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best plastic surgeon for 4D body contouring

Best Plastic Surgeon For 4D Body Contouring

4D body contouring is the new era in the body contouring field that combines in addition to fat removal, skin tightening, muscle strengthening, and cellulite minimization, all these amazing outcomes are achieved via a safe, minimally invasive, fewer risks or complications, fewer side-effects, and faster recovery intervention.

The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber combines in his integrated clinics several developed techniques to achieve both excess fat reduction and improved muscle consistency to reach the 4d body sculpting. This new revolutionary technology makes dreams such as athletic physiques,  six-pack appearances, voluminous buttocks, and toned arms achievable.

What does traditional body contouring mean?

Traditional body contouring is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to remove accumulated excess subcutaneous fat to reshape or contour a selected body area.

Body contouring can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as excess skin removal and skin tightening, it can also reduce the cellulite appearance as long as it’s located in the area of the excess skin folds that would be removed.

Body contouring is a safe, minimally invasive procedure with amazing effects in the spot weight loss that targets accumulated stubborn fats located in a selected body area.

Traditional body contouring achieves a three-dimensional body contouring, which includes fat reduction, skin tightening, and cellulite minimization as well without addressing the muscle in consideration.

What is 4D body contouring?

The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber in this unique technique takes into account the four dimensions while sculpting a selected body area, which is the length, width, and depth, in addition to the dynamic dimensions of the muscles.

Toning and strengthening the underneath muscle is an essential step In 4D body sculpting in addition to fat removal and skin tightening for a natural and dynamic contoured area.

What is the difference between traditional body contouring vs 4D body contouring?

Traditional body contouring targets the accumulated subcutaneous stubborn fat that does not respond to traditional weight loss tools to achieve a slimmer, contoured look. While 4d body sculpting, removes excess unwanted fats, removes excess skin, improves cellulite appearance, and highlights the underneath muscles in a selected body area to reach the kinematic dimension, which means the change in the body shape while the muscles contract.

Why 4d body contouring?

The best plastic surgeon highly recommends This technique to enjoy an athlete look which means high-resolution muscle drawing in both static and dynamic states accentuating the body curves for an attractive look.

In addition, the patient would notice either immediately or within a few weeks following this procedure a more defined and well-shaped look, a thinner appearance, and smoother skin.

While on the other hand, traditional body contouring only removes the unwanted accumulated fats for a thinner and slimmer look.

best plastic surgeon for 4D body contouring
best plastic surgeon for 4D body contouring

Who are the best candidates for 4d body contouring?

All healthy nonsmoker adults who have realistic expectations regarding the anticipated outcomes are considered candidates for this procedure as Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon, informs. However, there are some criteria if found, make the patient the best candidate for 4D body contouring and to enjoy the best outcomes, which are the following;

  • If the patient has good muscle mass.
  • If the patient enjoys an acceptable skin elasticity.
  • If the patient possesses ideal or near-ideal body weight, in addition, he should not plan for any changes in the body weight or pregnancies for women in the future.

Body areas where 4D body contouring can be applied

Almost all body areas can get this revolutionary technique in body sculpting, however, the most common body areas among the public where this type of sculpting is performed as the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber states are the following;

Upper arms

4D body sculpting is better than traditional body sculpting in the upper arm area in that it could remove excess fats, and excess droopy skin as well as highlight the underneath muscles to obtain a well-toned arm. That’s why 4D sculpting of the upper arms is very common.

Gynecomastia treatment for men

4D sculpting is very common for the aesthetic improvement of male breast enlargement by removing the excess breast tissue, and excess fats and improving the muscular appearance of the breast muscles.

Buttocks and back area

4D sculpting provides an athlete, voluminous, and rounded appearance for the buttocks and a curvy appearance to the lovely handles in both dynamic and static states.

Tummy tuck 4D contouring

This technique is common in women following pregnancy as well as men who are striving to remove excess abdominal fats to highlight their six-pack abs.

Face and neck

This technique is highly recommended by the best plastic surgeon for sensitive body areas such as the face, chin, and neck area to get rid of saggy skin, tighten the remaining skin, and highlight the facial margins.

Best plastic surgeon for 4d body contouring

Like any cosmetic surgery, the first step is searching for the best plastic surgeon to perform the procedure,  since the plastic surgeon is considered to be the cornerstone for ensuring the success of the surgery, your safety, and achieving the best results as well.

To ensure that you find a skilled plastic surgeon, you have to check the surgeon’s qualifications, years of experience, and number of surgeries he performed successfully, in addition to his previous clients’ feedback regarding the results and the safety of the procedure.

In addition, you should ensure the facility’s accreditation and the previous clients’ feedback regarding the facility’s patient safety, and medical services.

Dr. Ali Gaber the Best plastic surgeon for 4D body contouring

The number of plastic procedures in general and body sculpting procedures as specific that he performed successfully make him one of the most skilled plastic surgeons, in addition, all his previous clients’ feedback is focused on how easy and safe the surgeries he performed together with the dramatic results they enjoyed.


Dr. Ali Gaber individually deals with each case and carefully discusses with each patient his goals, anticipated outcomes, and why he or she decided to perform plastic surgery. And finally, Dr. Ali Gaber’s accredited clinic provides the highest levels of patient safety and health care services. All these strengths make Dr. Ali Gaber is one of the highest skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world.

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