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Liposuction in Egypt candidates and results

Liposuction in Egypt candidates and results

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Liposuction in Egypt is the most effective option for those who have recently lost weight and retain a healthy lifestyle but are struggling to rid themselves of stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas of their bodies such as the belly fats, the back, love handles, thighs, and upper arms.

No doubt that you asked yourself if you are a candidate for liposuction in Egypt, what are the expected results, and did liposuction in Egypt is worth it. Between the lines of this article, Dr. Ali Gaber the expert and plastic surgeon will answer all these questions and discuss the several factors a plastic surgeon should take into account before performing fat removal with liposuction.

Candidates for liposuction in Egypt

There are several criteria you should fulfill to be considered  a candidate for liposuction in Egypt, these criteria are the following:

Your body weight

You have to be realistic in your expectations when considering liposuction in Egypt. Liposuction is not a weight loss tool or an obesity treatment but rather you consider the best candidates for liposuction as long as you are close to your ideal weight but only suffer from stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet, exercise, and other weight loss tools.

Your body weight should not be the only indicator, the surgeon should take the weight as a proportion of the height into account, so plastic surgeons usually use the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a simple mathematical equation using your weight and height and according to the result the surgeon considers whether you are a candidate or not.

As the BMI increases the risk of complications from surgery increases, usually the surgeon would calculate your BMI and use the following guide;

If BMI is less than 30 

If your BMI is below 30 you are the Ideal candidate for liposuction in Egypt and you would enjoy the best results with almost no risks.

If BMI ranges between 30-35

It depends on the type of procedure and the area where liposuction is performed, but generally, you would not obtain the same results.

If BMI is greater than 35

You are not a candidate for liposuction in Egypt, in addition, you are over 3 times more susceptible to the procedure risks and complications than patients with an ideal BMI.

If BMI is below 20

Too thin patients sometimes are unsatisfied with the shape of certain areas in their bodies and need to perform liposuction to tight it to be proportioned with the rest of the body, but unfortunately, patients with a BMI below 20 are not candidates for liposuction in Egypt and at higher risk of having irregularities and indentations after performing liposuction.

The surgeon should keep the Fat Removal Volume below 5 liters

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons advises that no more than 5 liters of fat and fluid are removed in one liposuction procedure, and this recommendation is based on studies of post-operative patients, that’s why your plastic surgeon usually advises you to get closer to your ideal body weight before performing liposuction.


Clear medical history

All plastic surgeons consider healthy patients as ideal candidates for liposuction in Egypt. Chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are typical red flags for plastic surgeons.

In addition, candidates for liposuction in Egypt who are considered healthy still have to undergo laboratory testing and physical examinations from their primary physician before performing the surgery.

Patients should stop smoking at least  6 weeks before the procedure since smoking tobacco or nicotine increases the risk of infection, delayed healing, bleeding, venous thrombosis, or skin death.

Your surgeon will also recommend withholding some medications, especially blood thinners, aspirin, and some herbal medications.

Liposuction in Egypt candidates and results
Liposuction in Egypt candidates and results

The patient should have good skin elasticity

Removing fat tissue deposited under the skin in a selected body area is only one step for making this look tight and smooth. The second step is that the skin shrinks back to the newly reduced area, and if it doesn’t shrink back, the results will not be the best.

Younger patients who have not undergone any pregnancies have higher skin elasticity that would return to its normal shape much faster.

Conversely, older patients, who have many births, with a history of keloid scarring, or have cellulite, might be unsatisfactory with the results of liposuction in Egypt and might need to undergo tissue and skin tightening procedures for better outcomes.

The fat needed to be removed is subcutaneous, not visceral fats

There are two different types of fats in your body, visceral Fat, and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is deeply located around the organs such as the stomach, intestines, and liver, and is highly correlated with the development of dangerous conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. Visceral fat responds to traditional weight loss methods and cannot be extracted via liposuction in Egypt.

On the other hand, subcutaneous fat is accumulated directly beneath the skin. This type of fat is highly correlated with an unpleasant appearance and is unresponsive to exercise and diets, only removed by liposuction.

People who are suffering from excess, stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat are excellent candidates for liposuction in Egypt.

Timing considerations for performing liposuction

You should consider the best time to perform your liposuction to enjoy the best outcomes, in addition, sometimes your plastic surgeon in Egypt would advise you to postpone your decision until you reach the right time.

Here are some recommendations that Dr. Ali Gaber provides regarding the right timing for liposuction in Egypt:

  • The patients considering liposuction in Egypt are at least 18 years old.
  • The patient should be within a safe BMI range, and not plan for any weight changes in the future.
  • Postpone your decision for liposuction in Egypt if you plan to have more children.
  • Stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before the procedure.

What are the expected results?

 After the liposuction procedure, swelling and bruising typically goes away within a few weeks. By this time, you would notice that the treated area looks slimmer, toned, and contoured. In addition, results obtained after liposuction in Egypt are permanent as long as you maintain your weight.

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