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liposuction egypt prices

what are liposuction Egypt prices exactly ?

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what are liposuction Egypt prices?

The doctor Ali Gaber explains

” Before we talk about liposuction Egypt prices, we must know some facts and information, where is in areas where fat accumulates to a greater degree than others, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and the bottom of the chin. Some of these fats are not easily lost by the body through traditional methods of fat loss, such as exercising regularly and following a healthy diet. The fat is locally concentrated in one of these areas.”

 Therefore, most people turn to Liposuction procedures such as Vaser liposuction to remove and drain this fat and get a sculpted body and a harmonious appearance. In this article, we try to answer some of the most important questions related to this process, what are the techniques of Liposuctions? Is it possible to get liposuction? from Multiple regions in the body in one sitting? What is the difference between tightening operations and liposuction operations? What are liposuction Egypt prices? and other questions.

What are the most important techniques of liposuction?

And what are the best of them? Liposuction can be performed a number of different technologies, These techniques vary in speed, ease and safety, as well as the possibility of using them in specific cases, and below we list the most important methods or techniques for performing liposuction:

1- Dry liposuction:

It is an old method of performing the operation, its use has become very limited now with the great technological development and the emergence of many other advanced technologies in the field, and it involves relatively large risks.

2- Injectable liposuction:

It is one of the common methods of performing this operation, in which the target area is injected with a liquid solution that works to surround and dissolve the fat, and then this liquid is suctioned with the melted fat out of the body.

3- Ultrasound liposuction:

In it, ultrasound waves are used to break up the fat, and then it is suctioned out of the body..

4- Vaser liposuction:

It is the latest, fastest, easiest and safest technique among all of these techniques, in which a vaser tube is inserted or passed to the target fat area through a very simple surgical incision, and then the fat is broken down and dissolved through the head of this tube, then suctioned out by the tube itself. the body.

liposuction egypt prices
liposuction egypt prices

Why is Vaser liposuction the best?

Vaser liposuction is the best among these techniques, for the following reasons:

  • Procedure speed.
  • Low risk.
  • The operation does not leave visible scars or surgical scars.
  • Stimulating collagen production, thus contributing to skin tightening and preventing sagging after the procedure.

Does liposuction help to lose weight?

Liposuction procedures are procedures for sculpting and removing fat topical, It is not a weight loss or slimming operation, and therefore doctor Ali Gaber Says “Candidate to conduct this process is for cases that suffer from the presence of accumulations of fat in some areas of the body to reshape these areas and obtain a sculpted and ideal shape. The procedure for removing localized fat”.

What is the difference between body lift operations and liposuction?

Liposuction operations are local sculpting operations in some areas of the body, by removing the fat accumulations and accumulations present in these areas. As for tightening operations, they are operations aimed at removing a sagging body, by removing excess or sagging skin and muscle tissue, meaning that liposuction operations target fat, but Tightening operations, they target the skin.

What are the most important factors for the variation in liposuction egypt prices?

liposuction Egypt prices varies greatly from one case to another, depending on several factors, the most important of which are:

  • The type of technique used to perform the operation.
  • The area(s) targeted for suction.
  • The volume or amount of fat to be removed or suctioned.
  • Some cases may require more than one liposuction session.
  • The general health status of the patient, and its special requirements for preparation and recovery procedures.

As for the question, what are the liposuction egypt prices?

Liposuction egypt prices also varies according to the name of the doctor who performs the operation, the extent of his experience and ability, the name of the center or hospital in which the operation is performed, the level of equipment he provides, the medical care services he provides, and so on.

liposuction egypt prices
liposuction egypt prices

The cost of liposuction is estimated at Egypt is equivalent to about 2,000 US dollars on average, but it may rise to reach in some cases the equivalent of 10,000 dollars American, depending on the circumstances and requirements of the case, as we explained.

Is it possible to get liposuction from different parts of the body in one session?

The priority in all kinds of plastic surgeries should always be the patient’s health and safety, so liposuction is preferred from multiple regions in the body is in stages or on multiple sessions or different operations, and separates each operation from the other with an interval set by the doctor to allow preparing the patient between the two sessions, instead of suctioning in one session or operation in which the patient stays for a long time under the effect of anesthesia, and exposes himself to multiple risks.

What are the most important tips for recovery after liposuction?

After liposuction facts, The patient must adhere to the following:

  • Drinking plenty of water and fluids, in general, to replace what the body has lost.
  • Maintaining body weight, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly to get the best possible results for the operation.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

What is the best center for liposuction egypt prices?

When you go to the Ali Gaber doctor’s center You will get a distinguished medical service in terms of the cost and prices of liposuction operations in Egypt.

Dr. Ali Gaber is one of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world. He has performed many successful liposuction operations, breast augmentation, plastic surgery, and breast reduction. He was known for his efforts and medical research in treating gynecomastia in men. He is considered one of the most successful doctors in Egypt in the field of dynamic four-dimensional body sculpting. A balance of successful experiences makes him on the list of the best plastic surgeons in Alexandria and Cairo.

 Dr. Ali Gaber’s clinics are an integrated medical edifice in provides all cosmetic medical services. The center provides the latest liposuction methods and techniques according to the latest international standards, and it is characterized by a distinguished follow-up service with the patient after performing liposuction operations by giving him the appropriate instructions for movement, sports, and the best diets followed.

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