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Liposuction in Egypt Double Chin Liposuction

Liposuction in Egypt: Double Chin Liposuction

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Double chin liposuction in Egypt is a type of liposuction that targets the submental fat, the fat beneath the chin where exercise and weight loss rarely affect it.

The chin area is the easiest area to perform liposuction with unbelievable results, that, the permanent graceful, snatched look is easily obtained outpatient under local anesthesia.

Between the lines of this article, Dr. Ali Gaber would explain all you need to know about double chin Liposuction in Egypt to achieve the best decision.

Factors leading to the double chin

Increasing weight is not the only factor that causes the double chin appearance as many think, that you might suffer from increases in submental fat while your body weight is ideal or near ideal. In addition to being overweight, the double chin appearance resulted from many factors such as airway positioning, anatomy, and hereditary aspects.

Cosmetic procedures target the double chin

Liposuction in Egypt is the method of choice to get rid of the double chin, however, it’s not the only way, there are many cosmetic procedure options that Dr. Ali Gaber would enumerate all aim to eliminate excess fat in the neck chin with amazingly natural and stunning outcomes.

Double Chin Liposuction in Egypt

Double chin Liposuction in Egypt removes fat underneath the skin of the chin and neck area through a small incision performed under the skin where a small tube is inserted and sucks out the fat to sculpt the chin and neck contour.

The chin and neck are the easiest areas to perform liposuction in your body, it’s performed under local anesthetic just to numb the area and is carried out in the doctor’s clinic without hospital admission and with relatively no recovery time.


Under general anesthesia, the surgeon removes fat as well as loose, saggy skin in the chin and neck, this procedure is highly effective in removing the double chin.


Neck-lift different types of procedures all aim to remove extra skin and fats and tighten neck muscles to improve the neck and chin contours. In most cases, doctors combine a traditional facelift with a neck lift for better outcomes.

 Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal

With a less invasive option, Dr. Ali Gaber ensured that you could get rid of the double chin by injecting a chemical substance that dissolves the fat which the body would get rid of later.

 Deoxycholic acid is a natural substance produced in your body to dissolve dietary fat, this substance is injected into the skin to dissolve the fat under the skin in the chin.

Reasons for double chin surgery

Many reasons encourage you to think about surgical removal for the double chin including:


Little else could be done for double chin

Neither diet nor exercise would help to improve your chin appearance if you have submental fat.


The chin is one of the most noticeable features of your appearance

Everyone might have a feature on their face or body that they would like to enhance, but when the feature you would like to improve is on your face and noticeable to everyone, improving it would result in a significant difference.

Liposuction in Egypt Double Chin Liposuction
Liposuction in Egypt Double Chin Liposuction

Almost all double chin surgeries are minimally invasive

Especially when compared to other more invasive liposuction in Egypt procedures such as tummy tuck or even full-body liposuction, all double-chin surgeries including double chin liposuction are quite small surgeries,  minimally invasive requiring a few small incisions and a relatively short recovery period.


Double chin liposuction decreases signs of aging on your skin

When you have excess fat in your body, the skin stretches to accommodate that fat. Therefore, as you age, your skin stretched beyond its normal limit, and this would finally lead to sagging and loose skin. Liposuction in Egypt helps the skin retract by eliminating excess fat, reducing lax skin as you age.


Double chin liposuction is permanent

Once the fat is removed via liposuction would not grow back.

Double chin liposuction Drawbacks

Of course, every surgical procedure has its risks, and double chin liposuction in Egypt while minimally invasive is not an exception.

Fortunately, risks associated with chin lipo as well as other liposuction in Egypt procedures could be minimized or even avoided by your skilled surgeon.

The expected drawbacks of double chin lipo as Dr. Ali Gaber emphasizes are the following:



Any procedure requiring incisions would create scars. Fortunately, scars resulting from double chin liposuction are extremely small 3 to 4 mm in length, and usually hidden beneath the chin and behind the ears.


Chin lipo could not improve loose skin

While liposuction on the chin area could reduce the amount of laxity in the skin by reducing the degree the skin has to stretch to accommodate fat. But if you already have loose skin in your neck and chin,  chin lipo won’t help.


Recovery period

All surgical procedures, even minimally invasive ones, require some time to recover. That means you’ll need to schedule some time off from your routine tasks for around maximally one to two weeks.

What would you expect from double chin liposuction?

A permanent slim facial profile, youthful rejuvenated appearance as well as tightened skin are the expected outcomes of chin lipo, in addition,  incisions are rarely visible and faded over time.

Am I a good candidate for chin lipo?

Liposuction in Egypt is an elective procedure that in most cases there is no medical need to perform, so you have sufficient time to search whether you are a candidate or not.

Dr. Ali Gaber illustrates that you are a candidate for facial liposuction if you are in good physical health, with good skin elasticity, and have fat deposits that are disproportionate to the rest of your body.

 If you are older or have a massive and/or rapid weight loss you are also a candidate for a facial liposuction but in this case, you might need to remove loose skin in addition to liposuction.

Could chin lipo be combined with another procedure?

Liposuction in Egypt is often combined with other procedures like removing sagged skin and tightening muscle and connective tissue.

Chin lipo also could be combined with many other procedures including chin augmentation, neck-lift, fat grafting,  cheekbones volume augmentation, or lips dermal filler. In other words, according to your goals and expected results a lot of could be done.

The latest types of liposuction & Liposculpture

  1. 4D Liposculpture
  2. High Definition 4D Liposculpture
  3. Vaser liposuction
  4. Laser liposuction

Is it possible to perform liposuction in stages?

Yes, you can, Most patients feel satisfied and accept the results of the operation and enjoy better in their professional, social, and personal lives. but there are cases, in the start, a schedule is set for several liposuctions, one after the other, until the liposuction is complete from the whole body, especially when there is more than one place.

Nowadays, Egypt has become one of the leading countries in liposuction, liposuction in Egypt is completely safe and does not leave a mark and the complication rate is very low. if a certified center is used, equipped with the latest technologies and modern equipment, with an experienced qualified plastic surgeon. Therefore, be careful when choosing the cosmetic center for liposuction in Egypt.

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