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Vaser liposuction recovery time

Vaser liposuction recovery time

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Sometimes Vaser liposuction recovery time is too fast; By following the latest technology in liposuction, there is clearly a difference between how people recover and this can include how quickly they can return to normal activities. In general, the recovery time after vaser liposuction can be divided into different periods.

What happens on the first day of recovery from vaser liposuction?

  • On the first day after liposuction surgery, there will be fluid drainage, and pads are placed on the skin to collect fluids, and these pads are usually removed after 24 hours and in most cases, the fluids will stop draining.
  • During the first 24 hours, there is bruising and pain, and there is a big difference between patients in the percentage of pain they feel, as patients can take pain relievers according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • During this period, recovery may vary depending on whether the patient is asleep with an anesthetic agent or awake. Some patients may feel nauseous and sick after anesthesia. There are treatments for this, and there will be any nausea during the recovery period, and it is important to tell Dr. Ali Jaber about this.
  • Patients are not advised to drive or do anything heavy in the first 24 hours of recovery after VASER liposuction.
  • First, most patients will have some form of relaxation, and it is recommended that patients be taken home by someone else during this early recovery period.

The most important advantages of vaser liposuction

A large number of patients are now choosing Vaser sculpting procedures as this procedure is suitable for people who do not need to remove a lot of fat, rather than small areas for slimming or contouring the face.

With VASER liposuction, you will get smooth curves without much invasive effort, which leads to a faster recovery. However, if you think that VASER liposuction is not right for you, re-evaluate as a recent survey showed the benefits of VASER liposuction over conventional such as:

  • Decreased number of re-treatments.
  • Improve skin contraction.
  • Get well soon.
  • Smooth contours on the treated areas of the body.
  • Minimal bruising and pain.

And when it comes to recovery, you may be able to recover much faster than traditional liposuction because there is minimal surgical effort, but factors such as the number of areas treated and your general health also play an important role in the exact recovery time after VASER liposuction.

Most patients want to clear themselves within a few days, but recovery time varies from patient to patient similar to the size and number of areas treated. We always recommend waiting a few weeks before resuming intense sports activity, and it is essential to schedule follow-up visits with your doctor to make sure your body recovers smoothly.

If you are looking to lose fat in certain areas, get a consultation at Dr. Ali Jaber’s Vaser Liposuction Clinic.

Vaser liposuction recovery time
Vaser liposuction recovery time

How important are diet and exercise during recovery?

Dr. Ali Jaber emphasizes that maintaining fitness, health, and living well is very important in the recovery period from VASER liposuction. Whether the procedure is performed for high-precision liposuction or liposuction in general, maintaining fitness is vital.

What is the VaserLipo procedure?

Certain areas in the body store fat, and even with a diet to lose weight and exercise, it is often difficult to remove fat from these areas, so the Vaser liposuction technique offers a safe solution to get rid of unwanted fat and get a new, smooth shape with restoring A quick.

VASER Lipo uses ultrasound energy to selectively break up fat deposits while preserving adjacent tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, for enhanced smooth skin contours and rapid healing.

How to perform the VaserLipo technique

The first step:

At the beginning of the procedure, Dr. Ali Jaber injects what is known as the swollen fluid in the treatment area, and this fluid is a mixture of lidocaine, epinephrine, and salt solution, where the salt solution helps to expand the tissue layer, while lidocaine numbs the area, and epinephrine works by constricting the vessels This compound fluid will not only help control bleeding during the procedure but will also help reduce bruising during recovery.

The second step:

The fat tissue is dissolved where as soon as the doctor injects the swollen fluid, a small probe is inserted to send ultrasound energy, and this energy causes the vaser probe to vibrate, which leads to the breaking up of the fatty tissue, and the ultrasound energy actually works by dissolving or Liquefaction of fat tissue, and this energy targets only fat, thus preserving surrounding connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves.

The third step:

The removal of fatty tissue occurs. After the doctor melts the fatty tissue in the treatment area, the fat is suctioned from the body using a suction device. This device removes the melted fat while reducing the trauma to the surrounding tissues. VASER Lipo technology preserves these important tissues to enhance the experience During the recovery process, the skin is tightened to give you a smooth, natural-looking result.

What is the duration of vaser liposuction procedure?

  1. Vaser liposuction can take between 45 minutes and three and a half hours; However, it depends on the individual patient’s condition as well as the area to be treated.

     Dr. Ali Jaber uses a small incision where the fat is removed, a low probe is inserted and this transmits ultrasound waves that liquefy the fat. Then the liquefied fat is gently removed, and the targeted area is carefully sculpted.

Possible complications and risks of vaser liposuction

Patients who underwent liposuction with Visorgad suffer from some side effects, which are:

The skin and tissues are prone to burning from the warmth emitted by the ultrasound during the method.

There is also a good chance that it will be difficult to tighten the skin in the areas where the fat was removed through VASER liposuction, making your skin look flabby and wavy, so the patient will undergo another surgery to fold or remove the excess skin.

Some patients suffer from a change in the color of the skin or maybe a change in the color of the skin after the Vaser procedure.

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