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The Best Affordable Plastic Surgeon in Egypt

The Best Affordable Plastic Surgeon in Egypt

The plastic surgeon is the cornerstone of the success of any plastic surgery. This does not mean that other factors such as the facility, the technique used, and the rest of the surgical staff are not important, but the plastic surgeon is the maestro who harmonizes all these factors together for the success of the surgery.

Just a Google search is not enough to choose the best plastic surgeon, you have to follow some tips that help you to judge the surgeon with whom you consider performing the surgery.

Plastic surgery in Egypt

Cosmetic surgery clinics have become very widespread in Egypt, plastic surgery itself has become very popular among the public more than before and it is no longer limited to artists and public figures.

Egypt also became a destination for cosmetic surgery after it was limited in people’s minds to specific countries for decades.

What are the reasons for the increasing popularity of plastic surgery in Egypt?

For decades plastic surgeries are limited to reconstructive issues, restoring function and the near-normal appearance of a body part after an accident or a disease, or replacing a lost body part.

Nowadays, plastic surgeries for cosmetic purposes become more popular, and this might be due to the following reasons:

Increased knowledge

The internet, social media, and popular tv shows provide a huge amount of information for patients interested in plastic surgery. 

The public becomes more familiar with how the surgeries are performed and the outcomes obtained, which leads to increased comfort and decrease fears of surgery.

Social comparison

The perfect, ideal body picture that surrounds you from all Social Media pioneers, in the past when someone performs cosmetic surgery it was secret and undisclosed to people, nowadays, people are flashing their surgical bandages and are proud of performing successful plastic surgery all over their social media.

Continuous development in the used strategies

Patients who are hesitant to undergo general anesthesia or major surgery now can choose between more options including non-invasive, minimally invasive techniques, general, epidural, or local anesthesia.

Patients who are fearful of the unknown outcomes now are allowed to view the before and after results of various procedures using highly precise techniques, as well as virtually experience the procedure.

Top reasons make  people think about performing plastic surgery

After you used to hear in the past about an artist or a model who performed surgery to enlarge her breasts or sculpted her body, now you hear that your neighbor or friend at work performed body sculpting, breast augmentation, breast lift, and a lot of minor procedures in the face and neck areas.

The Best Affordable Plastic Surgeon in Egypt
The Best Affordable Plastic Surgeon in Egypt

What are the reasons that encouraged this ordinary public to enter this world?

For these reasons:

To elevate self-esteem

Regardless of whether you are convinced or not, appearance highly affects your self-esteem, wherever you look good you feel good. Looking good depends on your preferences and satisfaction. There is no ideal shape that everyone is satisfied with.

To look younger

Looking younger is almost the main reason that forces many people to visit a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery is a highly effective way to manage the aging process.

To improve the self appearance

Repairing congenital abnormalities or simply improving specific body characteristics you dislike such as protruding ears, or nose shape improvement are additional reasons that force people to visit a plastic surgeon.

For health issues

Cosmetic surgery in some cases is as important as reconstructive surgery in the treatment of some health conditions.  The most common example is breast reduction to relieve back pain, and a rhinoplasty to improve breathing.

What about men's specific reasons?

Men’s reasons are not extremely different from the previously illustrated reasons, where there is an increasing trend in men’s cosmetic surgeries.

Men perform cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, dermal fillers, neurotoxin injection, etc.

But the top men’s cosmetic surgeries are:

Male Breast Reduction

Performed to treat  Gynecomastia which means enlarged or swelling of breast tissue in men. Gynecomastia occurs due to an imbalance of male and female hormones within the male body and it is more common than you may believe up to 25% of men develop gynecomastia at mid-age or older.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants to treat Androgenic alopecia also known as male pattern baldness have become increasingly popular among men, especially those above 50.

Why it's important to choose a good plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgeries are often elective and you are not obligated to perform them, but they could dramatically change your appearance as well as your whole life.

The right plastic surgeon increases your chances of having a successful procedure will make you like yourself and provide you with greater confidence for years to come. On the other hand, an inexperienced surgeon increases your chances of having poor outcomes, which can lead to additional costs, time, and maybe health problems.

Tips for choosing a plastic surgeon

Fulfill the following criteria when choosing a plastic surgeon to ensure satisfactory outcomes.


Choose a certified plastic surgeon

 Look for a certified surgeon in the plastic surgery subspeciality from an accredited academic entity in or out of Egypt, and be careful, as some doctors with general surgery or other medical training jump on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon for greater profits.


Look for the plastic surgeon’s experiences

 Cosmetic surgeries are a wide field that requires different skills. Confirm your plastic surgeon’s experiences in the specific surgery you want to perform.


Pay attention to the rest surgery staff

Some cosmetic surgeries are considered major surgeries which require general anesthesia and hospital admission, which makes choosing a good surgical staff as important as choosing a good plastic surgeon.


Choose the Accredited facility

 Find out accredited facilities with accredited operating rooms and accredited customer services tools. Since accredited operating rooms include key life support strategies, taking into consideration pre and post-surgery recommendations, in addition to the helpful staff is highly recommended to save your life.


Searching for patients’ feedback

 Do not depend on just Google searches, or trends, ask carefully about the feedback from patients who underwent the procedure, and ask carefully about their satisfaction with the plastic surgeon, the staff, and the facility.


Choose an affordable plastic surgeon

 Put in your mind that almost all cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance companies and programs, it’s an elective deal so take your time in searching for an affordable plastic surgeon, at an affordable facility, and Well keep track of the offers made by doctor clinics.


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