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Best plastic surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery

Best plastic surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a common hormonal imbalance that leads to abnormal male breast enlargement due to excess breast tissue growth, this medical condition considered being annoying and highly affects self-confidence rather than being a serious condition.

The severity of Gynecomastia depends on the stage of male breast enlargement and varies from being very simple to being very problematic which requires surgical intervention in addition to treatment.

Between the lines of this article, the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber will briefly discuss different gynecomastia degrees, and scope the light on the most modern surgical techniques used in its treatment.

What is gynecomastia?

This medical condition refers to an enlargement of the breast tissues in men and an increase in the secretions of the mammary glands due to mainly hormonal imbalance where estrogen levels exceed the testosterone hormone levels. This problem affects the breasts at different ages of the men’s life, however, it’s more common in adulthood and men after their fifties.

What is the difference between Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia?

The best plastic surgeon answers this question and illustrates that both are male breast engagement but the main difference is the cause behind the enlargement. In gynecomastia, the breast enlarges due to the excess growth of the actual breast tissue. While in pseudo gynecomastia, excess fat tissue deposition is the cause of male breast enlargement.

Stages of gynecomastia

Male breast enlargement has different stages. Signs and symptoms together with the severity of the male breast enlargement and the level of treatment as well depend on the stage of engagement, the grades of engagement can be classified as the following:

First degree

The best plastic surgeon indicates that this degree of male breast enlargement is safe, and considered the lowest degree of male breast enlargement, and is characterized by unnoticeable drooping or sagging.

The correct diagnosis of this stage depends on examining the area of the brown areola in the male breast and checking for any enlargement or excess darkness, and the treatment of this stage requires only topical cosmetic creams to help decrease the sagging in that area, in addition to exercising and lifestyle changes.

Second degree

The second degree is the most popular type among the four degrees as the best plastic surgeon illustrates, and in this stage, the enlargement starts to be noticeable and the tissue surrounding the brown areola area increases which extends to the muscles. In this stage, therapeutic medications or surgical interventions are considered to be the treatment in the case following a healthy lifestyle to control the hormonal imbalance has no effect.

Third degree

In this stage, breast enlargement becomes significant and increases from the simple to moderate level to become moderate to large enlargement, with protruded edges, and sagging and drooping breasts that appear clearly even in loose and wide clothes. It might develop in one breast or both breasts, and the management of breast enlargement in this stage requires surgical intervention to remove excess tissue.

Fourth degree

This degree is the most severe stage of male breast enlargement, the man in this stage faces severe breast fullness, and sagging.  This stage requires urgent cosmetic intervention to remove excess tissue and excess fat and firm the sagging skin to return the breast to its natural, muscular shape

Best plastic surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery
Best plastic surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery

Symptoms of male breast enlargement 

Signs and symptoms of the enlargement depend on the degree of enlargement as The best plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Gaber clarifies, however, there are some common symptoms in addition to the abnormal development in breast size in men that men suffer from, which include:

  • Pain and breast tenderness.
  • Swelling in the breast tissue.
  • Increased nipple sensitivity.
  • In some cases, nipples discharge either from one or both breasts.

The Treatment for male breast enlargement

Breast enlargement in males treated either with surgical or non-surgical interventions according to the degree of enlargement and the severity of the symptoms. In mild stages of enlargement, the condition might resolve on its own, especially in infants and teenage boys. However, in the third and fourth grades, men must seek necessary medical help to assess the right intervention.

It’s essential before deciding the treatment protocol for male breast enlargement to analyze and determine the root cause for the overgrowth of the breast tissue, and whether the enlarged breast resulted from excess breast tissue growth or excess fatty tissue accumulation. Suppose a person has developed breast enlargement due to liver or kidney dysfunction,  malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, or other medical issues. In that case, all these issues must first be addressed or corrected before the treatment of the breast enlargement.

Lifestyle changes

Some healthy lifestyles greatly improve the hormonal imbalance and improve the symptoms of breast enlargement such as decreased saturated fat diet, routine exercise, and keeping away from smoking, alcohol, and stress.


Liposuction is performed on individuals who are suffering from breast enlargement due to the accumulation of fatty tissues not due to excess breast tissue growth. Fat is removed away from the breasts by using a thin tube or cannula after being broken down into a simpler form to be easily removed. An incision is made on the skin to insert the cannula which sucks and removes all the fat in the region outside the body.

Male breast reduction surgery

This procedure refers to excess breast tissue removal and is considered to be the optimal treatment option for individuals who have breast enlargement due to excessive glandular tissue growth. During this procedure,  excess breast tissues are removed, excess fat if found is succioed outside the body, the saggy skin is tightened, and finally, the nipple is repositioned to enhance the chest contour. To enjoy the optimal outcomes of male breast reduction surgery, you have to ensure that a qualified plastic surgeon has assessed your condition and suggested the right technique.

Dr. Ali Gaber, the best plastic surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery

Our successful operations come from our Dr. Ali Gaber is one of the best plastic medicine specialists in Egypt with the highest level of experience and skills in the art of plastic surgery, in addition to many years and a large number of successful procedures in beautifying many cases and handling the most difficult situations. Finally, Dr. Ali Gaber provides several scientific researches on male breast enlargement and male breast reduction surgery.

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