most cases, on the same day.

During the few days after the procedure, your breasts will be covered in gauze dressings and supported with an elastic bandage or support bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts as well.

What should you do during breast augmentation recovery?

Dr. Ali Gaber, the expert, and the plastic surgeon, provides several postoperative instructions you have to follow after breast augmentation surgery to ensure a safe recovery, which are the following:

Book your follow-up appointments

Before leaving the facility after breast augmentation surgery, Book your follow-up appointments, and be sure that you have understood all postoperative instructions regarding wound care, prescribed medications, and all abnormal signs that you should refer to your doctor if you experience and the way to contact your surgeon.

Take your postoperative medications as prescribed

 Postoperative medications include painkillers to control postoperative pain,  antibiotics to prevent infection, ointments to be applied on the incision sites, and others according to your case, and you have to take all the prescribed medication on time to ensure faster and safer recovery

Wear the supportive garments

Supportive garments such as surgical or sports bras or elastic bands must be worn around the clock as prescribed by your surgeon, these supportive garments play a critical role in supporting the breasts to maintain the results.

Keep rest

 Despite the acute pain subsiding within five days, you have to resume your normal activities and daily routine slowly as your plastic surgeon instructs and avoid vigorous activities during the recovery period.

What should I not do?

As Dr. Ali Gaber mentioned before, you should follow instructions to ensure faster and safer recovery and maintain robust outcomes. Now, he will instruct you with several tips you should avoid to enjoy the amazing experience, which is the following:

Avoid smoking

You have to stop smoking any nicotine-containing substances at least a month before and after the procedure, since smoking negatively affects the results, delays healing, and might increase the risk of infection.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

You have to sleep after breast augmentation via breast implants on the back with your head and shoulders elevated with a pillow; otherwise, the implants might slip or shift to an incorrect position, which will cause various complications.

Do not take a shower for the first few days

After breast augmentation using the breast implant technique, avoid for at least 2 days taking a shower or washing your breasts, and after that, you could gently wash your breasts without strongly rubbing the treated areas.

Recovery Time From Breast Augmentation Surgery
Recovery Time From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Avoid taking any medications unless prescribed

During the breast augmentation recovery period, which might last for 1 to 2 weeks, avoid taking any medications unless prescribed, and consult with your surgeon if you need to take any medicine. Your surgeon will advise you to stop taking aspirin, some pain management drugs, and some herbal products as well, since these ingredients thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding.

Avoid letting go of your bra

Wearing a supportive elastic band or surgical bra for up to 3 to 4 weeks following breast augmentation surgery is a must. It supports your breasts in the right position and lifts the breasts in the desired way.

Avoid Strenuous exercise or lifting heavy objects

Vigorous activities should be avoided for at least 1 month after breast augmentation as well as all surgical procedures, you should only keep performing light activities like walking to maintain blood circulation and avoid clot formation, and start increasing your body exercises gradually.

Avoid lifting heavy objects or even hugging or carrying your child for a few weeks as well.

 Avoid swimming

Swimming in a pool or sea will harm your body during breast augmentation recovery and expose the incisions and treated areas to infection.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Sun rays can make the surgical scars appear bolder. Although you can go swimming after the first month, however, it’s recommended to avoid sun tanning or direct sun exposure for a longer period until your scars start to fade.

 Avoid drinking alcohol

For a quicker recovery after breast augmentation, you have to avoid drinking alcohol for at least a month before and after the surgery.

When should I expect to see the breast augmentation surgery final results?

Breast augmentation yields larger, fuller, and lifted breasts, but these final results take a few weeks to be noticed after the swelling subsides. In some cases, supportive garments may need to be worn for a longer period to shape the breasts, especially in the case of asymmetric or very small breasts.

How long should I expect breast implant results to last?

Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and need to be replaced after some time. However it lasts for a long period, and you have to refer to your plastic surgeon for an annual examination to assess the implant integrity.

Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

The first advice you should follow to enjoy an amazing experience and ensure that you obtain the results you dreamed of, choose the best plastic surgeon to perform the procedure within the right facility.

Dr. Ali Gaber, the breast plastic surgery, and body sculpting specialist, is one of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt to perform breast augmentation. He has performed several numbers of successful breast plastic surgeries including breast augmentation, and breast reduction, in addition to his medical research in the field of gynecomastia in men’s treatment. Dr. Ali Gaber’s integrated clinics provide the same place cosmetic medical services you need with the highest level of patient care, infection control, and follow-up.

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